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  1. On 5/27/2022 at 7:20 PM, Puzzle said:

    You can't tell people that you'll be using DEW's to fire some of the worst frequencies at them in a bid to maim/hurt/kill them but you can tell them their internet will be faster.


    You absolutely wouldn't want to tell people we can do you individually, pick you out in a crowd or we can do the whole crowd. Can you see why some would be affected but others won't!!!


    Perhaps people aren't understanding how 5g is being used. It's working amazingly well with fake Covid, and will for any other plandemic for picking people off......and they've already started.




    I've thought for many years they have been using the Internet to grade us humans into lists of who is worth keeping around for whatever reason. Like an artificially intelligent program permanently deciding how much of a threat you are or how you will react and saving all the information it can use against you...


    Elon musk new world leader redirected Joe rogan question about mobile phone radiation to the fact we are permanently bathed in radiation. No shit 4g was a pindrop in an ocean of frequencies which are permanently altering our genetics. So we're bathed in it might as well just add more, that attitude shows he doesn't give a fuck about humanity. They only care about the technology because they are consumed by it.


    "It won't affect most people"


    How much more can you add before there are no more people left to affect? I think they're trying to find out.


    "Leave no man behind" this is something all humans feel, even the worst kind. That's what covid is for, to make you feel like you're saving others while the world falls apart.


    Humans been letting the planet and themselves be destroyed. But people sit at home with silly stones off amazon thinking they can save the world or themselves. 


    We need to wake up and realise.


    We are the apex predator.


    They imprisoned us in houses with jobs we all HAVE to do to be able to have a part in society. They have turned us into pussies who sit at home with no purpose in life jumping on every bandwagon just to feel like you're in the party.


    Everyone talks rubbish now, regurgitated unintelligible nonsense.


    They spent decades making people individual now everyone is so different it is not possible to form real human connections in real life.


    So is it a shock everyone turns to their phone now for that connection.


    How can I meet people like you in real life when I have no time as a slave? It's just not possible


    They have made life impossible


    You either produce more than what you get so others can get more than what they produce or vice versa.


    Nothing is alive anymore, it's just reacting. 

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  2. On 3/20/2022 at 3:52 AM, Luvapottamus said:

    That makes a lot of sense and sort of puts the WILLPOWER into epigentics potentially.


    Darwinian adaptation theory basically posits that all changes are random, and if you luck out and you are a squirrel in coal powered England during the industrial revolution, and your offspring's fur pigment changes from brown to grey to match the silt on the trees....you Won the random mutation lottery! Your Children won and are fittest because they survived a ransom mutation, congradulations, here's your trophy random master squirrels.




    Squirrels can't will themselves into producing greyer offspring.


    Or can they?


    All of these little indo-and exo-exocellular processes and structures might in fact ( be harmonized to enable willpower to play a role.. or at the very least be an interface with the environment so the environment adds input into adaptation other than just lucking into a mutation then surviving it.


    An experimental study that might flesh some of this out:


    My family line has some athletic achievements that are superlative, but we aren't physiologically superior generally.


    It's a peesonality trait, gumption, willingness to gut it out, slog it out.


    Long distance runners basically, not particularly talented like a golfer or hoops superstar.


    In some sports innate talent, dexterity, speed, eyeight are inportant, in other ones like martial arts and bodybuilding and triathlons perserverence is more important. If you keep training you get bettar at it.


    I hypothesize that traits like gumption are gamete harmonized, and not mutations.


    If your parents are hotpocket couch potatoes before they mate you are more likely to be similar, than if they are grad students who exercise a lot, and engage in community relations in the two years before they mate.


    I think the DNA in sperm and eggs resonate with the heart chakra and epigenitacally aligh themselves for maximum Chi is the parents are maximum chi when they create you.


    It's not an easy thing to test or study, because fit parents parent better. But basically parents who are striving and healthy will have better epigenetically aligned offspring than sad miserable people who have no joy. Compare miserable rich people to poor people who eat well and do manual labor maybe...


    See how their kids genes are switched.


    In my view everyone who is alive today DESERVES to be here. Every one of us has ancestors who were kings and serfs and we all have those ancestrual experiences to draw apon.


    We just need the right environments to excell.


