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  1. 28 minutes ago, Chris P said:


    I'd love to find some shielding that actually works, and is affordable! Unfortunately most of the companies selling these products, EMF surveys etc don't seem to have a clue.

    For example there are companies testing their products to a maximum of 16GHz and claiming it successful against "all current and upcoming 5g frequencies". Completely ignoring the fact that 5g is going up to well over 100GHz according to an Ofcom consultation!

    The EMF solutions company will state that higher frequencies are actually easier to block. This may be true with solid sheeting (no air holes), in lab conditions but is not the case in the real world. Higher frequencies reflect off surfaces more easily, will fit through the tiniest gap (around 10% of the wavelength), and then just bounce around inside your Faraday cage. This means you need a microwave absorbing material to line the cage.

    I've been looking at what's actually used in the real world. So below is an enclosure for reading animal chip signals (they are otherwise drowned out by a phone mast up to 1.5km away!)


    The reference describes shielding that's successful enough at under 1GHz. But frequencies of 100GHz+ are a complete different game. Much of the relevant information is classified, as it relates to military radar / stealth etc. I don't think you can buy a tester that goes over around 20GHz

    I don't even know where to start when it comes to issues such as capacitive coupling, skin depth, resonance & harmonics etc. Other phenomenon that only becomes apparent at these higher, classified frequencies. 


    What kind of place does the most advanced life form live but charges it's own people so much to move around to the point they can't afford it, and instead need to put tin foil science experiment helmet on to protect from its own leaders.....


    A prison

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  2. 54 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    I doubt they plan on most people buying electric. The endgame is probably a world where you rideshare. Sounds like hell to me. I hate public transport, it makes me feel like a stranger in my own land.


    Exactly so it's expensive for a reason, it's not going anywhere. They claim that it helps climate change but all its doing is moving pollution from point A to point B.


    The fact that they wont help regular people invest in electric shows just how useless they really are. My question is are they forcing us to reduce our energy consumption to pay for these electric cars? Someone said they stopped investing in oil, but the cars still need to burn oil to get electric.


    They're manufacturing each crisis in front of our eyes. What kind of world is this we love in


    What are we going to enjoy ourselves and go out with some dignity and pride, a bit of a bang




    Shall we all cover ourselves in bubble wrap and tin foil, mutilate all our sex organs and claim some absurd liberal righteousness that we managed to get one second further away from doomsday clock before were quickly engulfed by our exploding sun....


    I'm sick of these fools begging for their own enslavement and worshipping false idols. I'd prefer to see CV19 on the forehead of every jabbed person going forward. Just fuck off lol 



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  3. If people are buying all these electric cars, where is the energy coming from to charge them? Obviously before our vehicles used fuel to generate their own energy.


    Now surely there is more demand for electricity with these batteries tech advancements, automation, AI. Apparently batteries don't last half as long in winter either..


    Where is all the electricity going to come from? The batteries? 66.7 million new car sales in a year, that's just cars. Realistically the only real benefit of electric cars is moving pollution away from densely populated areas, so why ban diesel and petrol engines? Because they can control electricity just like they can control your electric car.


    Once they gain control the people will give it up naturally. Coercion

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  4. 8 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    In the Chancellor's Autumn Budget Statement issued today, it was announced that the National Minimum Wage will be increasing in April 2023.


    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48445674


    Now on the surface, this all sounds very nice and "good", after all with the 'cost of living crisis' and everything going up in price due to inflation, those on minimum wage will think that they'll be getting more money in their pockets for their endeavours.

    There is always one aspect to this that is always overlooked, and the BBC article merely glosses over this:

    I believe that if you look hard enough, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that ever since Labour introduced this in 1998, it has merely contributed to making things 'more expensive'.

    Employers soon realised that they couldn't maintain operating costs by getting fewer people to do the same jobs, but it did mean that their operating costs increased as a result.

    Companies that employ large numbers of staff who are usually paid the minimum wage, see their operating costs increase everytime the minimum wage rate is increased. All that happens is the price of that company's 'output', whether it be the cost of using their services, or the cost of buying the goods they manufacture/distribute, goes up, so the end consumer ends up paying more as a result.

    It becomes a vicious circle - people 'can't afford to buy things' so the minimum wage increases, but then eventually people still 'can't afford to buy things' because everything continues to increase in price as a result.

    Now I'm not saying that the minimum wage is a 'bad thing' and it shouldn't be increased, I think employees are entitled to receive a fair salary for their work, and some big companies that make huge profits could probably afford to pay their lower-skilled workers more than the bare minimum they are legally required to.



