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  1. Got a bit of an update on my situation with my ex, we’ve still been talking things out to make sure we’re not throwing a good thing away. We were supposed to be moving to Canada at the end of this year. Looks like she has a job lined up now. I linked her the latest on Canada making jabs mandatory for travel and gov jobs e.t.c. She has now said she will get it if she has to. So there we go folks. They can promise to not get jabbed, but don’t think they’ve got your back, because mine just gave in and honestly I saw it coming. I knew there was a reason I was so worried about our relationship.
  2. Well I’ve just finished with my girlfriend. Despite trying to awaken her and managing to get her to agree to not getting jabbed, she does not want to wake up and want to do it for herself. I don’t have the energy to keep bringing myself down to her level. She’s constantly wanting to book dates and hotels and holidays, already lost £1500 at the start of pandemic because I couldn’t go to Canada due to the fact I will not be tested or jabbed or face quarantine. She doesn’t see where we are going, just look at France. With current circumstances I don’t see how a fully awake truther can be compatible with somebody who isn’t there. You’re essentially having to be a different person when your around them, or try talk to them and see irritating their response is. So I’ve decided I’m off, gonna go live what could be our last days and enjoy it with real people or on my Tod. Thinking I might trade my bike in for a car and have some fun before the next level comes. I’m not telling you to bin her but I wouldn’t get into a relationship with somebody who isn’t awake again, I would not get with a vaxxed person either.
  3. This whole saline thing is very suspect. Can’t remember the guys name but he said 62% of jabbed have tested positive for this blood clot condition which shows microscopic blood clots in the neck. These blood clots can’t be picked up by normal tests. It’s the d dimer test. What if 62% have been given the real thing and 38% have had saline, placebo or other? What if 100% would test positive given the real shot? This is very clever because it means it reduces the amount of adverse reactions, making the statistics look better than they actually are. It also means now all the saline stories are coming out, it’s the perfect excuse to make people want to line up for two more jabs, off their own back and all! To me this proves their intentions for at least the next couple of years, look how long it took them to get two into people, now two more? I do not see an end to this, without total revolution.
  4. Exactly, so I recently broke up with my partner. She has a colostomy so has a blind faith in the medical industry. She says she believes in vaccines. I said ok so what research have you done into viruses and vaccines? Have they ever isolated any viruses? What’s the process of virus isolation? What’s the evidence behind jabs working? What’s the evidence to suggest viruses are contagious? What work did jfk do with regard to vaccines? When I ask her those things, she looks at me and I can tell from the silence the cogs stop moving for a split second, before “I believe in vaccines”. The cogs start moving again, this is the cult mentality, years of brainwashing and indoctrination building fear of reality. These cult members can’t accept that their rulers might have any bad intentions toward them. Instead they put a blind faith in who is above them, they are content with being spoon fed lies to make them feel better. They don’t want to face reality, they don’t want to question what they are not educated on, they simply don’t want anything to do with a higher intelligence or higher consciousness. The average person lives in a selfish bubble, completely ignorant and not interested in anyone’s struggle. Living from day to day, pay check to pay check, going along with the day dream. These people are beyond saving now. I’ve struggled for months to wake my ex up, even managed to get her to agree to not being jabbed. Sadly I can see she’s only doing it for me, she still can’t face reality. She’s upset at the thought of losing me, while I’m devastated knowing the world is falling apart. I just don’t have the energy to bring myself down to her level anymore. I get frustrated with everything, she wants me to talk, I talk about it, she puts a “positive” spin on everything, “It won’t be forever”, “they won’t bring passports”, “places are getting better”, “it’s not affecting us though is it?”. Yes it absolutely is affecting me, every day I’m broken watching nations fall, I’m ready to stand with my brothers and sisters and go to war, this ignorant mindset, that it’s not happening to you, is what’s got us in this mess!
  5. Yes brother exactly they have people deluded into fighting over things which, they have been convinced are significant and important. In reality they are looking at tiny pieces of a never ending jigsaw, instead of looking at who made the jigsaw. Follow the money it all leads back to them. What David Martin said is great, that every conversation about covid is the wrong one to be having, but, even he said it’s not the Rothschild/Rockefeller, it’s the insurance companies running the show. Interesting because doesn't he think that all these companies are run by the elite families? Maybe he’s covering his back (see how even true information can be corrupted by default, you can’t even say what needs to be said) or maybe he knows something we don’t? Bigger than these so secret elite families? Maybe he’s a part of the program like the rest? I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if this forum is riddled with shills, masons and bad actors. I truly believe only 1% are fully awake to it. With regard to 5g, we have been increasing levels of emf quite rapidly in the past century, smart phones, smart meters, from basic internet to 5g, high speed broadband and routers, all these things multiply when you’re around more people or in built up areas. So would it be a wonder if we’ve reached a tipping point in emf damage? Have we reached a point where the average or some humans just can’t take any more? Has 5g caused a lot of people to go from being unhealthy and nearing serious illness to actually becoming very ill? Previous to 5g, it was said by manufacturers not to put your phone next to your head or in your pocket, due to radiation levels. So now we have 5g, which is even stronger, what are the recommendations now? Lock your phone in a lead box? This is why there is no safety studies into 5g, this is why JFK couldn’t get jab manufacturers to deliver the last 30 years of safety studies. Safety studies would prove they are weapons the same. What is more important is that even if they don’t have the tech yet to do these things, they are already WILLING to do it. They already have every intention, and it is exactly here in their thought process we need to stop them.