    And greedy people don't want the competition.





    I agree, the only people I know who have been affected seriously by this "covid" have been people I don't know personally. I can guarantee most of those people get quite ill on the regular.


    The people I do know personally who have "had it" are all exaggerating flu like symptoms. They're not nearly as bad as they say and all back in work within a week. They're putting themselves in the same category as people on hospital beds and in coffins. These same people also refuse to look at death statistics with any common sense. Alarm bells ringing.


    Personally I think you would need to be living in certain part of world and have ludicrous amounts of money to have near what the perfect diet is. Even then you need exercise and a proper aware brain with gumption to put up with the rest of the world's toxins that we don't purposely consume.


    The world doesn't care about diet and nutrition. 99/100 shops don't sell any readily available food or ingredients that resonate with my soul and say "hello buy me" everything is designed to kill you if you only have the budget of middle class or less. 


    We're all unhealthy and living in an awful world that anyone with some intelligence and common sense can likely have PTSD and depression as a byproduct of becoming aware of the true nature of reality. 


    Everything is shit in this world because even if its good its at the expense of other people's slave lives.


    Prove me wrong.



  3. On 5/3/2022 at 9:41 PM, TheConsultant said:

    yes i cannot disagree, but you dont need anything inside of you ab extra to EMF in order to cause some serious changes in peoples behaviour/mood etc. So its kind of redundant to need anything injected in to you to do what they are clearly already capable of doing to people, not denying any of that.

    I am also not saying vaccines aren't potentially harmful, just not linked to EMF (so far) which is what was mentioned initially.


    Most of the people if not all the people who have told me they've "had it" Say they have felt weak for up to weeks after they have no energy.


    They're all fat and unhealthy


    They've also all got phones in their pockets

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  4. Covid created a platform to enable total reform of the system. It's purpose is to move money and therefore energy from the hands of the poor into the hands of the rich. It's a distraction platform leading the eye away from the fact things haven't improved ever. In modern day society Western people live at the expense of modern slavery in another part of the world. 


    Since covid they can justify any changes to the economy they want, the war has begun and its not in Russia. Don't be fooled, by becoming involved in their charade: they have bought that war to our doorstep.


    The focus and concentration this new post-Covid era has cost me, time and money I'll never get back, shows me what their weapon of choice is against us. Because I was a strong and unbroken man before, I had aspirations and goals I was very close to.


    Once you let it get the better of you, you lose. They've been throwing this shit at us forever, now this is growing exponentially, we must really gain control of our own lives. Sometimes I think it's better to switch off and do what you have to for your own.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Clarissa said:

    @Sanityisgone I have a question. Has your mother's new 'boyfriend' ever been in the newspapers? Because I think he has and that was him looking at himself in it and you read his mind. So you can channel matter. To actually see that you need to be able see through mirrors and behaviour, so your an empath as well. Are you seeing Fluffy Clouds? That will be your inner child and that's your brain as well. I think I've found you. I've got Pole Polarity and I've raced to the Other Side where I'm channelling. Somethings going down at the moment with the internet, so I'm gonna have to stop this for a while because it's made out of hydrogen. Keep the positive.

    The depression is all the dirt going down so try to let go of it in your mind.  Get your Metal Tree in 🌳 That will clear the mud up. 

    Ill talk no probs but it will have to be in a few days. Try to look up in your head 🙄😇






    Sorry this incident was probably over 10 years ago. I just spoke to my mum, yes he was in the newspaper several times, his wife caught him out and threatened to kill my mum before explaining this mans conditions. That's really interesting, I remember going to give somebody change one day it was £5 I went straight for the coins without really "thinking" I would absolutely always give a note normally, I started thinking and thought why the hell am I going for the coins, then the customer said "could I have it in coins please?" I really think I was being given signs at this point or I was starting to tap into some energies at this young age, I wasn't clued up on spirituality or conspiracies at the time, but I knew everything in the world was wrong from a young age.