    This is factual but really shows there is no such thing as an economy, its a free market. If it was so regulated how they say it is, why does this reaction happen, why would they need to say "oh we'll just give 2 million people another £1 every now and again" 


    What the minimum wage increase does is negated yes. So what actually happens is everyone who was on more than minimum are now earning less in comparison, so I would go to say the minimum wage increase is just to hurt people earning that bit more...


    We're being priced out of everything now, the most scary thing should be driving. Lots of people can't afford to live where they work, so they live somewhere cheaper and drive, as driving gets more uneconomical people will be forced to live closer to work, so they will have to pay more rent instead and won't be able to drive anymore.. quite obvious to see what's happening.


    Its all good bending over and getting rid of your car, but in 10 years time when nobody has any cars because some people started bending over... nobody will be able to leave their smart city gulag, you'll be completely trapped in the modern hunger games society.. everything will be a catch 22 situation forcing you to take the only option in front. 


    Scary times but how do we oppose what futuristic technocratic bullshido laws that are permanently popping up in our news feeds. We don't get a say at all, the only time you get a say is to vote which corrupt puppet goes in next. 



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  5. On 11/27/2020 at 1:59 PM, Steph said:

    You actually do "see" the fourth dimension every single day but you don't realise you are seeing anything at all. The earth (3 dimensions) says the earths three dimensions is all there is (with occassional wanderings into the spooky "maybe" world discussed - It is no maybe - it really is). The heavenly dimension isn't just a another 3 dimensional world we go to when we die, it is an extension to the 3 dimensional world.


    (Bear with me here)

    Imagine you drew a square on a piece of paper and a "flat ant" walked across it thinking the world was flat. All it could see was there was no ants in front, no ants behind and none to the left or the right. Suddenly, a winged ant appears on the square having flown in from the third dimension onto the flat square. Where did that come from? ... thinks the flat ant, but the 3rd dimension is the real world to the winged ant. I am saying there is a fourth dimension in addition to the three that the earth will admit of with any respected authorativeness. This was what the churches were originally supposed to be teaching - now their halls are filled with dead mens bones and the spiritual truth appears lost within such places except the rituals which express that someone at some point knew something which is no longer taught to the children who visit these worshippers of the god of the dead.


    You are one with the god of the living - a many headed being which is the very opposite of "the beast" - the meaty portion of your being which walks the earth. This is your beastly form and it is not entirely what you are.


    You have a soul and your animal body is a faculty of it. Your soul exists in many dimensions (I say four but there are probably more once you get your head around the fourth dimension - the sky is not the limit. Your soul has capacities which your weak and pathetic meat does not have. I only have to give you chinese wrist burn to injure your body but what am I sewing in your soul while I do it? It wells up within you, an energy (in this circumstance anger). That energy can be detected by souls who do not believe in the earth since it lies that the heavens do not exist. You're soul can detect these essences like anger, and warmth, through its fourth dimensional aspect which appears as telepathy on earth. The ancients considered that they were connected through the air somehow when they recognised a telepathic connection (remote affection). Its almost like something is transferred through the air like a radiowave except it is human emotion. You may not even realise that some of the emotions which travel through you, do not emanate from within. You may believe these are generated by electrochemical soup inside your brain but the reality is other peoples emotions emanate inside you and depending on your affection for them, you can end up with sympathic emotions which you assume to be your own if you dont believe telepathy exists. You may even try to reason why you are feeling down or happy or angry but it may well be that it is not you who is feeling anything but that you are picking up on the emotions of others you are emotionally connected with.


    Things like thought and emotions do not bounce around inside of a person, they emanate from their souls at some level of the fourth dimension which is not the layer of the fourth dimension that the earth is on. We are like flat ants on a 2d plane wondering where the flying ants are coming from, except the earth is 3d and the flying ants are the emanating thoughts and feelings of other souls coming from the fourth dimension.


    Those who know of this truth and embrace it are very successful in life. So successful in fact that there have been incidences where they have revealled their telepathic nature while engaged in extreme levels of abuse against those who never even suspected such a thing would be the case. Worse that the abuse is the concern that you cant just phone the police and say your being stalked by telepathic people. They would look at you like a loon and you are left with the circumstance of either getting mad or getting even. You need to develop abilities which are said to be impossible by the whole world. Despite the many people who know such things to be the truth, there are few voices like my own stating that it is the truth and that you must learn these skills even though right now it seems an impossible thing to even begin with. Seek and you will find.


    The spiritual abuse Im talking about amounts to situation where there are those who are telepathic who have abused no one, who themselves end up feeling the brunt of the anger of victims of abuse from telepathically aware people. This creates a kind of war in heaven between the forces for telepathic humanity and the forces against telepathic humanity and it is a hidden war which will not end until humanities beliefs are grounded on the solid rock of the truth itself.


