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  1. It's absolutely horrific brother when you think about it. We need to educate our children instead of presenting this fairytale mindset to them and protecting their "childhood" what is childhood but a made up new age concept to traumatise kids because when they grow up they either have to re-learn the entire truth or basically continue down this life of lies which enslaves them in fear?! Do people think tribesmen shelter their children, no, they take them out and teach them to hunt and gather, they teach them nothing but the truth and real life skills from the start. Look at our children depressed and hanging themselves, with no future prospect in life but some dead end minimum wage job and getting kicked out to go join the drugged up pissed up society we create by sheltering them. Then you look at videos of tribesmen all smiling and saying hell no we don't want to live in a world where technology exists, a world where men want to become women and vise versa. Society is an absolute madness, we should be making warriors of our children, we should be screaming the life into them. Most parents are chucking them sweets and technology just to shut them up, when all they need to do is tell them santa ain't real and this is how you make dinner, this is what happens to all our waste, this is what happens to addicts, this is what corruption happens at the very top. We're making ignorant little shits who think they know better, when they known nothing at all and don't stand a chance until 16-21 unless they had an ounce of good parenting, and even then the parent can never give up on making the warrior. People should be snipped at birth and you should have a license to have children, that's how stupid and out of control the world is, that's the only way things will ever change. Its not overpopulation, it's under education, its an overpopulation of dumb people breeding dumb people and the elite encouraging it. There needs to be a standard of life for people to want to have children at the right time, to have the time to look after their children, I don't think it's sexist or misogynistic to think mums should stay at home their whole lives more or less, I think that makes fucking sense, who else is going to control the children, people want to put that power out of their own hands in the name of feminism and other ridiculous movements.. not saying it has to be the man or woman but wouldn't it make sense to have the most nurturing gender in the most nurturing place? World would be a lot better if people worked half the hours they did and helped educate and supervise each other with the remaining hours. Nobody has time to do anything anymore its a complete and utter joke
  2. Augmented humans overtake the real humans thus making real humans ever more powerless as the world presses towards automation. Basically they couldn't be bothered to spend money to educate people the right way anymore, instead spent the money making microchips FOR THE BETTER OF HUMANITY. Yeah right, this is absolutely fucking disgusting people should have fought for their human rights to ban this kind of shit being said and done, instead of bending over and letting the same people rape them, that's what the needle is about. The death juice is just a bonus. The real spoils of that war was getting people to bend over and be raped. People thought they were waking up and had power over their own lives, next thing they're walking into a rape station for a doughnut. Next they'll be walking their kids into the next kind of fuckery, it's absolutely shameful how people could agree with anything but nature and the truth right now. It's so blatantly obvious what the goal for humanity is, this is war on people, because all these billions they're spending on tech doesn't help people when they can't afford to eat or drink or put the heating on, now we have the problem people can't afford to go to work, farmers can't afford to make food anymore because everything has been split up, sold off and privatised behind closed doors. Really sad existence we are facing, people don't understand where I'm coming from when I say keep musks name out of your mouth. They're bad news, the lot of them. This is an act of war on people we should be fighting for a new Geneva convention to ban this kind of crap being said and done. Fucking goons the bunch of them, we could be employing everyone for just 30 hours a week to better the entire earth, we could have free food and a completely regulated economy worldwide that's decided by the people, not a free economy that's driven this penny pinching throwaway society that's filling up landfill. African people killing themselves going through our filthy electronics and Chinese people living in cages working in sweat shop factories but you're supposed to believe tech giants and billionaires have any ounce of good intention with what they're doing?! I'm not sorry and it is always a cover up. I'm not sorry, anyone who thinks they are doing good should get down on their knees and pray to god for their blessed existence of ignorance because you are ALWAYS LIVING AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER MANS TROUBLES. GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. That's what every person needs to realise and live their life by those words, THATS THE ONLY WAY TO KILL THE EGO AND MAKE SURE IT STAYS DEAD. What you eat is what you are. I think therefore I am. What I speak is what I am. Every time people overlook an article like this they don't realise in their ignorance they're just normalising the lies going forward.. I'm sick of these deaf ears. Where are my people
