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  1. Heres my latest since I feel like I've been here before Theres infinite versions of me and you Everything that has happened, that will happen, that is happening, is happening right here at this moment in time in wherever we are Now every time you want change or do make the change you are looking for Now you enter a different parallel universe, you enter a different version of you, therefore all the versions of the people you know are now different Maybe you can only be concious in one version of yourself, this is your own unique base reality, it's wherever you want to be Ever gone to sleep or blinked and felt like everything changed in an instant? Constant de ja vous? Are we really manifesting our own unique reality Each time we change, bending into a different simulation or parallel universe? Where do our thoughts go? Even a computer cannot be fully erased, the data is just crunched and crunched Is the key in becoming more concious with each thought and more importantly action here Every time you change for the "better" do you increase the vibration of the infinite versions of you, improving the infinite ammount of simulations existing? Everything overlapping? I wonder if you can jump out, go where you want, bring what you want here, I think what is outside is a manifestation of whats inside The signs seem to correlate with me The overlapping, is that why things that happened in other timelines can and will happen again? Do we ever die? I don't think we do, I think sometimes that maybe the concious version of you that dies in one paralell has already jumped to the next paralell and has to continue on the path or regress again, until? Either you finish one timeline, you start another? If you're concious enough do you re-join the upper conciousness driving everything, just pure energy, is this why it seems like things are being dragged down here? Did they figure out how to stop people finishing timelines fully and increasing the pure energy? Is that just an idea that exists in our minds? It's not possible to know really, but spiritual growth seems to be the only answer to me, everything else brings me back to the same point in time, the same cycles repeating over and over again, it's incredibly confusing to feel I've broken them but I can remember things I'm doing like they happened yesterday, but only at the time of doing... does this mean I've gotten here before? I've gotten back on track now and need to keep going this time? I know where I'm heading and that is deeper. Deeper into the self, into the isolation I find I am turning inside out, becoming inclusive of everything, becoming more beneficial, more supportive of my immediate surroundings and beyond... The question, is this my own unique experience, how many concious versions are here? Is there a base reality/realities where more concious beings are going towards? Are any of you real? Will anybody see my thoughts with sense? Or is it for your own unique experience to question everything and learn and evolve, growing towards a higher base reality? Every time you close your eyes, every time you go to sleep, do you think you open your eyes to the same reality? Or do we open our eyes onto a new one? Is it about changing the reality? Or is it about changing the self? One is much easier The other is seemingly impossible....
  2. Stronger than ever for me as well, actually I begin to see why you cannot understand anothers experience without having lived it yourself. One night I wished I could go back to a certain time, it was around this time of year I think as I can remember finishing my last job, I have never wished for something so deeply and I wished that if I could have one wish I would go back to this specific time. I could tell you with almost certainty it happened, but I'm not remembering things until usually they happen how it did before, or sometimes it feels in the moments leading up to it. I have a lot of theories about whats happening, one of my thoughts is that I wouldn't be able to feel this recollection without changing my thinking the last couple years, I have decided knowing or not knowing are both limitations, we are just discussing things endlessly. I wonder if you set these limitations, are you just re-living your life over and over up to certain points and either wishing you could go back or that things could be different, so each time you feel strongly enough you are quantum jumping back in "time" and have to go through it all again, but you need to break the limitations of your thinking first to be concious of whats happening and stay in the current sequence, or possible it is a quantum event that needed to happen, the phrase "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind. Is it my deeper desire for knowing now showing me an answer I'm ready for? Will I always feel like this now? Did I instead dream the future one night and wasn't fully aware? Was that a premonition? Do I have some kind of spiritual foresight that is coming to surface? Have I just repeated so many cycles now I have shaken off any scientific responsibility of understanding what I'm doing and why I'm doing it? Is there a veil that is thinning (in our minds/selves)? It's incredibily interesting to me as I have seen repeated "signs" before, things that happened again that I can remember but with 100% certainty. My only doubts with this recent experience at the moment are the strength and length of this experience, and that I haven't really felt that I've finished, and, I also feel I have bent certain things a lot, but, that also the same things still happen. I wonder if the same things will always happen if we could "go back" because we can only bend ourselves and not others, so the pressure of so many people here keeps a solid script running still, but also maybe if you can purify your being you might be able to influence things more. Furthermore at the same time as feeling I am making the same "cycles/actions" but feeling I have bent things now, I do feel I have completely broken my cycles of thinking, I no longer really give power to my thoughts but break things down into actions. If you asked me two months ago would I be sat here bringing my new