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  1. Makes sense our individual selves and individual environments have become too individual now, so it becomes ever more difficult to connect with what's around us. So we turn to attention seeking in the hopes that somebody will recognise us. We don't want to become like each other now instead of connecting with each other and becoming like the best parts of each other. That's why we have gender and political ideas when most can't afford to eat and drink properly. I work very hard nowadays to connect with every single person whether I like it or them or not, because it is possible, not always but sometimes if not most times I can connect with them, which makes everyone vibrate into a higher self and me too. I'm like a good virus
  2. Some brilliant advice in this thread, helped me massively with my own sleeping issues. Dehydration is a killer, watch the colour of your urine, I bet it's too yellow too often!
  3. Personally I think tap water in combination with increased pollen counts and pollutants in the air, and what's in the food is what is killing people. Since I made the switch to reverse osmosis re-mineralised water from a countertop machine which is the most pure way to make drinkable RO water, and in combination I drink a lot of bottled water as I realise the RO water isn't "natural" either, I haven't had severe hayfever which I have suffered with my whole life, and at times I have been so bad I have had to take the odd day off work due to the stress on my body. Now I feel I can remember numbers a lot more easily which is what my brain tends to favour remembering. Just imagine for a second what goes down the toilet and drains on a daily basis, this is then recycled by adding chemicals to the water in water plants which is basically bleaching the water. What you are left with is water that then travels through old pipework and often toxic lead pipework if not under your house but your new plastic pipe connects onto some old style pipework, we're also relying on chemicals in the water to clean that pipework. This water can then sit inside copper pipework and if you don't run your tap for a few seconds I can guarantee you're getting some sort of nasties coming off the pipework inside your home where it has been sat inside, this is not to mention the limescale you are drinking as well and only he knows what else. Now just like a computer when you delete something it is never truly deleted, and a computer malfunctions as well. What you are relying on is these water plants to purify our recycled waste water with close to 100% accuracy every time, impossible, nature cannot do this itself, let alone what we created in our image. Just imagine for a minute what a decade of drinking this water could do to the body, you cannot ever guarantee that tap water is healthy, you can run all the tests you want, reverse osmosis exists for a reason. Now pollen counts are increasing year on year, what I see in people is allergic reactions all the time, I watch them drinking sugary milk drinks and having reactions to them. Funnily enough I cannot stand the heat anymore, few years ago I could manage it just about even with my hayfever, I'm a smoker which doesn't help but I have come very close to quitting 10-20 times the last couple months and I will achieve it soon with the help of patches cut in half and smoking less then going onto full patches, which actually stops my cravings and irritability as an anxious person. Now I have realised when it is really hot and becomes unbearable I can become dehydrated extremely quickly and it is very difficult to rehydrate myself and then stay hydrated, this affects my sleep terribly, I struggle to switch off if at all which is also working against you when trying to become hydrated again. Now I notice in summer now when it's way too hot, if I even have a slight amount of sugar or milk or something similarly processed, I experience extreme allergic rhinitis, the only things which helps when I get to this state is water (the kind I drink), sleep, cold showers, breathing exercises, physiotherapy/stretching/yoga (to create proper posture thus improving ENT) and walking in nature or just being in nature. I have started to walk barefoot and wear barefoot shoes only now, but that's another story (wedge shoes are making us bend forward and destroying our bodies, think aiding bending over to smartphones, laptops, looking down and not upwards, curving spine wrong way). Personally I don't think contagious things exist per say, but rather if the body is not completely hydrated and well rested, you can almost guarantee some sort of disease like symptoms and then as we know the body can go into more serious viral detoxification and you can end up completely fatigued and bed-ridden. When you are not feeling great like this it becomes even more difficult to hydrate yourself and get the proper sleep and etc as I mentioned above. It's like a snowball effect and I don't think increased EMF is helping us whatsoever, after all, put yourself too close to too much EMF and you WILL know about it (enter 5g). What I think people are experiencing is a lack of proper hydration and nutrition and looking after themselves. This is creating "intolerances" and "allergies" which you probably don't notice or your immune system is able to cope with at certain times of the year or under certain circumstances and environments. If they are doing what they are with the economy and big pharma, what makes people think they don't control the water and what's in the food and environmental factors too... personally I can see everyone's physical and mental health deteriorating very quickly now. I had two separate complicated wisdom tooth operations done privately recently and was warned by surgeon I have been fighting infections for 10 years, and that I needed to get a blood pressure monitor as it was through the roof the entire time, but I was quite chilled. I tried to buy blood pressure