  3. There is a consequence for everything. So you flood nature with rubbish and it floods you back. Noahs ark Osmio water sell a vitamin C shower head which tries to remove all the limescale and chlorine from the water. The chlorine has a gas chamber effect when you take a hot shower, our water is really not good to drink or wash with. I only do cold showers now and I only drink hot/cold water from my countertop reverse osmosis machine from osmio. You can add a couple different types of water softener in combination with a reverse osmosis in-line filter to create a whole house filtration system but depending on the type of softener you will be adding an plumbed in amount of waste water back into the water supply. With the in-line reverse osmosis filter you will be adding a plumbed in amount of waste water back into the water supply, also, in comparison to the countertop machine, the in-line filter obviously has to work a lot faster so it's not as good at filtering the water as the countertop machine, and the countertop machine leaves a small amount of water behind in the refillable tub to keep the filters from becoming clogged too quickly, this water can then be used for remedial cleaning or watering certain plants, so not being wasted and added back into the water supply, thus adding to the water suppliers issue of filtering out the crap from our tap water with the chemicals that they use. Impossible for it to be an exact science. I also drink a good amount of bottled water because I believe even reverse osmosis water from the counterertop machine which does have its own re-mineralisation process, isn't quite what we should be naturally drinking as humans, but, it does mean my boiling water and drinking water is far better than tap water. Some people do use an in-line filter system with a water softener and still use the countertop machine, but I am not sure about doing this myself as I am worried about the waste water being added back into the supply, so I opted to just use a vitamin c shower head instead for my cold showers. I don't like baths but they do have a vitamin c in-line filter which can be plumbed in underneath the tub but needs one on each of the hot and cold supply so easier to just take a cold shower Lots to think about in this new age.... I for one don't trust anyone but myself to provide me with safe water
  4. It's absolutely ridiculous. They bang on about our carbon footprint but who is trying to be environmentally friendly with our Internet usage? How many people close off their data when at home and close the WiFi when they go out the door? How many people switch Bluetooth and location off when they don't need it? Whats the actual environmental impact from the WASTE INTERNET being used? Does going up a few G's make it better or worse? Do we need more flipping Internet coverage? Just how damaging is it all from a carbon footprint perspective? They're not sorry to drive energy bills up and fuel which is literally showing they can't or won't regulate corporations but being hidden with Ukraine/russia/China being the new scapegoat of choice. Its disgusting, literally fell out with my mum today, I was trying to explain how bitcoin could be really profitable from right now and over the course of the next year, she wouldn't listen to a word. Stuck in a fear mentality of the people who spread fear lies around due to their own failed investments. So you can imagine the next thing out of her mouth, this is her new thing to say to me when she goes into self defence mode. WERE GOING TO BE IN WORLD WAR 3 IF RUSSIA JOIN CHINA WERE ALL DOOMED RAHH RAH RAAAH RAH! HONESTLY. This is the same woman I think I have educated enough to show its the same people behind every one of these countries. MONEY RUNS THE WORLD NOT GOVERNMENTS, NOT COUNTRIES, they are just weak entities that are bought and sold out. Whatever happens with war we never get the actual truth and it never gets written truly in history, the media, and now the Internet is full of lies and propaganda. WAR is just another fear virus, a distraction from what's really going on, where the money is being made next. Its crypto, its scamming, its penny pinching shops selling garbage popping up everywhere. The world is one gigantic scam now, who can get who's money into their pockets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Selling services people are too lazy or uneducated to do themselves while farmers get run out of business worldwide.. you're worried about the next fake war, we're not going to be able to eat and our own governments are actively not funding farmers now. Farming is not profitable, just look at how many farms have been split up, very easily controlled now The world is so full of doom, people can't cope reading the news, they really need to switch off and learn how people are making money off the back of this "doom" then they might see why its all manufactured bullshit and stop name dropping politicians like any one is different to the other in a sick system that breeds them all. Spineless people looking for a bigger paycheck in constang fear of losing their livelihood for what they say or do, just like the rest of us.