    I stopped my best friend raping a girl when I was 14 or 15, the girl was totally out of it trying to snog me then when I rejected her she curled up on the couch and went to sleep. My best friends mother and daughter asked him to take her upstairs, I was pre occupied but when I realised a few seconds later I just knew I had to go upstairs, I caught him just starting to take her jeans off in the bathroom, she was dead weight. I sorted that dirty fucker out and never spoke to him again. This really showed me a lot about myself. I wonder if when I started smoking weed, and, with me starting to get older, with the poisons of the world finally making damages to my brain and body, did I start to lose touch with this feeling? Or do I just need to understand things now? Because recently I worked with somebody who I know is a demon? One look in and I saw evil in his eyes that angered me, I wanted to tear him apart every time I saw him. I told the management team you must get rid of him immediately, I said I know he is the most evil person I have met and he will destroy everything he touches. Turns out he was already borrowing with no intention to repay the staff members, the shop accross the road, in the end he swindled thousands of pounds from the staff, couple people were owed 500-1000, probably over a thousand in booze, food he was ordering and not paying, he was drinking on the bar on shift with customers, giving out free drinks left right and centre. He also had £500 going out of his account to GOV each month. He was a smooth talker and nobody trusted me, they all paid that price, it took just under a year for them to cut him loose.


    Not sure what you mean by fluffy clouds? Seeing them or actually seeing them? I understand some strange things are happening, with the breaks in the elites hammer fist I always wondered if people or beings in another realm/astral, are always pushing back to try to stop things. So much resonates and makes sense to me. I feel like I kind of gave up at some point and tried to live a normal life, I'm 27 now, but a bad break up has really struck me that I must find people like me now, and I must live and breathe the truth like I have never.


    Thank you I assume you mean mental tree? I need to get back to my roots.


    That would be cool I have some things to tie up in the physical now as I managed to quit the pot on monday, I started smoking fags again first then weed as an escape from my relationship and I became a heavy addict. Never will I give my energy away like that again. I now feel much more capable going forward.. I like your choice of words, thank you.

  6. On 2/26/2022 at 7:05 PM, Clarissa said:

    You're looking at general Pi, that's been the problem, you're wrong. What I am saying is Imperfect Pi, that's the system the occult were using, not that.  That's why nobody has found it and they didn't want it found. All mathematicians work on the basis of perfection, the system created by the occult isn't mathematically perfect, so it has a hole in it in it foundations which has been expoilted and shoved down. Hard fucking work. It's wrapped up in so many terror events, religion, anything that they were using and it's been missed. 


    I meant 1.5741, it was just a typographical error. Sorry my bad. That is the aspect ratio of the great pyramid of Giza, 11/7 or 11 divided by 7. It Is also found in the freemason logo, the square and compass. It's built into 9/11 using an enormous amount of steel and concrete and in Giza, stone. They like it obviously, well to me anyway. Oddly enough the word penis across many different languages codes up to the same numerical vibrational pattern of 11/7 which is odd because hydrogen is definitely female and helium is male because I can see down it.   


    I get the idea that this may have been a bit facetious, just a feeling quote:

    You may wish to consider the dimensional possibilities of 142857 ....... ? ps ....... 1008001 is rather something.


    I'm not being nasty by publishing this, I am trying to help. Nobody knows this and it would help if people would realise we are all being fried in the same battle. This kind of attitude doesn't get you anywhere, only left further behind. 


    The basic algorithms I have stated here are programming against both the hydrogen atom (the radius) and the helium atom (the diameter) which are at the pinnacle of our bio systems. They cannot be calculated as circles do not form under a mathematical principle and life also cannot be calculated by maths and it shouldn't be but it has and that's where the problems on Earth begin. 


    Seven Eleven is the absolute baseline code of the occult and the glint at the top of the iceberg. Without it we would all be free.    


    I've come across your work on what seems like a strangely significant day, what I can fully understand resonates with me and makes a lot of sense. Ill get to reading it all but I would really like to make contact when the time is right if you don't mind? I feel a depression inside of me since I was a child, not something that bothers me but something I feel that is always there, holding me back. Researching conspiracies took so much energy from me in the beginning, but now all I yearn for is the truth. I'll be doing a lot more research on the astral planes now, I've never bought this whole seeing auras as colours, but I've always felt like I can read people well.