monitors from several shops and the cheapest ones were all sold out everywhere, difficult to get hold of. That's the next part of the charade we are facing, I believe due to the fearmongering and propaganda, and not knowing what to believe anymore, in combination with traumatic personal events etc, everyone's blood pressure is going through the roof, were all becoming stress heads. Personally I think if you live a truthful life and see the truth, I don't see how you couldn't be a stress head. This doesn't help our bodies being able to process all the healthy choices I mentioned above. Actually I have lost two stone in weight the last few months while I am eating more than ever, it is dropping off me, because I have made so many positive changes in my life and become extremely energetic like I used to be as a child. Some very strange things are happening indeed and I think as you become more healthy it becomes more difficult to stay that way. I wonder if this is why rich people go off the rails, like when you have too much money it becomes more difficult to enjoy it. There is a lesson to be learned in everything in life, every day is a learning day, and if you don't learn some things in this age of information, the way I see it you have failed. I don't like the way we are vaccinated as children, it doesn't seem right and I worry there is something bigger going on, tailor made vaccines to each individual changing our physiology and potential in life... There is many more factors to discuss that has an effect on the body like mental health conditions, long standing physical health conditions and way more. To be a doctor now I really believe I would rather have a doctor who isn't textbook and given up on learning, but rather like me, somebody who listens to their body and others and researches things to the Nth degree... where are those people? We have too busy and stressful lives to be able to have the time to research everything, there is not enough time. That's why I'm glad I'm so clear of the drugs and alcohol and going out wasting time with "mates" (yeah right, what are they, where are they) or sitting in the pub talking crap in memes and jokes. I cannot think of another life I would want to live and breath now, working hard to learn from everything, to put myself in a better more positive place, trying to help and nurture everything in front of me on the way, nothing else is worth it to me now.
  4. Strange times we face. I thought I had already awoken, due to an extremely traumatic event I feel in hindsight was my destiny, I feel like I can say with absolute certainty I have finally arrived in my vessel. I found God, now I am not necessarily religious but have solidified a personal relationship with him, for you as an interchangeable term for the force that animates all things we know and can't know. Recently over the past few weeks I had at least one precognitive dream and experienced more extreme and frequent feelings of deja vous more than I have in my entire life. I have been told I can see mirrors, I have had premonitions frequently my entire life. A couple of movies like shutter Island and the Trueman show I feel resonate with me, and if you watch Mike Tyson he shares this incredible feeling that the entire world is about him, and I feel that about myself too. Everything is far too coincidental recently. I was stressed the other night and fought feelings of not being bothered enough to reach a destination I had in my mind on a short walk. Somebody threw a bag of rubbish with a couple bottles strewn on the pavement or sidewalk just before my destination. I knew he had put those things there for me to pick up and feel better about everything, and wow it did. I loved picking up the rest of the trash on the way home and trying to connect with this hard character more deeply I always see on this route, when I got to the bin he was nearby. Now I remember the same walk and picking up the same bag in the same place the same bottles everything, like were all repeating and just can't see it. We need to move on. Onwards and upwards. Find the light in everything. I picked up a ball and worried how I would return it only to turn it round and see the address on the ball. I remember the same ball now. I came through the door and my mum was really upset about the young boy who died after tying a ligature round his neck, a new craze society has driven our youth too. I remember something similar pressing on each others chests when I was young. We went for a walk and my mother was hysterical as I responded to her with love, she was projecting her traumas but trying to teach me lessons I have already learned, but I didn't see the actual lesson. When we got home I realised I couldn't interpret her language at all so I got a pad and paper and wrote down a couple messages of positivity of how I want to live my life going forward, with the intent that nothing else was an option. Afterwards I began to write down what my mum was saying as I felt it was so important, quickly I had this sense that not only was my mum being channelled but also being channeled by different sources. My brain could not not quite keep up with my writings but I managed it with extremely high blood pressure. I spoke back to whom I believe can only be God, so I wrote everything I felt he wanted me too. Now I realise if you live right you're always being channeled. When I was writing I felt that everything was biblical, It made me think wow, this must be how the Bible was wrote. Scriptures, not perfect but they had to be "gotten out" or "let go" at the right time. This went on for over an hour or more I couldn't do anything but write and it was so difficult to keep up and God told me to calm down once. He gave me several messages about why we had to come here and if we didn't nature would have done what we are doing just as quick. The world is dead, its an antiquated system and we need to update our computer systems but cannot for the way we are living. We