    The telepathically unaware did not start the war but many are hoping to destroy the truth itself, rather than limit their war to those who have taken advantage of the naivity. It is a very complex situation which perhaps gives rise to the many wars which we see around the world today where the telepathic do not want to be ruled by the non-telepathic idiots who in turn do not want to be ruled by the telepathic monsters who will treat them like cattle. The suggestion of a two state solution for two races at different levels of development isnt the kind of thing you can put in a letter to the United Nations in the hope that someone can see the cause of all war in a world so self-confident of its own delusion.


    Delusions though? Don't mind me, I'm a man who sometimes have voices in my head.


    There are healthcare practitioners are very keen to label telepathy as a mental illness and keep concealled the truth of what it is people with voices in their head are hearing. Imagine you were working at the big doughnut in Cheltenham never daring to say a word about the sneaky government plans for sneakiness and theres some people walking around who can just tune into your thoughts at will? The entire war infrastructure can be wiped out in a single generation which sounds like an amazing thing except for the realities of chinese wrist burns. What would well up inside them if the worlds tanks were all turned into rust with the magic of time. They like having guns to point at one another and they dont appreciate anything that will take such guns away.


    Its a very complex thing. Since I learned about this, I have become a very confused person. You likely misunderstand me from the earthly perspective. I am much less confused about the earthly part of reality than what I was before I discovered this but since I have discovered this, there are something like multiple earths which are like a mysterious darkness to me. Everything that can be said and done and experienced in the earth plane could take more than a life time to do but there is more, so much more. On earth we are like captives living in a cave thinking the 3 dimensions are the whole world. When we realise there is an "outside of the cave", it is apocalyptic in the sense of a great revelation and this is what all the eschatological writings of sacred literature are about. The promised land. Ghandara, Mumuland, Illysian fields, heaven.


    The fourth dimension isnt so much a place but the herald that the 3D reality is an illusion. I mean it still exists the idea that reality is limited to those three dimensions is blown to shreds when you meet telepathic people or find yourself with words in your brain that could not have come from you...


    I dont know what team you support but in Scotland, no good Celtic supporter would ever want to have the songs of those dirty orange bastards in their heads and no good Rangers supporter would ever want the tunes of the dirty fenian bastards in their heads. A wake up can be a disaster for those who are taken too much by bigotry. In this world beyond the world, there are niggas and crackas and wogs, kikes and chinkies and frogs! If the heavens were divided against one another over petty differences we would all be walking around this world experiencing great levels of hate toward one another which would be so normal that the idea of not destroying one another would be alien toward. If earth is the world beneath the deluge and Noah is the spirit which hovers over the waters beyond those three dimensions, then the rainbow is the sign from the creator that all the worlds creatures must be welcomed here.


    Have you ever seen a cartoon with some character recently bashed on the head that has stars or birds flying round his head? True story. Every living creature is a star and you will, when you investigate this, realise that humankind, for all its marvels, is very lacking in its telepathic sensitivity. Wild animals will look at you shocked if they realise you are a human who is somewhat developed in telepathic ability. This is at the current time and unusual thing for them.


    I can only give you some pointers to help you understand a little more so that you can investigate the books and websites and all manner of literary sources from sacred books of the bible to the analasys of holy rituals from every corner of the world, but while looking for all these things, the one source of material you should not neglect is your own experience. Try thinking to a sparrow, try to walk in the shoes of a man who knows telepathy exists for a day. I can guarantee you that after that day, you will be without doubt that telepathy has always gone on and it is like we are all attached toungue to ear and heart to heart by some umbilical cord we cannot see but must exist ... at some layer of the fourth dimension which is not the earth "plane".



    Haven't finished reading this thread yet and need to read it again. I've been having experiences my whole life which have increased massively, I couldn't quite put my finger on until I have read your words sir. Spiritual church it is, I also feel god and christ, they bought me here, I think christianity is good, mixed up maybe misunderstood, definitely, I think many things can do the good work, people need to have faith, just imagine if everyone lived by the ten commandments?!


    It's almost like when I take the right path now everything feels familiar like I've done it before, quite literally, but it's not "possible" that I have. Now I understand why it feels that way, I've felt like I'm intercepting things, like I'm remembering pre-cognitive dreams that I have "forgotten" or rather having the precognitive dream while it happens in reality, I don't know if that makes sense, but I understand my confusion now, and why I have to go with that feeling.


    Absolutely I have had telepathic connections, and read minds as well, now I understand it's truth a little better I will keep going on the "path" and let the interceptions happen. I feel my body filled with the holy spirit quite often in these times, and can almost control that ebb and flow sometimes.


    This is the real truth right here, undeniably, like a band of frequencies huh. Amazing, awesome, incredible and confusing!!! 