    When I was in my early teens I hesitated opening the front door one day and I looked straight through it as if I could see the person on the other side, I felt a dark feeling. When I opened the door I saw the man standing in front of me, but I was looking at his face on a newspaper, I didn't know how to react. It was my mothers new boyfriend, it turns out he was married and was a cross dresser. I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed looking at his face on the newspaper longer, I wonder if he was projecting his thoughts and how I could ever perceive them. 


    Reading this is inspiring really, that there may be hope to make positive change for the unity? other than becoming a new age spiritual guru, going on youtube and making videos the majority will never see let alone care about. I always thought nothing can be deleted like a computer, everything must go somewhere, and these dimensions must overlap like the model of an atom. Can anyone be permanently dead? What happens if we destroy all the bad people in the 3D, do they still exist to shape our world in the astral? I have many questions! 🙂


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  7. 15 hours ago, Doc said:

    Mrs Doc watches this guy now and then. He's got a bit of a strange way about him, I was 🤣 the first time I saw him... but he seems to understand his eastern religions (Tao + Buddhism). Kind of reminds me a bit of a Baptist preacher too, he's got a few signature one liners he seems to use in all his vids. He's been on the 'tube' for years. At times he's just fucking strange but he knows exactly what's going on and seems to have a decent amount of views on his stuff. Can't argue with anything he says in this one. Good to know stuff like this is still slipping through the algorithm. He is bloody odd though🤪.



    He is a very good businessman who is capitalising off the “spiritual” people. It’s pretty clear he is just watching icke videos and putting a hippy spin on everything to make money. Very clever really because he avoids a lot of the stick others get for putting it bluntly. Good way to play the system and become a millionaire, and I think that is his main message, anyone can do it anytime. 

  8. 7 hours ago, TerryH said:

    Part of life involves being ill sometimes....different people react in different ways to that. Some make a big deal about it others just work through it. More and more now though people dont accept it as part of life especially since this whole convid thing started every little sniffle seems to bring about thoughts of imminent death

    I agree friend, covid has put a big spotlight on anyone who gets seriously ill now, thought this lad was a truther before he fell ill, but even he caved and said he thinks it might be real now! I explained a few things to him and linked him a lot of stats and graphs, just to try remove the covid goggles.


    What amazes me is that they (the crew I work with in a brasserie) all fall on their straw man argument when they interrogate me on why I will not be jabbed (or why I don’t vote, was interrogated on that too) they all say but you can spread it if you don’t have symptoms. I explain to them that the jab doesn’t stop you getting it or apparently “spreading” it, explained the patent situation and the pcr being pulled, no more deaths e.t.c. all they go on about is somebody they know who had a sniffly nose or lost taste, and the odd family who all died with “covid”, environmental coincidence has caused many families to die in quick succession, notice they tend to always live together. The next bit made me laugh.


    I threw my arm round Hattie who is not very well, but still working. I said “if you can spread illness without any symptoms, how the fuck isn’t Hattie making us ill?” “If you’re all that scared why are we working with people who HAVE symptoms?” “So she’s got something else, doesn’t that mean she’s more susceptible to catching convid? Should anyone be working with symptoms?”


    Typical fluoride stare, I don’t give I fuck I said natural hollistic ways have 100% efficacy and generally zero side effects. So I choose my immune system over any vaccine ever. Vaccines have still never been proved to have any more efficacy than eating the contents of an ashtray. Statistics don’t mean shit, I want hard concrete evidence, this means decades of R&D and testing, not coercing people into taking experimental jabs. 

    All the management at the pub are still trying to coerce people into wearing masks and taking lateral flow tests, what they don’t realise is nobody is ill, and they are just making themselves short staffed, overworked and far more likely to get ill themselves. 

    This world has gone mad, people have no logical thought or common sense anymore. Every time somebody interrogates me they always walk of saying we’ll be here for hours, and that’s it people don’t want the nitty gritty debates anymore. They’re just floating through life now, fully programmed by the deep state. It’s a sorry state really to see a world of people who once said “if you believe everything in the news you’d never leave your house” oh the irony…



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  9. 8 hours ago, webtrekker said:


    Really sorry to hear that. I don't wish to add further upset, but having an MRI with the possibilty that Graphene Oxide may be in the 'vaccines' rings alarm bells in my head.


    Did your Grandfather have the Pfizer jabs by any chance?



