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  1. Thank God I got the astrazeneca one yesterday, that was a close call .
  2. I think they are making masks compulsory in some stores now.
  3. I listened to the real London David Icke interview last night. I'd forgotten how articulate David is. For a man of 68 he certainly has a crystal clear mind. Very interesting
  4. On lighter note. https://www.musicradar.com/amp/news/conspiracy-theorists-mistake-boss-metal-zone-distortion-pedal-schematic-for-covid-19-vaccine-5g-chip#aoh=16105425229903&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s
  5. Smart phone. Although I might try my iPad sometime. God forbid
  6. Yeah. Modern technology is terrifying. I was a late adopter to the smart phone. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered
  7. So ageist. I didn't know there was an age limit
  8. I had a new mobile phone at the start and didn't know how to turn the notifications off. For a few weeks I was getting updates every few minutes. I have to admit. If they wanted to create panic, then they certainly succeeded. My head was gone. Thankfully I eventually turned the notifications off. Scary times
  9. I don't like flying and i got a really nasty flu on my last holiday, however we probably would have went on holiday last year if things had been normal. It was just too big a risk to lose the money or ending up on lockdown in another country. I've got 5 dogs now so won't be going on holiday for quite some time
  10. I haven't seen my niece for over a year. I saw my brother last summer. When the news hit last spring it scared the crap out of me. I thought the mainland must be apocalyptic. I quickly realised things probably were not as bad as they were being portrayed. A bit like when people around the world people thought if you visited Northern Ireland pre good Friday agreement, that you would get shot or bombed. I'm not making light of the troubles, but I certainly wasn't living in a warzone. Some parts of Belfast or Derry/Londonderry got it tough though.
  11. No. I've a brother in Brighton and an niece in London though. At least now you can understand my backwardness
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