    Truly I believe everything came to be from somewhere, that somewhere is god, and if you love god, only good things can come from it, meaning you love everything. I understand why it's essential to have watered down version for people to give their life to god rather than somehow finding themselves, right here! That's a journey only few will make

  6. On 8/24/2022 at 11:38 PM, Macnamara said:

    I er have a docterate in insectology with a specialism in the movement patterns of cockroaches. We have studied them extensively with funding from the rockefeller institute and found that if supplied with the right amount of red bull an average adult cockroach can cover 5 miles in a single day before expiring. For this reason we believe that cockroaches would act as the perfect carrier of the roach virus strain. This plan is feasible


    We also found that when magazines were left open on the table test subject roaches would gravitate towards the images of certain people including matt hancock, philip green and owen jones so we propose that holograms of those figures be projected down across the city prior to and during the release of the cockroaches in order to increase the excitivity of the cockroaches


    Why not have the holograms projecting from the cockroaches? That way they'd never see the actual roach coming. But just for fun make the hologram project the predator noise instead of talking people to death, just to instill a bit more chaos and fear? 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Truthblast said:




    Their entire family history is LYING, KILLING and STEALING their way to the top.




    To them, what they are doing is PERFECTLY NORMAL.


    This is WHO THEY ARE.




    Their entire contribution to humanity has been DEEPLY NEGATIVE.


    These people wouldn't change if you HIT THEM ON THE HEAD.




    They are like a basketcase who GOES AROUND PUNCHING RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE STREET.






    It's absolutely horrific brother when you think about it. We need to educate our children instead of presenting this fairytale mindset to them and protecting their "childhood" what is childhood but a made up new age concept to traumatise kids because when they grow up they either have to re-learn the entire truth or basically continue down this life of lies which enslaves them in fear?!


    Do people think tribesmen shelter their children, no, they take them out and teach them to hunt and gather, they teach them nothing but the truth and real life skills from the start. Look at our children depressed and hanging themselves, with no future prospect in life but some dead end minimum wage job and getting kicked out to go join the drugged up pissed up society we create by sheltering them. Then you look at videos of tribesmen all smiling and saying hell no we don't want to live in a world where technology exists, a world where men want to become women and vise versa. 


    Society is an absolute madness, we should be making warriors of our children, we should be screaming the life into them. Most parents are chucking them sweets and technology just to shut them up, when all they need to do is tell them santa ain't real and this is how you make dinner, this is what happens to all our waste, this is what happens to addicts, this is what corruption happens at the very top. We're making ignorant little shits who think they know better, when they known nothing at all and don't stand a chance until 16-21 unless they had an ounce of good parenting, and even then the parent can never give up on making the warrior.


    People should be snipped at birth and you should have a license to have children, that's how stupid and out of control the world is, that's the only way things will ever change. Its not overpopulation, it's under education, its an overpopulation of dumb people breeding dumb people and the elite encouraging it. There needs to be a standard of life for people to want to have children at the right time, to have the time to look after their children, I don't think it's sexist or misogynistic to think mums should stay at home their whole lives more or less, I think that makes fucking sense, who else is going to control the children, people want to put that power out of their own hands in the name of feminism and other ridiculous movements.. not saying it has to be the man or woman but wouldn't it make sense to have the most nurturing gender in the most nurturing place?


    World would be a lot better if people worked half the hours they did and helped educate and supervise each other with the remaining hours. Nobody has time to do anything anymore its a complete and utter joke 

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  8. 6 hours ago, Truthblast said:


    The crucial part is that you DON'T need microchips to track people.


    I guarantee you that by now there are sensitive opto-electrical sensors which can "see" your body's unique electrical signature at quite a distance. Maybe from 1000 meters away or more


    They may be able to see you through walls or even sitting inside a metal car.




    - First the kids get the little chip under the skin

    - Then they of course get the implanted smartphone - manufacturers already predict that handsets will be gone by 2030

    - Then comes the HEAVY stuff - the BRAIN implants and Brain AUGMENTATIONS



    Kids will probably call them "AUGS" - just like they say "APPS"



    And these AUGS will promise wonders - get better at math, learn foreign languages easier, get a better memory



    What they won't understand - being naive - is that these AUGS will change their social behaviour and with it society itself



    Just imagine yourself negotiating the sale price of something with a salesman who has 3 Math AUGS in his brain.


    The guy will constantly try to calculate mathematically how far he can push you on price


    Or maybe an AUG will monitor your facial expression and warn him "stress is high, don't push the person further".


    DANGEROUS stuff.




    Augmented humans overtake the real humans thus making real humans ever more powerless as the world presses towards automation. 