    Ah yes of course I forgot to mention this, I was talking to my mum about that, and the story about the girl they had to pull out. I’ll try and find out, so is pfizer different in this way? 

  10. My grandfather passed away a few days ago. 2 months previous he had a stroke and was fully tested and had an mri scan. He was told he was perfectly fit and healthy at the time. He is double vaccinated. He became a little more  ill in the mind and body over the next few weeks, but not so bad to cause any more worry than normal.


    A few days ago he was found my the post lady who noticed he didn’t collect his mail. He was on the floor unconscious and fitting, turns out he had “epilepsy”, but nobody knew about this in my family. 

    They scanned his brain and found he had 4 large brain bleeds and the consultant asked if he had been involved in a brute force head injury, obviously he wasn’t as the consultant explained there was also no sign of any damage to his head. 

    How did my grandfather develop these brain bleeds in such a short time? My bet is on that fucking covid jab and his annual flu jabs. 

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  11. So a lad around my age (26) is super ill, very weak feeling in bones and struggling to do anything. He’s tested positive from a lateral flow test, so he thinks he has “covid”. The lad is a moderate drug user, isn’t very healthy, works a lot of hours, and doesn’t get much sleep. He works in the brasserie with me. 


    I’m really baffled because I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment. Since I came to the conclusion that there is nothing to worry about, I stopped washing my hands, at all. Before covid I used to wash my hands regularly when picking up napkins and plates and getting food on me and what not.


    For the last 18 months roughly, I haven’t used soap or sanitizer to wash my hands, and I probably wash my hands with a splash of water a few times in one shift just to get any bits off. Haven’t even had so much of a headache. The only thing I do when I’ve touched something is wipe my hands on my jeans because textiles absorb a lot of bacteria well.


    Arguably I’m only 26, but I’ve been doing my absolute best to “catch” this thing. I’ve served thousands of people and tables who I have been told after have got “covid” still no scratch. Here’s what’s interesting.


    I have broad shoulders, I can admit I don’t eat well if at all really, I work 60 hours plus every week. I do try to take a multivitamin every day and probiotic and I have a counter top reverse osmosis water filter, and I only drink bottled water when I can’t use my machine. But still I’ve not been good to my body ever, and I would say I have an aching in the kidney area of my back every time I work in the pub, and towards the end of the night my legs and lower back become very weak. 

    What I’m saying is I’m probably as malnourished as most people, yet since “covid” came about I’ve not given a single flying fuck, and I’ve not been ill at all?! There’s kids in there with dry coughs and all sorts phoning in sick and what not.


    What the hell is wrong with me? Do I have a super strong immune system? Are they poisoning the water? Should we drink tap water? Is it the fact that I believe in mind over matter when it comes to getting ill? Is it because I’m awake and don’t believe a thing? Is it because I’ve stopped washing my hands so I’m strengthening my immune system? Or is it all of the above? Or is it literally true, illness is completely random and unique, can’t be tested and can’t be understood? I think so, since there’s been no such dangerous increase in deaths?



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  12. 2 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    its almost like theres a global script softening the people up 


    From his point of view, even if the most optimistic vaccination targets were reached, they would not completely thwart the Delta variant, or necessarily free the country from lockdowns.

    Every person with Delta can be expected to transmit it to six others while infectious, he said.

    “You have to vaccinate five-sixths of everybody to bring it down to one. That’s 83 per cent of the population.”

    “But if the vaccine is 90 per cent effective, which is the best estimate, that means you actually have to vaccinate 91 per cent of the population.”

    “You need to vaccinate almost everybody to avoid lockdown,” Roberts said.


    whatever that bullocks is supposed to mean! lol

    What a cucking funt. 

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  13. On 8/4/2021 at 10:15 AM, Liberty said:

    The true awakening comes from realising that you can’t control everything and everyone. Sometimes. Most times it’s better to let the chips fall. NATURALLY. You don’t even realise you are doing a disservice and will keep pushing to rule the world. Like everyone else. 

    You are becoming what you fight. Don’t do that. 

    Im sure you would encourage me to be the same but I’m not going to be. You do need to get over yourself. You have knowledge but so do others and yours isn’t superior as you seem to want to get across. You crave leadership. I would not let you lead me. 