years resolutions forward because I noticed I ate and drank too much at christmas while it is a full moon, that I now conciously cannot avoid the fact that I want to cleanse and purify myself not only more than ever, but I don't see another choice now. I am looking much deeper into hinduism and the culture of the hindus, and I can see that their information is the occulted knowledge that is forming science as we go along, as science cherry picks from this ancient knowledge what it wants to program into people and doesn't. It's not about religion, but realising, this is very likely where we all came from. I'll be reading this new year I have many books on the list to start giving structure to the direction I'm heading, when you really start accepting all forms of your karma instead of dismissing them, I think that could be where you become concious of these paranormal events happening in your life, but, since we are from the west we were only given science as a structure, which is a limitation. As tesla said: "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." This is what yoga is, this is the foundation of hinduism, of occulted knowledge. Studying what is totally beyond what you know, yet you know it's there, theres something there beyond your self. Do you know? There's no way to rationalise certain things once you've become aware of it, so thats why I will be forgoeing basically most of how I lived before to structure my life now. To start ekadashi fasting, to start eating proper food, to start eating less. Already as I start listening to my body I can see I shouldnt be eating on the day before full moon, on full moon and at least the day after keeping things at a minimum, some days you just simply don't need it, and I sleep far less now with far more energy. I take two cold showers a day straight after hot shower/bath because I noticed my locked muscles craving to be locked again every time they hit the cold, so I listened and noticed they need warmth first to release this daily trauma, then I can take cold to cleanse my aura and open my body. I listened to why I was waking up at certain times in the night and learned I wasn't eating enough water, now I listened more and I learned I'm not eating the right things and not in the right way at all. Actually I don't like meat and I will now cut down my intake and will only be eating meat by itself without any veg or carbs a little earlier in the day, and strictly veg as much raw as possible on other days, I learned this isn't some yogi or culture or religion showing me these things, it's my body, my self, my higher self. The dreams I've been having are re-occuring dreams I always had them before but I'm becoming more concious of them now, and I can now see how dreams I had many years ago and now having them again, how they are relevant to whats happening to me now. In one dream I was in the year 2084 and I didn't like the advancements there but it was incredible as every time I felt I could control myself coming out I felt I am back in my room just watching outside my body, snap, I was back in the dream. Are these parallell universes, I wonder now could I jump there? But now I am careful for what I wish for. The other night I heard a powerful female voice on my right shoulder interupt me after a re-occuring dream, I heard the voice start saying "I told you, (my name)...." then I felt a little scared as I am concious of my state now, I forced myself to wake up even though I wanted to listen as well, I literally felt my neck snap back and forth to my right side as I felt the voice wanted me to stay and listen too. That's how I found out I'm chronically dehydrated and I really have a lot of work to do on my body and just everything this year. I think that's my higher self communicating with me, which I have a book to read on. There's a strong realisation of no going back for me now, like I have finally obliterrated so many boxes in my mind I've pushed something up the hill for long enough now I'm pushing it down hill... The butterfly effect is incredible, quite often now I will think of somebody or some thing, and all of a sudden they will phone me or message me, or something will happen that I was thinking about. I'm a person who in the right company we will always be finishing each others sentances. Theres somethings going on far beyond what science teaches us is black and white. I feel this knowledge is all built into us, what we need to know is there just waiting for us to become aware enough. Let's face it as well, we are poisoning and toxifying our selves so much on a daily basis now, is it a wonder we can't see it more easily? Is it a wonder its difficult to make sense of things? But there is a longing there growing in us, that longing of seeking to know more, but I feel you have to see that you cant ever know something either, because thats a limitation in itself, language is one of our biggest barriers. "what we feel is most likely to be true" I feel this in my self every time I try to discuss something, because it's all to easy to start projecting what you do and don't know like it is the truth, when both truthfully exist in some way in our thoughts. At this time I am pretty much at the point I don't question or doubt that I'm crazy anymore, rather that my longing is to live a life of seeking, of growing and change, that of devotion to what is immediately in front of me and beyond, to not look up or down to anything, but to see things for what they are. Bit by bit I am changing, I would say becoming inside out is quite accurate, as opposed to the opposite, outside coming in. I do apologise I could write essays on it myself, maybe I need to write a book, definetely I need to read more. Peace out
  3. Wish I could have a go, at the same time I feel like I'm segregating myself and being selfish, taking myself away from the problem until it bites me and comes to the front door. I don't really have another option though, I have to grow to be able to be in a position to even attempt to make change. 8 hours working will quickly consume my life I can see that. Fairplay you know your stuff, I do understand farming is practically zero profit, only have to watch clarksons farm to see what the problem is...