need to go back. We need to slow down. We need most of us to find a common goal. Doing the good work. Nurturing nature. The world can heal but it needs less poison. We need to stop everything and nurture everything with food and water. They are trying to stop this. They poison nature and make it more destructive with genetically modified everything. We wrote all of this down and more, it's going to be the start of my book. I won't change the wording because it's not perfect, like nature, all our systems and what we create has malfunctions. Its our cells misfiring. That's why you can get something then it goes. The misfire stops. We wrote all of this and more, way more. Now you might think I'm crazy and dyslexic and whatever else but I ask you, if you listen to the truth. The real truth. Who could be anything else? So the de ja vous, I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the name for what has happened to me. The word infinity is in my mind but I can't put it together. I lived the same motorcycle test ride and made the same offers with the same people, I got to town and the same woman crossed the road in the same place with her two kids without looking, with my helmet open I shouted WHOA exactly the same as last time. Later mum and I witnessed the same small child crossing the road infront of my van without looking, with no parents in the exact same position again. The same experiences have happened more and more but my mind is still cloudy and I can't bring them all to the front of my mind which is why I'm here writing this down while I still can. We need to write diaries. Its all happened before many times. Many things recently I now remember I spoke to the same woman in Greg's about the cold food they would "sell in outlets, because not allowed to discount" I did everything to connect with her and I walked out with the pizza without paying. I felt almost like I couldn't take it as I remember how it feels to go above and beyond even if it means putting your job, your self on the line. In sainsbury my mum was shivering in the cold section. It was freezing but I stood there and clenched my fists and looked up with my eyes closed as my body absorbed the cold like it was nothing. Many more experiences thIs month I wish I could remember and write them all down here now to show you. I know it's him showing me that now I've reached my vessel, my destination finally at 27 I know I have reached it after coming so close so many times. Now I know the truth. We don't know what we are doing or what we want to do. But experience shows you the best thing you can do is nurture. So if you don't know what to nuture the best thing you can do is nuture what is right in front of you, and if you feel you can't do that then you need to take one big look in a mirror. Look into your eyes into your soul and beyond, because that thing you should nurture is you! All of it Because! Because then you'll naturally nurture everything else too! Honestly this has been really hard but easy in comparison this time coming to terms with and there is so much more to this story, so much more that I could not even tell yet, so I must write the book, maybe I can do it with my mum, and with him. We must live by the ten commandments. We need more rules. More morals. We need to come to this together. But we are creatures of habit, so not all of us can, but strength comes in numbers so that's why I say most. Sadly, I see we are already all awake now, everyone is trying in ways, but something got in the way (I think you know what) so now people aren't sure what to believe and the antiquated systems aren't showing the cell misfires or truths until its too late. We can't keep up for the birth rate because of the way we are living. We all need to change what we want and slow down. Too busy to find peace and interpret the knowledge that's inside all of us. So we must have faith in what we don't know, I think that's how I found him, because I think he's been showing me the signs all along. Sometimes things are meant to be and time has shown me I've reached my place, or has he shown me the signs all over again. Maybe they didn't happen in such a short frame of time before, but now I'm aware he knew to show me them all over again in quick succession. Now I'm open to it all. How I read everything on here and interpret it like never before, without fear or yawning without concentration, but with love and respect and being able to read between the lines. After all aren't all colds "genetically modified" from animals? Who knows, it is not for us to know or play what we can't. Its about ENT wim Hoff, its all close to the brain. Cold create high blood pressure but the jab create it too. Nature is the way out, we need to go back! We posioned everything, flooded it. Now it floods us back. Poison in the rain water. Is what you are drinking and washing with safe anymore? Why can't I make sense of my memories at one time? Why can't you? I'm finally figuring everything out. Its all falling into place. Everything is connected, like seeds mixing in the skies, all you need is inside. Amen
  5. Yes definitely he takes it too far but I'm looking at what he's saying about how society has manipulated women into what they are now, and it rings true. Almost like inside information? Haha
  6. Yes absolutely it's a massive scam to reel you in, but is there some genuinitity in some or what seems like often a lot of what he says. But then like you said they're very good actors, so is he just damage control for the ones that are inevitably dropping society like you said or some waking up. It would make sense as poverty increase they would need more damage control. I don't think we stand a chance in life, we're talking and talking but the only answer is to go play the system and get rich like them. Then you can help people like yourself. We either need to stand up and take it back together, or get rich or die trying. Everything else seems boring to me now, don't you feel the same?