    I hate to say it but evil is a winner by default. Evil will always be more willing to do evil, than good will good. So actually I disagree, with humanity reaching such a pinnacle, it’s no wonder than evil has become too powerful.


    Actually I would go as far to say, watching the chips fall for so long, is what causes evil to become too powerful. Standing up every once in a while isn’t good enough.


    8 billion people means a lot of Chinese whispers, population multiplies like a virus, so if evil becomes more powerful and good less, if we multiply this, well, look where we are.

  14. 7 hours ago, SimonTV said:

    Sorry but I’m reading this and it seems they just vaccinate the subject then test for antibodies, then they call that 100% efficacy? Obviously if you inject something intended to create an immune response, it’s going to do exactly that? Am I missing something here? How does that prove anything? 


  15. 4 hours ago, elongated1 said:


    The answer is simple. Once the government mandated the vaccine for careworkers, everyone must participate in the clinical trial. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was a real medical therapy. They have coerced workers into human experiment. Still, no lawyer will challenge this. It's clear as black and white. They don't disclose the ingredients and we can't ask them. Do as your told.

    It’s not an experiment though that’s what they want you to think, they want you to focus on the fact they have said it is experimental so when the time comes that they say it no longer is, they just say it’s passed safety and you’re injecting the same vaccine into yourself. You’re basically asking for it, simply under a different label.


    Covid and the jab we’re patented over 15 years ago or something? Flu just disappeared? No more deaths on average? There never was any danger, the only danger is what you’re being forced to take


    I’m beginning to think these 100 year pandemics are just to scare us into thinking viruses and bacteria are so dangerous we need vaccines and medicine to intervene.

    In reality they purposefully feed us so much crap just so that we actually fall ill, then they can sell us their miracle cure which just makes people more ill and die younger, it’s a vicious and inefficient cycle which serves to manipulate and control people. I know for a fact that’s their game, otherwise they would be getting us to address our diets first, the proper, risk free way to PREVENT illness. 

    I can tell even in yeadons recent short video, he knows virology and the whole medical industry is a big cash cow, they will corrupt anything and everything for money, and always have done.

    Fact is no one should be being forced to put anything in their body, much less being restricted for not doing so. We’re being desensitised to coercion. 

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  16. Got a bit of an update on my situation with my ex, we’ve still been talking things out to make sure we’re not throwing a good thing away. We were supposed to be moving to Canada at the end of this year.


    Looks like she has a job lined up now. I linked her the latest on Canada making jabs mandatory for travel and gov jobs e.t.c. She has now said she will get it if she has to.


    So there we go folks. They can promise to not get jabbed, but don’t think they’ve got your back, because mine just gave in and honestly I saw it coming. I knew there was a reason I was so worried about our relationship.



  17. On 8/10/2021 at 5:35 AM, Humanexperiment said:

    So up until a week ago my girlfriend was unvaxed like me but the fact that she is now witnessing younger people get admitted to her unit scared the hell out of her and she ended up getting her first shot. Well now she is on my ass about getting it and wearing a mask, something she never did before. I'll never betray my convictions and my gut instinct but this could destroy our relationship if she keeps pushing it and becomes resentful. Any advice would be helpful 🙏

    Well I’ve just finished with my girlfriend. Despite trying to awaken her and managing to get her to agree to not getting jabbed, she does not want to wake up and want to do it for herself. I don’t have the energy to keep bringing myself down to her level.


    She’s constantly wanting to book dates and hotels and holidays, already lost £1500 at the start of pandemic because I couldn’t go to Canada due to the fact I will not be tested or jabbed or face quarantine. She doesn’t see where we are going, just look at France.


    With current circumstances I don’t see how a fully awake truther can be compatible with somebody who isn’t there. You’re essentially having to be a different person when your around them, or try talk to them and see irritating their response is. 

    So I’ve decided I’m off, gonna go live what could be our last days and enjoy it with real people or on my Tod. Thinking I might trade my bike in for a car and have some fun before the next level comes. I’m not telling you to bin her but I wouldn’t get into a relationship with somebody who isn’t awake again, I would not get with a vaxxed person either. 

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  18. This whole saline thing is very suspect. Can’t remember the guys name but he said 62% of jabbed have tested positive for this blood clot condition which shows microscopic blood clots in the neck. These blood clots can’t be picked up by normal tests. It’s the d dimer test.