  5. mate this is the kind of laugh I need. As if the word flatuvid isn't funny enough!! Your joke has really encapsulated just how incredible the world flatulence is, it now has a fresh new meaning for me. Seriously why don't you guys go back through these jokes and write some monty python style sketches, we could start a "andrew tate" style University and include conspiracy jokes with an affiliate program that makes everyone on earth share all these brilliant sketches through social media, it could become the new good virus spreading its stench through the world in a self replicating process. Honestly I think you're on to something guys!! How the hell am I supposed to meet people like you now, I had a good couple months with the house to myself and I became a new man, mums been back for a month or so, I mean I've slowly got her into conspiracies over a decade but it's so fucking depressive living here again. Like I've realised now where my life has been going wrong. It's not just arguments but the atmosphere, the environment, its just not letting me be. I got to get out more, probably move out, but as much as I love connecting with "people" I really need some my kind of people in my life! Tell me am I really going to find that on tinder or at the pub now?! Maybe I need to be specific and mention the Flatuvid in my bio now. Maybe I need to make my bio so insanely difficult to understand it only attracts a kind of person?! Maybe we ought to make our own Facebook and call it FLATUBOOK. I just don't know about my existence anymore HELP
  6. Honestly what is wrong with a good fart?! They want to come out for a reason so why hold them in and get all obnoxious when people don't?! Sickos not letting farts be!! Personally I like to let them go after I've overtaken somebody when I'm going up the aisle in the supermarket, I always do a little shoulder check at the end to see if the mission has succeeded or not
  7. trying not to get involved at first thought your words were taken out of context as if you were saying mankind was the stupid one not this man. If I had to say we don't know if he was touching his child's genitals but I would have so say with my conspiracy mind I wouldn't be doing so in a photo and would also say you need a conspiracy mind to know not to touch your child's genitals while taking a photo, you leave that for the doctor that's his job and responsibility.. its blown out of proportion really I can throw some gas on the fire here for fun because I know you'll enjoy it. Really we are worse than the man and mankind because with all we know we sit on forums sharing with what you would hope are like minded people. Really we should be out on the street doing some david icke style shizz with all of our free time, we should be leaflet dropping and putting up posters and showing these "idiots" the surveillance control state were all under. What I'm saying is it is worse to not know then get caught up in it all or is it worse to know so much and do nothing about it? That's why I'm not going and chasing £200 a day plus jobs with my carpentry qualification and experience in the building trade. They stopped a mini housing estate just across the road from me because it blocks the one nice bit of view we have but instead passed 3 gigantic multi million pound houses blocking said same view, planning... corrupt as you can imagine I'm sick of the industry it doesn't do my soul any good just earning money, or using my mechanical mind, I'm so fucking bored of that. So I applied for a counselling course as I always wanted to do psychology but I was a shit addict in school. I had dreams years ago of becoming a holistic doctor who practices mental health therapy, physiotherapy and fitness training, nutrition and also personal assistance with finances and general lifestyle basically a life coach as well, and all in one package. That's because I believe when you go to the doctors they only check one of those things and send you off with pills, they should be checking all of the above because everything is symbiotic in my opinion. I just want to connect with people and help them and guide them if they want it, those things are the only reward I feel in life now. I can go for a spin on my motorcycle and have a lovely meal and sit down drink some cider, but at the end of it all I'm still depressed because my job as a carpenter is just remedial to me now. Being social and helping each other is the only thing that doesn't cost anything and makes you feel good, and look at what they're trying to stop? Look at self service machines you can just buy a load of crap junk food and not be embarrassed or taken the piss out of by the checkier, and guided into buying some proper food next time, basically the connection and banter is gone... Life is fucking boring now, I don't care about money unless everyone getting some, so I want to go into a field that helps people achieve something they otherwise couldn't, and maybe I can make some conspiratists out of it as well, because I don't think you can arrive at the truth without becoming one at some level..