    Basically they couldn't be bothered to spend money to educate people the right way anymore, instead spent the money making microchips FOR THE BETTER OF HUMANITY.


    Yeah right, this is absolutely fucking disgusting people should have fought for their human rights to ban this kind of shit being said and done, instead of bending over and letting the same people rape them, that's what the needle is about. The death juice is just a bonus. The real spoils of that war was getting people to bend over and be raped. People thought they were waking up and had power over their own lives, next thing they're walking into a rape station for a doughnut.


    Next they'll be walking their kids into the next kind of fuckery, it's absolutely shameful how people could agree with anything but nature and the truth right now. It's so blatantly obvious what the goal for humanity is, this is war on people, because all these billions they're spending on tech doesn't help people when they can't afford to eat or drink or put the heating on, now we have the problem people can't afford to go to work, farmers can't afford to make food anymore because everything has been split up, sold off and privatised behind closed doors. Really sad existence we are facing, people don't understand where I'm coming from when I say keep musks name out of your mouth. They're bad news, the lot of them. 


    This is an act of war on people we should be fighting for a new Geneva convention to ban this kind of crap being said and done. Fucking goons the bunch of them, we could be employing everyone for just 30 hours a week to better the entire earth, we could have free food and a completely regulated economy worldwide that's decided by the people, not a free economy that's driven this penny pinching throwaway society that's filling up landfill. African people killing themselves going through our filthy electronics and Chinese people living in cages working in sweat shop factories but you're supposed to believe tech giants and billionaires have any ounce of good intention with what they're doing?!


    I'm not sorry and it is always a cover up. I'm not sorry, anyone who thinks they are doing good should get down on their knees and pray to god for their blessed existence of ignorance because you are ALWAYS LIVING AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER MANS TROUBLES. GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. That's what every person needs to realise and live their life by those words, THATS THE ONLY WAY TO KILL THE EGO AND MAKE SURE IT STAYS DEAD.


    What you eat is what you are. I think therefore I am. What I speak is what I am. Every time people overlook an article like this they don't realise in their ignorance they're just normalising the lies going forward.. I'm sick of these deaf ears. Where are my people

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  9. There is a consequence for everything. So you flood nature with rubbish and it floods you back. Noahs ark


    Osmio water sell a vitamin C shower head which tries to remove all the limescale and chlorine from the water. The chlorine has a gas chamber effect when you take a hot shower, our water is really not good to drink or wash with. I only do cold showers now and I only drink hot/cold water from my countertop reverse osmosis machine from osmio.


    You can add a couple different types of water softener in combination with a reverse osmosis in-line filter to create a whole house filtration system but depending on the type of softener you will be adding an plumbed in amount of waste water back into the water supply. With the in-line reverse osmosis filter you will be adding a plumbed in amount of waste water back into the water supply, also, in comparison to the countertop machine, the in-line filter obviously has to work a lot faster so it's not as good at filtering the water as the countertop machine, and the countertop machine leaves a small amount of water behind in the refillable tub to keep the filters from becoming clogged too quickly, this water can then be used for remedial cleaning or watering certain plants, so not being wasted and added back into the water supply, thus adding to the water suppliers issue of filtering out the crap from our tap water with the chemicals that they use. Impossible for it to be an exact science. I also drink a good amount of bottled water because I believe even reverse osmosis water from the counterertop machine which does have its own re-mineralisation process, isn't quite what we should be naturally drinking as humans, but, it does mean my boiling water and drinking water is far better than tap water.


    Some people do use an in-line filter system with a water softener and still use the countertop machine, but I am not sure about doing this myself as I am worried about the waste water being added back into the supply, so I opted to just use a vitamin c shower head instead for my cold showers. I don't like baths but they do have a vitamin c in-line filter which can be plumbed in underneath the tub but needs one on each of the hot and cold supply so easier to just take a cold shower 


    Lots to think about in this new age.... I for one don't trust anyone but myself to provide me with safe water

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  10. 1 hour ago, Arnie said:

    6g will be able to download 142 hrs of Netflix in 1 second!


    6G mobile network | 5G vs 6G network | Differences between 5G and 6G network | 5G vs 6G technology | Blog (rantcell.com)


    That is the fastest speed ever attained for shite😄


    It's absolutely ridiculous. They bang on about our carbon footprint but who is trying to be environmentally friendly with our Internet usage? How many people close off their data when at home and close the WiFi when they go out the door? How many people switch Bluetooth and location off when they don't need it?


    Whats the actual environmental impact from the WASTE INTERNET being used? Does going up a few G's make it better or worse? Do we need more flipping Internet coverage? Just how damaging is it all from a carbon footprint perspective?


