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  1. If Trump does not declassify anything while being hammered in all directions, then I am going to believe he is an establishment mole...
  2. TBH, I don't trust any of the sources left on twitter and Youtube. Can only wait and watch,
  3. If Qanon guys are fake why are the Big Tech companies obsessed with banning their content. Why not just wait until 20th until Q is proven wrong and mock him. Would be a lot more effective..
  4. https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/financial-sanctions/recent-actions/20210111 US Treasury has sanctioned some Ukrainian and German individuals under EO 13848. Dated 01/11/2021
  5. Is there a confirmation that the insurrection act has been signed ? The fascist purge of all conservatives and Trump supporters does not really match with what the establishment usually does. Which is basically long term systemic propaganda and not something like this which usually leads people drawing a red line in the sand and taking sides. -Why was Biden chosen as a candidate, who is clearly incompetent. -Why were there so many Video and Audio leaks of Election stealing, almost to the point of this being a very deliberate move to create a huge political divide. -Why is there a move to silence/impeach Trump when he has agreed to the transfer of power. -Finally, what is the end result? How does this fit into their "Great reset" plan.
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