  7. What do people think of Andrew tate? He supposedly took Jordans daughter into his home. She wanted to go to Romania and ride him while her father was "unwell"? The whole story seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I don't think the guys are real, more scripted idiots I mean they have done TV time so does that say it all in itself? I'm concerned they're false operatives but Andrew is quite open with some anti Establishment opinions that seem to be often pretty spot on. I'd like to know if the elite would let anyone be to be honest. Do you reach a certain level of fame and money, then they have to step in to stop you changing the narrative? Kinda sounds a lot more plausible in my head than a world full of celebrities, but not one of them has their eyes open or stands for the people.. It's a strange life now you'd have to be a fool to believe anything, and that means we all know nothing. Pointless existence much.
  8. Exactly, politics is a load of bullshit, the only woke people in parliament are the ones gutting the country behind closed doors. The rest of them are merely clinging on to their hopeless jobs for dear life. Paid actors. What do people think these politicians do when they clock off? They don't give a shit that's what. So long as the money goes in the bank they'll say whatever makes them look good to their masters. You can argue about numbers and percentages and cuts for as long as you want. The economy is fictitious, a free market so it's reactive. No such thing as a healthy economy, the world needs fixed prices, fixed rates and it needs to stop utilities, food, farming e.t.c. from being profit organisations, these kinds of things should be ran by the people. Needs a limit on how much land one person can own, business', properties e.t.c. currently there is no limit to a rich mans madness. Yet poor people are the problem.. Politics doesn't exist just a system that protects the rich so they cant be impoverished.
  9. Stop start system You need a new battery every few years and they are special big batteries some over £300 Funny how all the things which save the environment don't last 5 minutes
  10. Who can even afford a new BMW really. When you work out how much you lose in depreciation and how much interest you'll be paying on finance, you'll have lost half your money just by signing a piece of paper. I just bought a 2020 plate van of a young laddy. 14 months on finance and he lost over £9000 of the vehicle value. Who on earth has 9k to burn every 14 months on a vehicle? What kind of average person is earning enough that they can lose that kind of money and still walk away with enough profit to make it worthwhile? That's a serious amount of money you need to make to cover your vehicle price alone. People don't realise how sinister these vehicle changes are, they're shaping our future with stealth taxes on travelling, they don't want people on the road anymore, you only have to take a drive up the m5/m6 to see why. Brain dead zombies hogging the outside lane. You can drive up the inside of 10 cars and they haven't got a clue there's another 3 lanes on the motorway. Vehicles are our wings, they are the only way we can travel, when we want. They're taxing that ability so heavily now humans are giving up driving and selling their cars, only to go on Facebook and talk down on people who haven't yet caved and bent over, this is purely to seek justification for giving their own human rights up. Cars and bikes are something that I grew up around. Something that's deeply embedded in me, one of few things I really could not live without.. Joe Public would happily see me have to give this up if it made the government happy. So I got to give up something I enjoy for the rest of my life because somebody bent over for the government. But if I want to have my cock pulled inside out and run around Ukraine with a fake pair of tits I've got their full support? At least then I could sell myself on onlyfans instead of being a man and actually having to work hard in life to build a future and continue to work hard to protect that future from women who can only see a financial settlement for themselves. Life is shit now. Especially if you're a bloke. Watch how they put women on a pedestal and turn them against men, crippling humanity with sexism. Its not worth living anymore, prove me wrong.
  11. Didn't want to say anything about it until I saw something concrete. Doesn't get much more concrete than that.. So they set up their corruption, money laundering and a base for selling kids, preparing for these wars decades in advance. They got Ukrainian people to bomb their own and employed a government of paid actors to say it was Russia invading Ukraine and not Russia defending Ukraine from itself. So that enabled the western public to involve themselves in the war siding with the enemy, Ukraine. This gave the west a green flag to attack Russia, thus slowing all of Russias efforts and throwing it into a full blown war. They must have needed this virus out there one to print billions from the western economy ready to fund the war, secondly they surely needed this massive distraction to ensure people wouldn't catch on to what's really going on. Honestly I do not think people would believe what's going on in the world if it wasn't for this silly virus distracting people and pulling them down into lower vibrational state human beings. What I would love to know is any of it actually real. Is it one gigantic inside operation to distract us otherwise, or is Russia actually acting on its own interest? Its a shame really as there is no benefit knowing the truth, or being concerned individuals. They've made being real, pretty pointless.