    They're not sorry to drive energy bills up and fuel which is literally showing they can't or won't regulate corporations but being hidden with Ukraine/russia/China being the new scapegoat of choice.


    Its disgusting, literally fell out with my mum today, I was trying to explain how bitcoin could be really profitable from right now and over the course of the next year, she wouldn't listen to a word. Stuck in a fear mentality of the people who spread fear lies around due to their own failed investments. So you can imagine the next thing out of her mouth, this is her new thing to say to me when she goes into self defence mode. WERE GOING TO BE IN WORLD WAR 3 IF RUSSIA JOIN CHINA WERE ALL DOOMED RAHH RAH RAAAH RAH!


    HONESTLY. This is the same woman I think I have educated enough to show its the same people behind every one of these countries. MONEY RUNS THE WORLD NOT GOVERNMENTS, NOT COUNTRIES, they are just weak entities that are bought and sold out. Whatever happens with war we never get the actual truth and it never gets written truly in history, the media, and now the Internet is full of lies and propaganda. WAR is just another fear virus, a distraction from what's really going on, where the money is being made next. Its crypto, its scamming, its penny pinching shops selling garbage popping up everywhere. The world is one gigantic scam now, who can get who's money into their pockets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Selling services people are too lazy or uneducated to do themselves while farmers get run out of business worldwide.. you're worried about the next fake war, we're not going to be able to eat and our own governments are actively not funding farmers now. Farming is not profitable, just look at how many farms have been split up, very easily controlled now


    The world is so full of doom, people can't cope reading the news, they really need to switch off and learn how people are making money off the back of this "doom" then they might see why its all manufactured bullshit and stop name dropping politicians like any one is different to the other in a sick system that breeds them all. Spineless people looking for a bigger paycheck in constang fear of losing their livelihood for what they say or do, just like the rest of us.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Truthblast said:


    Imagine a pandemic which spreads through farts!






    "Working in a FLATUVID-24 ward is a stressfull job for medical professionals. They not only have to use their olfactory sense to keep themselves safe, but also have to LISTEN carefully to avoid potential disaster."




    "The unthinkable has just happened. A Category 3 fart in a ward barely large enough to hold 15 FLATUVID patients. The windows of the ward must be opened as quickly as possible now."


    Nurse Clarissa: "When FLATUVID-24 first broke out, our hospital immediately had its HVAC systems upgraded to cope better with the pandemic. But HVAC can only do so much. Each time one of our patients passes gas, the viral load in the ward gets increased, and the illness makes them pass more gass."


    CNN: "What is your greatest fear as a FLATUVID-24 nurse?"


    Nurse Clarrissa: "That one of our patients manages to smuggle a cigarette into the ward and tries to light it."




    🤣 mate this is the kind of laugh I need. As if the word flatuvid isn't funny enough!! Your joke has really encapsulated just how incredible the world flatulence is, it now has a fresh new meaning for me.


    Seriously why don't you guys go back through these jokes and write some monty python style sketches, we could start a "andrew tate" style University and include conspiracy jokes with an affiliate program that makes everyone on earth share all these brilliant sketches through social media, it could become the new good virus spreading its stench through the world in a self replicating process. Honestly I think you're on to something guys!! 


    How the hell am I supposed to meet people like you now, I had a good couple months with the house to myself and I became a new man, mums been back for a month or so, I mean I've slowly got her into conspiracies over a decade but it's so fucking depressive living here again. Like I've realised now where my life has been going wrong. It's not just arguments but the atmosphere, the environment, its just not letting me be. I got to get out more, probably move out, but as much as I love connecting with "people" I really need some my kind of people in my life! Tell me am I really going to find that on tinder or at the pub now?! Maybe I need to be specific and mention the Flatuvid in my bio now. Maybe I need to make my bio so insanely difficult to understand it only attracts a kind of person?! Maybe we ought to make our own Facebook and call it FLATUBOOK. I just don't know about my existence anymore HELP 🤣😂😢 

  12. 18 hours ago, Truthblast said:




    "All units! All units! A large bomb appears to have detonated in Sector 6B. This is a code Purple! I repeat, this is a code Purple! All first responders and medical personnel are hereby directed to Sector 6B! ALPHA! ALPHA! GAMMA! GAMMA!"




    "All units! All units! Situation update! Sensors are reporting presence of unknown chemical substance in Sector 6B. Do not approach without hazmat suits! I repeat, do not approach without hazmat suits!"




    "All units! All units! Catastrophic seismic event reported in Sector 6B. Do not approach! I repeat, do not approach! This is a Code Pink now! This is a Code Pink! Stand by until further instructions are issued!"




    Honestly what is wrong with a good fart?! They want to come out for a reason so why hold them in and get all obnoxious when people don't?! Sickos not letting farts be!!