    What if 62% have been given the real thing and 38% have had saline, placebo or other? What if 100% would test positive given the real shot?


    This is very clever because it means it reduces the amount of adverse reactions, making the statistics look better than they actually are. It also means now all the saline stories are coming out, it’s the perfect excuse to make people want to line up for two more jabs, off their own back and all! 

    To me this proves their intentions for at least the next couple of years, look how long it took them to get two into people, now two more? I do not see an end to this, without total revolution. 

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  19. 4 hours ago, zarkov said:

    Thought this was worth sharing 


    Frans Kuiper 3 days ago from Spreaker.com
    Just taking a stand against government measures such as the lockdowns, the mask mandates and health passports does not make us the good guys. The lockdowns, mask mandates and health passports aren’t the actual problem—they are symptoms of the problem.


    The real problem is our belief in authority—the belief that some people have more rights than others. It is the belief that some can rightfully command others. It is the belief that some are rightful masters while others have a moral obligation to obey.


    If we are truly being honest with ourselves, the belief in the moral legitimacy of authority is the belief that slavery is morally legitimate. 

    This belief is the real virus and this belief is what has morally infected the overwhelmingly vast majority of the human population.

    Most people still believe in the authority of government with religious fervour— not only is the belief in the moral legitimacy of government a false religion which is antithetical to true morality, but the belief in authority in general is the textbook definition of a cult.


    A cult is formed when adherents to a false belief system become physically dangerous to those who do not adhere to its sick beliefs by conducting and condoning violence and coercion against the non-believers. The belief in government is the belief that some people have the so-called right to engage in violence and coercion against others who have not initiated aggression against others.

    The very belief of condoning such an immoral condition makes someone a bad person. Most people today want to end the lockdowns because the lockdowns affect them personally, but if actually given the chance, they would have government coerce others in whatever ways they want if they held its rein. Most people don’t want to dismantle the very apparatus of government—they want to control it. They want to wield it and they wrongly believe they can control such an immoral institution.


    Just ask yourself this simple question—was the very concept of kingship in the old world ever morally legitimate? Was it ever morally legitimate for a king to claim that he is the ruler over everyone in the land that constituted his kingdom? That his word was law and that anyone who disobeyed his edicts would be subject to the violence of his order following henchmen? Was that ever morally legitimate? What has really changed in the modern world? Nothing has changed today. Most people do not believe in the authority of kings and queens but we have merely replaced the concept of kingship with the concept of authority vested in government.


    Anyone who supports and condones the very belief in government is actually in a cult.

    They are cult members and almost all of them don’t even know that they’re members of a cult. Those who believe in and support the continuation of this cult by their own beliefs are supporters of slavery and believe that the condition of slavery should continue. Everyone who adheres to this cult belief system is complicit in what is happening and is bringing even worse conditions down upon themselves and everyone else.



    Exactly, so I recently broke up with my partner. She has a colostomy so has a blind faith in the medical industry. She says she believes in vaccines. I said ok so what research have you done into viruses and vaccines? Have they ever isolated any viruses? What’s the process of virus isolation? What’s the evidence behind jabs working? What’s the evidence to suggest viruses are contagious? What work did jfk do with regard to vaccines? 


    When I ask her those things, she looks at me and I can tell from the silence the cogs stop moving for a split second, before “I believe in vaccines”. The cogs start moving again, this is the cult mentality, years of brainwashing and indoctrination building fear of reality. 

    These cult members can’t accept that their rulers might have any bad intentions toward them. Instead they put a blind faith in who is above them, they are content with being spoon fed lies to make them feel better. They don’t want to face reality, they don’t want to question what they are not educated on, they simply don’t want anything to do with a higher intelligence or higher consciousness.


    The average person lives in a selfish bubble, completely ignorant and not interested in anyone’s struggle. Living from day to day, pay check to pay check, going along with the day dream.


    These people are beyond saving now. I’ve struggled for months to wake my ex up, even managed to get her to agree to not being jabbed. Sadly I can see she’s only doing it for me, she still can’t face reality. She’s upset at the thought of losing me, while I’m devastated knowing the world is falling apart. I just don’t have the energy to bring myself down to her level anymore.