  6. Do you really think viral vaccines actually do anything good though? Even if there was concrete science behind vaccines, I still wouldn’t take one. Who knows what’s in any of these vaccines? When you sit in the chair and pull up your sleeve, there’s no actual way of proving what they’re putting in your arm. This is why I am not interested at all. They can’t even make an accurate test. For as long as people will be consuming junk food and gmo rubbish and drinking tap water, I’m not interested. They are jabbing us with the pretence that it’s the only way to protect yourself, yet we know it’s entirely damaging. Why are we injecting ourselves to fix a problem which is extremely likely to be caused by diet and environment? So we get the jab which is very damaging as we know, but never change the environment? Yet expect to get better and not get ill? If by their definition their vaccine actually worked as intended, we would at best only masquerade any problems, since the correct diet and environment hasn’t been addressed. This is entirely inefficient and damaging. Personally this is the best proof that covid is lie and the system is completely scripted. They don’t want to help us truly, they don’t want us to be truly and naturally healthy in all ways. They want us easier to control.
  7. I find it worrying how this girl is saying that she would take the jab if it wasn’t in clinical trials. There’s a lot of people saying they would take it if it was passed as a vaccine. What these people fail to realise is that they are essentially saying they would agree to these draconian measures of forcing people to do things against their own rightful will, purely if the jab wasn’t “experimental”. This is very dangerous and intended in my opinion, all they need to do now is shut the internet down, pass the next death jab as a genuine vaccine, fix the numbers to make it look like it works and bang, all those stuck on the fence will be lining up for the death jab and the draconian measures. We are really in a dangerous place now, these half woke people don’t realise they are still protecting the system that enslaves them, they’re fighting for a “proper vaccine” when they don’t realise the real war here; Covid is a weapon to suppress intelligence, destroy society and the “economy”, to make us believe we are dependant on technology to be healthy and survive, to strip our rights and freedoms, to bring in a new totalitarian system that will enslave people like never before. This is the ultimate tool to divide and conquer. We are now so divided there is no chance of going back. Lets be clear there is no danger here other than a global digital identity, a digital currency with a social credit score, forced vaccination (aiming to control population by increasing disease and death), permanent lockdowns and travel restrictions, permanent mask wearing, and, worst of all, the removal of possessions. Humanity is done at this point.
  8. Exactly so this is an easy way to stop it right? Why not stop the carbon footprint all together and lock people in their homes? You don’t need anyone to believe in. Nobody can possibly say what they have in store for us, but it is bad. The richest don’t care about the people, and they have so much money they can control the entire planet. This is a psy-op basically it is my opinion many on here are right, this is a psychological experiment to prove that they can control every single part of the general publics lives with lies..
  9. Who’s to say the billionaires behind the health organisations haven’t bought all the governments out, vaccine creators will make billions from this, that’s clean money they can pay anyone off with that kind of cash. Who's to say they don’t want us using fossil fuels anymore and that they want the cars off the road. Whos to say AI or aliens aren’t behind all this? As it stands the people who work for government still have their jobs and homes, some of them earning 20+ times the amount most ever will.... so I’d say they haven’t lost a thing yet.... it’s really not difficult to comprehend we are being lied to
  10. What worries me though is that they just dumb everyone down and completely remove their carbon footprint, stop them from travelling and even leaving their home, not only that but at the moment we are seeing the powers MAKE the PEOPLE WANT IT. Next it wouldn’t be so difficult to poison the water supply or as we are seeing military in the street for mass vaccination... if they can make people accept putting the military on the street and make people WANT to be vaccinated, they can do anything they want, no matter how many of us stand up. For as long as they can pay some idiot 24k a year there will be some plonker lining up to do whatever their masters say. That’s the problem with people on planet earth, people are conformists and would happily kick a man down for a tenner if they were told it was ok to do it. I for one do not care. There are things I would not wish upon or do to my worst enemy (ok I can think of a few, but only we know the ones here) my point being I’d rather vacate this planet than strap a friggin TV on my head and walk around regurgitating everything the BBC says
  11. Covid is the ultimate unquestionable divide and conquer. Can some one help me how the hell am I supposed to live when my relationship is basically destroyed by this covid lark. We have completely different views. My mrs. has a colostomy so she believes in anything science and medicine gives, she’s tried experimental medication and everything. I won’t be tested or vaccinated, but we both want to travel and immigrate. Now all we do is debate, we can’t even talk about what’s going on anymore. How are you supposed to live and have a healthy relationship like that? I’m waking up every day still in complete shock about what’s going on and I can’t even talk to the person I live with about it. We can’t support each other’s views, how can we live like that? It’s quite easy to see how people don’t want to live in this world anymore, and I’m still able to go to work right now... god knows where I would be otherwise. Can people not see no amount of lockdown or restrictions is worth taking peoples jobs and businesses and freedom away. Mental health will be the biggest killer of this covid age
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