  8. I wonder how were allowed to be sometimes... I ponder and entertain the idea that they approve of us, then I realise, well, where would they put us all? They would certainly have to dot one here and there, otherwise could you imagine the great escape coming out of that one? It would be a blessing to throw us all together, I imagine something like the X-men might happen
  9. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/residents-fury-over-15-metre-24805100 “For the avoidance of doubt this installation has not been assessed under this notification and the mast has been installed without prior notification to the council as the Local Planning Authority. You have been asked to provide clarification as to precisely what the purpose of this structure is, as well as plans and details, and we request this within the next seven working days.” When will people realise there comes a time when you have to say no, if you didn't need it 50 years ago, 25 years ago, 10 years ago, do you really need it now? If people don't care now they will sure care in another 50 years when there is a 50G mast coming out between everyone's eyeballs. The sound of EMF screams in my ears at night already, people don't have a clue what's coming, evolution is exponential, it doesn't slow down. Just look at where we were 25 years ago, and compare it to where we are now... Human rights Money Where's it all gone?
  10. In retrospect even if the lampposts cant hear me it's probably best to believe everything does, that way you can just say fuck it I say what I want and stayed true to myself. Kind of like being nailed to a cross, I don't mind so long as it's for what I "believed" in (thought to be most true) saves you the thought process too, and the fear of being a paranoid schizophrenic, which I'm sure is a natural thought process at some level anyway.. To be honest I see your perspective, with all the control they have, put humanity out of control, it is indeed inevitable they would need this "horrific" system to be scanning everything. To put it like gordan ramsay it's damage control on top of damage control, on top of damage control, in a never ending loop. It's quite madly inefficient to require such a system, when they could control people to do the good work, but then would they be able to do all the naughty things they like doing? When you really think about things in depth it would really take a sick twisted soul to wish upon people the inequality that exists, and eventually ideas of reptilians, aliens and illegal chakrah systems really start to make more sense than it's just a bunch of "commies" taking the piss, but could it really be? That is a part of faith that is essential to me, but sadly people would rather hug trees or trust the government than think for themselves..
  11. Just a confirmation. Didn't want you to catch me out thinking I'm a paranoid schizophrenic but.... I'm pretty certain locked phones still record everything. Weren't they talking about how the frequencies like sound can be recorded and used to make 3D models of the surroundings? Anyway I just treat it like its recording me and go for a walk without it when I want some real space, but these are just more extra thoughts the A.I system has impregnated in our minds to make us use our valuable thought energy up. We're in a lose-lose situation IMO, there is always another consequence to whatever good you perceive, the corruption surrounds us no matter how you think and act, and who you think you're helping along the way.. still I'd rather be aware and "crazy" than asleep and "normal" because if everyone else is sane, I'm glad to be crazy.
  12. We gave up the right to say no to abortion when we let the system get so out of control there is no possible way the average single mother can support multiple children and have some standard of quality of life. Arguing about abortion is as dumb as feminism. What we should be fighting for is a licence for people to have children and proper support systems to check and make sure children are getting the correct upbringing. Sadly these things don't make money for the elite and wealthy and would entice more young women to have more children, younger, and claim benefits off said system. So it should be obvious to anyone they created a catch 22 system, a dog eat dog world which means consequences they think they can control but they can't clean up, it's either that or they simply don't care. Destruction of the entire truth is immenent. Humans either take control or be controlled, that's life. Its inefficient and saddening to see the pinnacle of humanity fighting over specific rights when most don't share very basic rights like access to quality food and water. The way planet earth is run by humans is a joke, and we are the laughing stock
  13. So Google quite literally monitors absolutely everything, just as we suspected?! An artificial intelligence program running the future, we've all got to be on some list now. Controlling everything we see through technology, thus controlling others, thus those controlled others then have a knock on effect in impacting our own lives. We're already run by A.I. who's to say this hasn't been running for 100 years
  14. The god hating people don't realise there is always a consequence, there is no winning, you must give yourself up and be naked.