  12. I've thought for many years they have been using the Internet to grade us humans into lists of who is worth keeping around for whatever reason. Like an artificially intelligent program permanently deciding how much of a threat you are or how you will react and saving all the information it can use against you... Elon musk new world leader redirected Joe rogan question about mobile phone radiation to the fact we are permanently bathed in radiation. No shit 4g was a pindrop in an ocean of frequencies which are permanently altering our genetics. So we're bathed in it might as well just add more, that attitude shows he doesn't give a fuck about humanity. They only care about the technology because they are consumed by it. "It won't affect most people" How much more can you add before there are no more people left to affect? I think they're trying to find out. "Leave no man behind" this is something all humans feel, even the worst kind. That's what covid is for, to make you feel like you're saving others while the world falls apart. Humans been letting the planet and themselves be destroyed. But people sit at home with silly stones off amazon thinking they can save the world or themselves. We need to wake up and realise. We are the apex predator. They imprisoned us in houses with jobs we all HAVE to do to be able to have a part in society. They have turned us into pussies who sit at home with no purpose in life jumping on every bandwagon just to feel like you're in the party. Everyone talks rubbish now, regurgitated unintelligible nonsense. They spent decades making people individual now everyone is so different it is not possible to form real human connections in real life. So is it a shock everyone turns to their phone now for that connection. How can I meet people like you in real life when I have no time as a slave? It's just not possible They have made life impossible You either produce more than what you get so others can get more than what they produce or vice versa. Nothing is alive anymore, it's just reacting.
  13. Makes more sense than people going into schools shooting kids instead of our leaders
  14. I agree, the only people I know who have been affected seriously by this "covid" have been people I don't know personally. I can guarantee most of those people get quite ill on the regular. The people I do know personally who have "had it" are all exaggerating flu like symptoms. They're not nearly as bad as they say and all back in work within a week. They're putting themselves in the same category as people on hospital beds and in coffins. These same people also refuse to look at death statistics with any common sense. Alarm bells ringing. Personally I think you would need to be living in certain part of world and have ludicrous amounts of money to have near what the perfect diet is. Even then you need exercise and a proper aware brain with gumption to put up with the rest of the world's toxins that we don't purposely consume. The world doesn't care about diet and nutrition. 99/100 shops don't sell any readily available food or ingredients that resonate with my soul and say "hello buy me" everything is designed to kill you if you only have the budget of middle class or less. We're all unhealthy and living in an awful world that anyone with some intelligence and common sense can likely have PTSD and depression as a byproduct of becoming aware of the true nature of reality. Everything is shit in this world because even if its good its at the expense of other people's slave lives. Prove me wrong.
  15. Most of the people if not all the people who have told me they've "had it" Say they have felt weak for up to weeks after they have no energy. They're all fat and unhealthy They've also all got phones in their pockets
  16. Prove it. You're ill every year so that says it all. Could have been something in food and water. Fact is nothing has changed apart from every ill person now goes on social media to tell the entire world.
  17. Covid created a platform to enable total reform of the system. It's purpose is to move money and therefore energy from the hands of the poor into the hands of the rich. It's a distraction platform leading the eye away from the fact things haven't improved ever. In modern day society Western people live at the expense of modern slavery in another part of the world. Since covid they can justify any changes to the economy they want, the war has begun and its not in Russia. Don't be fooled, by becoming involved in their charade: they have bought that war to our doorstep. The focus and concentration this new post-Covid era has cost me, time and money I'll never get back, shows me what their weapon of choice is against us. Because I was a strong and unbroken man before, I had aspirations and goals I was very close to. Once you let it get the better of you, you lose. They've been throwing this shit at us forever, now this is growing exponentially, we must really gain control of our own lives. Sometimes I think it's better to switch off and do what you have to for your own.