    Personally I like to let them go after I've overtaken somebody when I'm going up the aisle in the supermarket, I always do a little shoulder check at the end to see if the mission has succeeded or not 🤣

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  13. 2 hours ago, KingKitty said:

    Interesting that you would mention Gordon Ramsey, as I was going to make an analogy with regards to his Hell's Kitchen show and how just one, stupid, weak individual on the team can bring a team of five good chefs down. Once the stupid, weak, lazy chefs have been eliminated, the team is unstoppable. That's just how it works in life. Survival of the fittest...not the "luckiest", as some are suggesting.


    😂 trying not to get involved at first thought your words were taken out of context as if you were saying mankind was the stupid one not this man. If I had to say we don't know if he was touching his child's genitals but I would have so say with my conspiracy mind I wouldn't be doing so in a photo and would also say you need a conspiracy mind to know not to touch your child's genitals while taking a photo, you leave that for the doctor that's his job and responsibility.. its blown out of proportion really I can throw some gas on the fire here for fun because I know you'll enjoy it.


    Really we are worse than the man and mankind because with all we know we sit on forums sharing with what you would hope are like minded people. Really we should be out on the street doing some david icke style shizz with all of our free time, we should be leaflet dropping and putting up posters and showing these "idiots" the surveillance control state were all under. 


    What I'm saying is it is worse to not know then get caught up in it all or is it worse to know so much and do nothing about it?


    That's why I'm not going and chasing £200 a day plus jobs with my carpentry qualification and experience in the building trade. They stopped a mini housing estate just across the road from me because it blocks the one nice bit of view we have but instead passed 3 gigantic multi million pound houses blocking said same view, planning... corrupt as you can imagine I'm sick of the industry it doesn't do my soul any good just earning money, or using my mechanical mind, I'm so fucking bored of that.


    So I applied for a counselling course as I always wanted to do psychology but I was a shit addict in school. I had dreams years ago of becoming a holistic doctor who practices mental health therapy, physiotherapy and fitness training, nutrition and also personal assistance with finances and general lifestyle basically a life coach as well, and all in one package. That's because I believe when you go to the doctors they only check one of those things and send you off with pills, they should be checking all of the above because everything is symbiotic in my opinion. I just want to connect with people and help them and guide them if they want it, those things are the only reward I feel in life now. I can go for a spin on my motorcycle and have a lovely meal and sit down drink some cider, but at the end of it all I'm still depressed because my job as a carpenter is just remedial to me now. Being social and helping each other is the only thing that doesn't cost anything and makes you feel good, and look at what they're trying to stop? Look at self service machines you can just buy a load of crap junk food and not be embarrassed or taken the piss out of by the checkier, and guided into buying some proper food next time, basically the connection and banter is gone...


    Life is fucking boring now, I don't care about money unless everyone getting some, so I want to go into a field that helps people achieve something they otherwise couldn't, and maybe I can make some conspiratists out of it as well, because I don't think you can arrive at the truth without becoming one at some level..

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  14. 12 minutes ago, Truthblast said:


    I make it a point to fart loudly near lampposts that can hear me.


    The system thinks its an armed robbery, and the SWAT team is sent out.




    😂 I wonder how were allowed to be sometimes...


    I ponder and entertain the idea that they approve of us, then I realise, well, where would they put us all?


    They would certainly have to dot one here and there, otherwise could you imagine the great escape coming out of that one?


    It would be a blessing to throw us all together, I imagine something like the X-men might happen 😅

  15. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/residents-fury-over-15-metre-24805100


    “For the avoidance of doubt this installation has not been assessed under this notification and the mast has been installed without prior notification to the council as the Local Planning Authority. You have been asked to provide clarification as to precisely what the purpose of this structure is, as well as plans and details, and we request this within the next seven working days.”



    When will people realise there comes a time when you have to say no, if you didn't need it 50 years ago, 25 years ago, 10 years ago, do you really need it now? If people don't care now they will sure care in another 50 years when there is a 50G mast coming out between everyone's eyeballs. The sound of EMF screams in my ears at night already, people don't have a clue what's coming, evolution is exponential, it doesn't slow down. Just look at where we were 25 years ago, and compare it to where we are now...


    Human rights




    Where's it all gone?





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  16. 6 hours ago, KingKitty said:

    Your cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc., they all listen and watch 24/7, that is correct. Some models do so even after the batteries are removed. There are street lights a few blocks from where I live that can hear you.


    In retrospect even if the lampposts cant hear me it's probably best to believe everything does, that way you can just say fuck it I say what I want and stayed true to myself. Kind of like being nailed to a cross, I don't mind so long as it's for what I "believed" in (thought to be most true) saves you the thought process too, and the fear of being a paranoid schizophrenic, which I'm sure is a natural thought process at some level anyway..