  15. Definitely learning this more and more, slowly but surely wins the race. I just came back from a barefoot walk on the tarmac picking up everyone's rubbish and sorting my posture and ENT on the way, it's about balance. The difficulty is realising you are not righteous or high almighty for not being someone who rides an illegal moped down the pavement with no license and your helmet between your legs, while smoking and with someone on the back and basically being a little terror. It's realising you are lucky to have not come from an environment that could have easily led you into that position or worse, it's about being grateful to the higher source for having that better chance in life. That's what enables you to put yourself in somebody else's shoes and imagine how it is that their attitude came to be, only then can you even attempt to positively connect with them and make that small difference, otherwise who are we really kidding? Are we not just adding to the problem being ignorant? Honestly I will talk to anyone now, this world is unforgiving and we made it far worse, I understand why people let themselves go, because I've realised and accepted all the ways I have let myself go and continue to let myself go...
  16. Makes sense our individual selves and individual environments have become too individual now, so it becomes ever more difficult to connect with what's around us. So we turn to attention seeking in the hopes that somebody will recognise us. We don't want to become like each other now instead of connecting with each other and becoming like the best parts of each other. That's why we have gender and political ideas when most can't afford to eat and drink properly. I work very hard nowadays to connect with every single person whether I like it or them or not, because it is possible, not always but sometimes if not most times I can connect with them, which makes everyone vibrate into a higher self and me too. I'm like a good virus
  17. Some brilliant advice in this thread, helped me massively with my own sleeping issues. Dehydration is a killer, watch the colour of your urine, I bet it's too yellow too often!
  18. Personally I think tap water in combination with increased pollen counts and pollutants in the air, and what's in the food is what is killing people. Since I made the switch to reverse osmosis re-mineralised water from a countertop machine which is the most pure way to make drinkable RO water, and in combination I drink a lot of bottled water as I realise the RO water isn't "natural" either, I haven't had severe hayfever which I have suffered with my whole life, and at times I have been so bad I have had to take the odd day off work due to the stress on my body. Now I feel I can remember numbers a lot more easily which is what my brain tends to favour remembering. Just imagine for a second what goes down the toilet and drains on a daily basis, this is then recycled by adding chemicals to the water in water plants which is basically bleaching the water. What you are left with is water that then travels through old pipework and often toxic lead pipework if not under your house but your new plastic pipe connects onto some old style pipework, we're also relying on chemicals in the water to clean that pipework. This water can then sit inside copper pipework and if you don't run your tap for a few seconds I can guarantee you're getting some sort of nasties coming off the pipework inside your home where it has been sat inside, this is not to mention the limescale you are drinking as well and only he knows what else. Now just like a computer when you delete something it is never truly deleted, and a computer malfunctions as well. What you are relying on is these water plants to purify our recycled waste water with close to 100% accuracy every time, impossible, nature cannot do this itself, let alone what we created in our image. Just imagine for a minute what a decade of drinking this water could do to the body, you cannot ever guarantee that tap water is healthy, you can run all the tests you want, reverse osmosis exists for a reason. Now pollen counts are increasing year on year, what I see in people is allergic reactions all the time, I watch them drinking sugary milk drinks and having reactions to them. Funnily enough I cannot stand the heat anymore, few years ago I could manage it just about even with my hayfever, I'm a smoker which doesn't help but I have come very close to quitting 10-20 times the last couple months and I will achieve it soon with the help of patches cut in half and smoking less then going onto full patches, which actually stops my cravings and irritability as an anxious person. Now I have realised when it is really hot and becomes unbearable I can become dehydrated extremely quickly and it is very difficult to rehydrate myself and then stay hydrated, this affects my sleep terribly, I struggle to switch off if at all which is also working against you when trying to become hydrated again. Now I notice in summer now when it's way too hot, if I even have a slight amount of sugar or milk or something similarly processed, I experience extreme allergic rhinitis, the only things which helps when I get to this state is water (the kind I drink), sleep, cold showers, breathing exercises, physiotherapy/stretching/yoga (to create proper posture thus improving ENT) and walking in nature or just being in nature. I have started to walk barefoot and wear barefoot shoes only now, but that's another story (wedge shoes are making us bend forward and destroying our bodies, think aiding bending over to smartphones, laptops, looking down and not upwards, curving spine wrong way). Personally I don't think contagious things