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  1. Now it all makes sense. The COVID-19 hoax has been all about tricking millions into being chemically sterilized without consent. It's genocide that will take a generation to play out.
  2. I'm not surprised a state of stoners thinks being red pilled is a public health threat.
  3. Most the Jack Chick tracts about the End Times talked about this. It's an old part of their plan to turn kids against their parents. It destroys the Nuclear Family and prevents parents from teaching kids truths that counter government propaganda.
  4. Good. Now she can be charged as an adult when she's arrested for fraud.
  5. This is a good thing. Alex Jones rules the roost in the USA. This is going to get David a lot of exposure in the USA that he didn't have before. Their attempts to attack him will only make him and our movement stronger.
  6. His behavior makes perfect sense if the officer was there to create a plausible deniability clip to cover up a drug-aided assignation that was made to look like a suicide.
  7. The elites aren't panicking. They're encouraging the masses to panic. They already use Adrenochrome to stay young. This article is disinformation to give the masses false hope.
  8. I'm not surprised people who were part of #PizzaGate picked a pedophile to MC their occult coronation.
  9. That's why they put it there. It's cheaper to kill off the old people with 5G induced cancer than to pay pensions and health care. Watch the death rate in the area. The cancers are going to skyrocket around that thing.
  10. 5G is basically going to cook people who are electo-sensetive. They'll drop dead and be carted off to be eaten by reptiods. If the families want the bodies they'll get the skin stretched over a wood frame to hide all the missing meat.
  11. They're bragging about having the technology to broadcast pre-recorded false flag attacks whenever they want. Don't install the app. Down the road they'll use it to broadcast fake scenes to hide their real actions or conceal what they're doing. I'll bet it can broadcast images to cover up reptilian shape-shifting slip-ups.
  12. Oh my God this is horrifying. Why aren't these pedophiles in jail?
  13. There's still next week. :) They just need better planning next time. Storming the front without covering the exits was a major mistake. Next week there will be plenty of Patriots in town to do what was originally planned. The MSM is talking about thousands of troops being deployed but most those troops are loyal to their oaths and loyal to Trump.
  14. Morpheus, They want to impeach him because under US law an impeached president can't run for ANY public office again. This is all about preventing him from running for President in 2024 or running for Senate.
  15. Of course it's true. There's no way Trump lost Georgia and those other states legitimately.
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