    To be honest I see your perspective, with all the control they have, put humanity out of control, it is indeed inevitable they would need this "horrific" system to be scanning everything. To put it like gordan ramsay it's damage control on top of damage control, on top of damage control, in a never ending loop. It's quite madly inefficient to require such a system, when they could control people to do the good work, but then would they be able to do all the naughty things they like doing? When you really think about things in depth it would really take a sick twisted soul to wish upon people the inequality that exists, and eventually ideas of reptilians, aliens and illegal chakrah systems really start to make more sense than it's just a bunch of "commies" taking the piss, but could it really be? That is a part of faith that is essential to me, but sadly people would rather hug trees or trust the government than think for themselves..







  17. 44 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

    Show of hands...how many are actually shocked by this revelation? Okay, those of you with your hands up, could you please remove your face masks for a few seconds. There we go. Now take a few good, deep breaths...get some fresh air in your lungs...that's better. Now, let's try that one more time...a show of hands, who here actually thought they had absolute, total privacy on the internet and with their cellphones? Still a few hands up, I see. Alright, put your damned mask back on...I give up.


    Just a confirmation. Didn't want you to catch me out thinking I'm a paranoid schizophrenic but....


    I'm pretty certain locked phones still record everything. Weren't they talking about how the frequencies like sound can be recorded and used to make 3D models of the surroundings?


    Anyway I just treat it like its recording me and go for a walk without it when I want some real space, but these are just more extra thoughts the A.I system has impregnated in our minds to make us use our valuable thought energy up.


    We're in a lose-lose situation IMO, there is always another consequence to whatever good you perceive, the corruption surrounds us no matter how you think and act, and who you think you're helping along the way.. still I'd rather be aware and "crazy" than asleep and "normal" because if everyone else is sane, I'm glad to be crazy.

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  18. We gave up the right to say no to abortion when we let the system get so out of control there is no possible way the average single mother can support multiple children and have some standard of quality of life.


    Arguing about abortion is as dumb as feminism. What we should be fighting for is a licence for people to have children and proper support systems to check and make sure children are getting the correct upbringing.


    Sadly these things don't make money for the elite and wealthy and would entice more young women to have more children, younger, and claim benefits off said system. So it should be obvious to anyone they created a catch 22 system, a dog eat dog world which means consequences they think they can control but they can't clean up, it's either that or they simply don't care. Destruction of the entire truth is immenent. Humans either take control or be controlled, that's life. Its inefficient and saddening to see the pinnacle of humanity fighting over specific rights when most don't share very basic rights like access to quality food and water. The way planet earth is run by humans is a joke, and we are the laughing stock

  19. So Google quite literally monitors absolutely everything, just as we suspected?! An artificial intelligence program running the future, we've all got to be on some list now. Controlling everything we see through technology, thus controlling others, thus those controlled others then have a knock on effect in impacting our own lives. We're already run by A.I. who's to say this hasn't been running for 100 years

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  20. On 7/21/2022 at 11:21 PM, mazuzu said:




    (One mistake in using lethal force against me for pleasure weekly and daily in the usa, or globally or etc.....................then I may forget how all human life, altogether is deceased in less then 40 years, in complete shame...................and execute all those unclean genetic lines in the usa.............or stop and see if they flee somewhere else, before I continue the processes of euthanasia......................it will be a stark comparison for the rest of the world that chooses the rotting of the body over dead flesh and the suffering for their pleasure will be inhuman to say the least before humanity is deceased)


    There were theories about Nguyen Van Lem.......................then someone railroaded that and said........................there's a prophecy recorded several times over in the usa for this piece of land in the last days, for the son of man, moses and his eventful return in the ousting of the jews.


    The "human dirth charge", is at its climax and for many years since the creation of the homosapien.....................once that overtakes your testimony, under normal circumstances there is no hope of anything beyond a natural death....................you may put up a tiny fight before your death, but its a worthless life and a worthless death.


    We are coming to a conclusion in prophecy next month on my journey to the lost dutchman's trail, the conclusion itself may be nothing more then nothing.................either way the lethal force used against me will take a consider number of lives more, and advance covid19 into rabies....................this is our current expectation.


    (in reality, because satan has no authority and no strength................if a son of man stops the process of euthanasia, or does this or that, and declares satan's freedom to choose its suicide or do something productive.................then when satan only chooses suicide until its death...................then there is a desperate need to delete history and you are left with what you have today, some truth but mostly modified accounts)


    The god hating people don't realise there is always a consequence, there is no winning, you must give yourself up and be naked.

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