exist per say, but rather if the body is not completely hydrated and well rested, you can almost guarantee some sort of disease like symptoms and then as we know the body can go into more serious viral detoxification and you can end up completely fatigued and bed-ridden. When you are not feeling great like this it becomes even more difficult to hydrate yourself and get the proper sleep and etc as I mentioned above. It's like a snowball effect and I don't think increased EMF is helping us whatsoever, after all, put yourself too close to too much EMF and you WILL know about it (enter 5g). What I think people are experiencing is a lack of proper hydration and nutrition and looking after themselves. This is creating "intolerances" and "allergies" which you probably don't notice or your immune system is able to cope with at certain times of the year or under certain circumstances and environments. If they are doing what they are with the economy and big pharma, what makes people think they don't control the water and what's in the food and environmental factors too... personally I can see everyone's physical and mental health deteriorating very quickly now. I had two separate complicated wisdom tooth operations done privately recently and was warned by surgeon I have been fighting infections for 10 years, and that I needed to get a blood pressure monitor as it was through the roof the entire time, but I was quite chilled. I tried to buy blood pressure monitors from several shops and the cheapest ones were all sold out everywhere, difficult to get hold of. That's the next part of the charade we are facing, I believe due to the fearmongering and propaganda, and not knowing what to believe anymore, in combination with traumatic personal events etc, everyone's blood pressure is going through the roof, were all becoming stress heads. Personally I think if you live a truthful life and see the truth, I don't see how you couldn't be a stress head. This doesn't help our bodies being able to process all the healthy choices I mentioned above. Actually I have lost two stone in weight the last few months while I am eating more than ever, it is dropping off me, because I have made so many positive changes in my life and become extremely energetic like I used to be as a child. Some very strange things are happening indeed and I think as you become more healthy it becomes more difficult to stay that way. I wonder if this is why rich people go off the rails, like when you have too much money it becomes more difficult to enjoy it. There is a lesson to be learned in everything in life, every day is a learning day, and if you don't learn some things in this age of information, the way I see it you have failed. I don't like the way we are vaccinated as children, it doesn't seem right and I worry there is something bigger going on, tailor made vaccines to each individual changing our physiology and potential in life... There is many more factors to discuss that has an effect on the body like mental health conditions, long standing physical health conditions and way more. To be a doctor now I really believe I would rather have a doctor who isn't textbook and given up on learning, but rather like me, somebody who listens to their body and others and researches things to the Nth degree... where are those people? We have too busy and stressful lives to be able to have the time to research everything, there is not enough time. That's why I'm glad I'm so clear of the drugs and alcohol and going out wasting time with "mates" (yeah right, what are they, where are they) or sitting in the pub talking crap in memes and jokes. I cannot think of another life I would want to live and breath now, working hard to learn from everything, to put myself in a better more positive place, trying to help and nurture everything in front of me on the way, nothing else is worth it to me now.
  19. Yes definitely he takes it too far but I'm looking at what he's saying about how society has manipulated women into what they are now, and it rings true. Almost like inside information? Haha
  20. Yes absolutely it's a massive scam to reel you in, but is there some genuinitity in some or what seems like often a lot of what he says. But then like you said they're very good actors, so is he just damage control for the ones that are inevitably dropping society like you said or some waking up. It would make sense as poverty increase they would need more damage control. I don't think we stand a chance in life, we're talking and talking but the only answer is to go play the system and get rich like them. Then you can help people like yourself. We either need to stand up and take it back together, or get rich or die trying. Everything else seems boring to me now, don't you feel the same?
  21. What do people think of Andrew tate? He supposedly took Jordans daughter into his home. She wanted to go to Romania and ride him while her father was "unwell"? The whole story seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I don't think the guys are real, more scripted idiots I mean they have done TV time so does that say it all in itself? I'm concerned they're false operatives but Andrew is quite open with some anti Establishment opinions that seem to be often pretty spot on. I'd like to know if the elite would let anyone be to be honest. Do you reach a certain level of fame and money, then they have to step in to stop you changing the narrative? Kinda sounds a lot more plausible in my head than a world full of celebrities, but not one of them has their eyes open or stands for the people.. It's a strange life now you'd have to be a fool to believe anything, and that means we all know nothing. Pointless existence much.