  18. Sorry this incident was probably over 10 years ago. I just spoke to my mum, yes he was in the newspaper several times, his wife caught him out and threatened to kill my mum before explaining this mans conditions. That's really interesting, I remember going to give somebody change one day it was £5 I went straight for the coins without really "thinking" I would absolutely always give a note normally, I started thinking and thought why the hell am I going for the coins, then the customer said "could I have it in coins please?" I really think I was being given signs at this point or I was starting to tap into some energies at this young age, I wasn't clued up on spirituality or conspiracies at the time, but I knew everything in the world was wrong from a young age. I stopped my best friend raping a girl when I was 14 or 15, the girl was totally out of it trying to snog me then when I rejected her she curled up on the couch and went to sleep. My best friends mother and daughter asked him to take her upstairs, I was pre occupied but when I realised a few seconds later I just knew I had to go upstairs, I caught him just starting to take her jeans off in the bathroom, she was dead weight. I sorted that dirty fucker out and never spoke to him again. This really showed me a lot about myself. I wonder if when I started smoking weed, and, with me starting to get older, with the poisons of the world finally making damages to my brain and body, did I start to lose touch with this feeling? Or do I just need to understand things now? Because recently I worked with somebody who I know is a demon? One look in and I saw evil in his eyes that angered me, I wanted to tear him apart every time I saw him. I told the management team you must get rid of him immediately, I said I know he is the most evil person I have met and he will destroy everything he touches. Turns out he was already borrowing with no intention to repay the staff members, the shop accross the road, in the end he swindled thousands of pounds from the staff, couple people were owed 500-1000, probably over a thousand in booze, food he was ordering and not paying, he was drinking on the bar on shift with customers, giving out free drinks left right and centre. He also had £500 going out of his account to GOV each month. He was a smooth talker and nobody trusted me, they all paid that price, it took just under a year for them to cut him loose. Not sure what you mean by fluffy clouds? Seeing them or actually seeing them? I understand some strange things are happening, with the breaks in the elites hammer fist I always wondered if people or beings in another realm/astral, are always pushing back to try to stop things. So much resonates and makes sense to me. I feel like I kind of gave up at some point and tried to live a normal life, I'm 27 now, but a bad break up has really struck me that I must find people like me now, and I must live and breathe the truth like I have never. Thank you I assume you mean mental tree? I need to get back to my roots. That would be cool I have some things to tie up in the physical now as I managed to quit the pot on monday, I started smoking fags again first then weed as an escape from my relationship and I became a heavy addict. Never will I give my energy away like that again. I now feel much more capable going forward.. I like your choice of words, thank you.
  19. I've come across your work on what seems like a strangely significant day, what I can fully understand resonates with me and makes a lot of sense. Ill get to reading it all but I would really like to make contact when the time is right if you don't mind? I feel a depression inside of me since I was a child, not something that bothers me but something I feel that is always there, holding me back. Researching conspiracies took so much energy from me in the beginning, but now all I yearn for is the truth. I'll be doing a lot more research on the astral planes now, I've never bought this whole seeing auras as colours, but I've always felt like I can read people well. When I was in my early teens I hesitated opening the front door one day and I looked straight through it as if I could see the person on the other side, I felt a dark feeling. When I opened the door I saw the man standing in front of me, but I was looking at his face on a newspaper, I didn't know how to react. It was my mothers new boyfriend, it turns out he was married and was a cross dresser. I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed looking at his face on the newspaper longer, I wonder if he was projecting his thoughts and how I could ever perceive them. Reading this is inspiring really, that there may be hope to make positive change for the unity? other than becoming a new age spiritual guru, going on youtube and making videos the majority will never see let alone care about. I always thought nothing can be deleted like a computer, everything must go somewhere, and these dimensions must overlap like the model of an atom. Can anyone be permanently dead? What happens if we destroy all the bad people in the 3D, do they still exist to shape our world in the astral? I have many questions!
  20. He is a very good businessman who is capitalising off the “spiritual” people. It’s pretty clear he is just watching icke videos and putting a hippy spin on everything to make money. Very clever really because he avoids a lot of the stick others get for putting it bluntly. Good way to play the system and become a millionaire, and I think that is his main message, anyone can do it anytime.