    I get frustrated with everything, she wants me to talk, I talk about it, she puts a “positive” spin on everything, “It won’t be forever”, “they won’t bring passports”, “places are getting better”, “it’s not affecting us though is it?”. Yes it absolutely is affecting me, every day I’m broken watching nations fall, I’m ready to stand with my brothers and sisters and go to war, this ignorant mindset, that it’s not happening to you, is what’s got us in this mess! 



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  20. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    this is the exact point i've been trying to make and i have come under attack from certain posters


    lockdowns and covid jabs are a tiny part of this picture. if we don't fix the wider environment then we will just keep stumbling from one problem to the next because the conspiracy runs deep


    The question then has to be about what is unhealthy in the environment and therefore what can we do to improve the environment and one area of our environment that is changing under the cover of this whole covid thing is the roll out of 5G which is coinciding with covid


    This is going to build millions of small substations everywhere whilst tens of thousands of satellites are fired into low orbit which are not only completely transforming our night sky but bathing the surface of the planet with wifi radiation


    This is all to build their SMART-GRID of interconnected appliances and i suggest that the covid jabs contain nanotech which then makes people part of the smart grid


    This is a major piece of the puzzle and there are bad actors on this forum trying to bury all of this and to get people to talk about pointless shit that in a years time won't matter a damn

    Yes brother exactly they have people deluded into fighting over things which, they have been convinced are significant and important. In reality they are looking at tiny pieces of a never ending jigsaw, instead of looking at who made the jigsaw. Follow the money it all leads back to them.


    What David Martin said is great, that every conversation about covid is the wrong one to be having, but, even he said it’s not the Rothschild/Rockefeller, it’s the insurance companies running the show. Interesting because doesn't he think that all these companies are run by the elite families? Maybe he’s covering his back (see how even true information can be corrupted by default, you can’t even say what needs to be said) or maybe he knows something we don’t? Bigger than these so secret elite families? Maybe he’s a part of the program like the rest?


    I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if this forum is riddled with shills, masons and bad actors. I truly believe only 1% are fully awake to it. 

    With regard to 5g, we have been increasing levels of emf quite rapidly in the past century, smart phones, smart meters, from basic internet to 5g, high speed broadband and routers, all these things multiply when you’re around more people or in built up areas.


    So would it be a wonder if we’ve reached a tipping point in emf damage? Have we reached a point where the average or some humans just can’t take any more? Has 5g caused a lot of people to go from being unhealthy and nearing serious illness to actually becoming very ill? 

    Previous to 5g, it was said by manufacturers not to put your phone next to your head or in your pocket, due to radiation levels. So now we have 5g, which is even stronger, what are the recommendations now? Lock your phone in a lead box? This is why there is no safety studies into 5g, this is why JFK couldn’t get jab manufacturers to deliver the last 30 years of safety studies. Safety studies would prove they are weapons the same.


    What is more important is that even if they don’t have the tech yet to do these things, they are already WILLING to do it. They already have every intention, and it is exactly here in their thought process we need to stop them. 

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  21. 7 hours ago, Prometheus said:

    It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset.


    Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.

    Do you really think viral vaccines actually do anything good though? Even if there was concrete science behind vaccines, I still wouldn’t take one.


    Who knows what’s in any of these vaccines? When you sit in the chair and pull up your sleeve, there’s no actual way of proving what they’re putting in your arm. This is why I am not interested at all. They can’t even make an accurate test.


    For as long as people will be consuming junk food and gmo rubbish and drinking tap water, I’m not interested. They are jabbing us with the pretence that it’s the only way to protect yourself, yet we know it’s entirely damaging.


    Why are we injecting ourselves to fix a problem which is extremely likely to be caused by diet and environment? So we get the jab which is very damaging as we know, but never change the environment? Yet expect to get better and not get ill? 

    If by their definition their vaccine actually worked as intended, we would at best only masquerade any problems, since the correct diet and environment hasn’t been addressed.


    This is entirely inefficient and damaging. Personally this is the best proof that covid is lie and the system is completely scripted. They don’t want to help us truly, they don’t want us to be truly and naturally healthy in all ways. They want us easier to control. 



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