  22. Exactly, politics is a load of bullshit, the only woke people in parliament are the ones gutting the country behind closed doors. The rest of them are merely clinging on to their hopeless jobs for dear life. Paid actors. What do people think these politicians do when they clock off? They don't give a shit that's what. So long as the money goes in the bank they'll say whatever makes them look good to their masters. You can argue about numbers and percentages and cuts for as long as you want. The economy is fictitious, a free market so it's reactive. No such thing as a healthy economy, the world needs fixed prices, fixed rates and it needs to stop utilities, food, farming e.t.c. from being profit organisations, these kinds of things should be ran by the people. Needs a limit on how much land one person can own, business', properties e.t.c. currently there is no limit to a rich mans madness. Yet poor people are the problem.. Politics doesn't exist just a system that protects the rich so they cant be impoverished.
  23. Stop start system You need a new battery every few years and they are special big batteries some over £300 Funny how all the things which save the environment don't last 5 minutes
  24. Who can even afford a new BMW really. When you work out how much you lose in depreciation and how much interest you'll be paying on finance, you'll have lost half your money just by signing a piece of paper. I just bought a 2020 plate van of a young laddy. 14 months on finance and he lost over £9000 of the vehicle value. Who on earth has 9k to burn every 14 months on a vehicle? What kind of average person is earning enough that they can lose that kind of money and still walk away with enough profit to make it worthwhile? That's a serious amount of money you need to make to cover your vehicle price alone. People don't realise how sinister these vehicle changes are, they're shaping our future with stealth taxes on travelling, they don't want people on the road anymore, you only have to take a drive up the m5/m6 to see why. Brain dead zombies hogging the outside lane. You can drive up the inside of 10 cars and they haven't got a clue there's another 3 lanes on the motorway. Vehicles are our wings, they are the only way we can travel, when we want. They're taxing that ability so heavily now humans are giving up driving and selling their cars, only to go on Facebook and talk down on people who haven't yet caved and bent over, this is purely to seek justification for giving their own human rights up. Cars and bikes are something that I grew up around. Something that's deeply embedded in me, one of few things I really could not live without.. Joe Public would happily see me have to give this up if it made the government happy. So I got to give up something I enjoy for the rest of my life because somebody bent over for the government. But if I want to have my cock pulled inside out and run around Ukraine with a fake pair of tits I've got their full support? At least then I could sell myself on onlyfans instead of being a man and actually having to work hard in life to build a future and continue to work hard to protect that future from women who can only see a financial settlement for themselves. Life is shit now. Especially if you're a bloke. Watch how they put women on a pedestal and turn them against men, crippling humanity with sexism. Its not worth living anymore, prove me wrong.
  25. Didn't want to say anything about it until I saw something concrete. Doesn't get much more concrete than that.. So they set up their corruption, money laundering and a base for selling kids, preparing for these wars decades in advance. They got Ukrainian people to bomb their own and employed a government of paid actors to say it was Russia invading Ukraine and not Russia defending Ukraine from itself. So that enabled the western public to involve themselves in the war siding with the enemy, Ukraine. This gave the west a green flag to attack Russia, thus slowing all of Russias efforts and throwing it into a full blown war. They must have needed this virus out there one to print billions from the western economy ready to fund the war, secondly they surely needed this massive distraction to ensure people wouldn't catch on to what's really going on. Honestly I do not think people would believe what's going on in the world if it wasn't for this silly virus distracting people and pulling them down into lower vibrational state human beings. What I would love to know is any of it actually real. Is it one gigantic inside operation to distract us otherwise, or is Russia actually acting on its own interest? Its a shame really as there is no benefit knowing the truth, or being concerned individuals. They've made being real, pretty pointless.
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