  21. I agree friend, covid has put a big spotlight on anyone who gets seriously ill now, thought this lad was a truther before he fell ill, but even he caved and said he thinks it might be real now! I explained a few things to him and linked him a lot of stats and graphs, just to try remove the covid goggles. What amazes me is that they (the crew I work with in a brasserie) all fall on their straw man argument when they interrogate me on why I will not be jabbed (or why I don’t vote, was interrogated on that too) they all say but you can spread it if you don’t have symptoms. I explain to them that the jab doesn’t stop you getting it or apparently “spreading” it, explained the patent situation and the pcr being pulled, no more deaths e.t.c. all they go on about is somebody they know who had a sniffly nose or lost taste, and the odd family who all died with “covid”, environmental coincidence has caused many families to die in quick succession, notice they tend to always live together. The next bit made me laugh. I threw my arm round Hattie who is not very well, but still working. I said “if you can spread illness without any symptoms, how the fuck isn’t Hattie making us ill?” “If you’re all that scared why are we working with people who HAVE symptoms?” “So she’s got something else, doesn’t that mean she’s more susceptible to catching convid? Should anyone be working with symptoms?” Typical fluoride stare, I don’t give I fuck I said natural hollistic ways have 100% efficacy and generally zero side effects. So I choose my immune system over any vaccine ever. Vaccines have still never been proved to have any more efficacy than eating the contents of an ashtray. Statistics don’t mean shit, I want hard concrete evidence, this means decades of R&D and testing, not coercing people into taking experimental jabs. All the management at the pub are still trying to coerce people into wearing masks and taking lateral flow tests, what they don’t realise is nobody is ill, and they are just making themselves short staffed, overworked and far more likely to get ill themselves. This world has gone mad, people have no logical thought or common sense anymore. Every time somebody interrogates me they always walk of saying we’ll be here for hours, and that’s it people don’t want the nitty gritty debates anymore. They’re just floating through life now, fully programmed by the deep state. It’s a sorry state really to see a world of people who once said “if you believe everything in the news you’d never leave your house” oh the irony…
  22. Ah yes of course I forgot to mention this, I was talking to my mum about that, and the story about the girl they had to pull out. I’ll try and find out, so is pfizer different in this way?
  23. My grandfather passed away a few days ago. 2 months previous he had a stroke and was fully tested and had an mri scan. He was told he was perfectly fit and healthy at the time. He is double vaccinated. He became a little more ill in the mind and body over the next few weeks, but not so bad to cause any more worry than normal. A few days ago he was found my the post lady who noticed he didn’t collect his mail. He was on the floor unconscious and fitting, turns out he had “epilepsy”, but nobody knew about this in my family. They scanned his brain and found he had 4 large brain bleeds and the consultant asked if he had been involved in a brute force head injury, obviously he wasn’t as the consultant explained there was also no sign of any damage to his head. How did my grandfather develop these brain bleeds in such a short time? My bet is on that fucking covid jab and his annual flu jabs.
  24. So a lad around my age (26) is super ill, very weak feeling in bones and struggling to do anything. He’s tested positive from a lateral flow test, so he thinks he has “covid”. The lad is a moderate drug user, isn’t very healthy, works a lot of hours, and doesn’t get much sleep. He works in the brasserie with me. I’m really baffled because I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment. Since I came to the conclusion that there is nothing to worry about, I stopped washing my hands, at all. Before covid I used to wash my hands regularly when picking up napkins and plates and getting food on me and what not. For the last 18 months roughly, I haven’t used soap or sanitizer to wash my hands, and I probably wash my hands with a splash of water a few times in one shift just to get any bits off. Haven’t even had so much of a headache. The only thing I do when I’ve touched something is wipe my hands on my jeans because textiles absorb a lot of bacteria well. Arguably I’m only 26, but I’ve been doing my absolute best to “catch” this thing. I’ve served thousands of people and tables who I have been told after have got “covid” still no scratch. Here’s what’s interesting. I have broad shoulders, I can admit I don’t eat well if at all really, I work 60 hours plus every week. I do try to take a multivitamin every day and probiotic and I have a counter top reverse osmosis water filter, and I only drink bottled water when I can’t use my machine. But still I’ve not been good to my body ever, and I would say I have an aching in the kidney area of my back every time I work in the pub, and towards the end of the night my legs and lower back become very weak. What I’m saying is I’m probably as malnourished as most people, yet since “covid” came about I’ve not given a single flying fuck, and I’ve not been ill at all?! There’s kids in there with dry coughs and all sorts phoning in sick and what not. What the hell is wrong with me? Do I have a super strong immune system? Are they poisoning the water? Should we drink tap water? Is it the fact that I believe in mind over matter when it comes to getting ill? Is it because I’m awake and don’t believe a thing? Is it because I’ve stopped washing my hands so I’m strengthening my immune system? Or is it all of the above? Or is it literally true, illness is completely random and unique, can’t be tested and can’t be understood? I think so, since there’s been no such dangerous increase in deaths?
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