  4. Do we have a choice then? it seems like surely at some point things are going to get ugly. The internet has already been so washed with scary like accuracy. The videos that come up on my youtube now have almost pinpoint accuracy, everything is spirituality videos and conspiracy type videos coming up for me. It's difficult to think any other way than " "they" want me to see this, that means it must be a distraction ", I wonder have they figured that showing us what we want is just as much of a psychological weapon because of the information overload. I feel could sit here 24/7 watching videos and doing research and essentially be none the wiser and just full up of more ideas going round my head, hello ADHD? Do they just drown us in information now that really doesn't help because we're still not doing anything about it. They talk round in circles about the past on the radio, the best thing they can come up with is that a dead woman would have done a better job, that they would have done this or that if they were PM, like any of the PM's have been anything other than smug, smiling in the faces of the struggling while making absolutely zero positive changes. Parliment is still full of children shouting at each other, anyone speaking the truth and the house is completely empty or they get shouted at by the monkeys. Humans are running round in circles chasing their tails while supremacists run rampart changing the world economy more than any governing body can keep up with. There is nobody that stands for the people because these positions are filled by the select and do corrupt you by default parameters they have to work with. Humans are too good deep in their nature to do something about it, yet too conditioned to mobilise and to come together, all concerned with selfish opinions and belief systems, when common sense could be the simple answer to see past our selfishness and to bring about some positive change. The great reset can only be done by the people whichever way you look at it, you either accept and keep paying into the system or you do something about it yourself, ultimately they have us until we stop them from claiming any authority over us. They already have us with tax, with digital they will make the otherwise completely impossible, so the crisis is stood right in front of us, it always has done, the human condition of slavery. We work so they don't have to, that's why they're desperate to replace everything with machines, so again they want to make it so any alternative to the human condition is completely impossible. Modern vehicles already fitted with trackers that permanently upload your driving, hello SOS button. Now you can barely use a smartphone without google and satnav without giving every permission in existence. The internet washed, permanently bathing you in individualised algorithims. They've almost completely finished the artifically intelligent system of total surveillance and control. What we're talking about is already here, the answer has always been right infront of our noses. It is blindingly obvious they don't care about people, health, energy, climate, land, they don't care about anything other than themselves. This is our short lifespan and conditioning and placement in the system which is limiting our growth in absolutely every single way possible. These people put themselves above others and sadly they will never experience true happiness or any real human emotions or feelings for that matter, they will just serve their deluded need to be above more and more people, thus feeding into their selfishness and false emotions. That is the devil, confusing what's real with what is not. The very people they complain about, they are inhibiting them from actually helping them experiencing something real by depressing them and not allowing them to flower and bring real emotion and positivity to this magical realm. They've made our existence completely inefficient and materialistic, chasing our tails or more numbers going round in circles when more numbers just brings more pain and lies into your life, dragging you down into a state of feeding into their lies, consuming more and more, every time you listen to them you become an even bigger problem to them. Catch 22. Until we get the people fit and healthy, educate them, they will just be problems to those who are so selfish to see they are creating their own problems. Quite simple really, our existence ain't nothing complicated, but that's how they want to make it, that's how they put our backs against the wall, drowning us in nonsense and information, when the answer is so clearly inside all along, the instruction manual comes built in. From just a single cell becomes a human, but people are deluded into thinking they need to be told how to live. The reason we don't do anything to fight evil is because we think authoritarian systems are there to do that for us, in reality the system creates the evil and inhibits us from doing anything about it. What can we do? I'm ready, but sitting around making videos for the rest of my life, that's not going to work. I'm ready for action.
  5. It's incredible isn't it. I struggled to understand how we can have individual and collective exerience at the same time, because it goes against "scientific" thinking for me if you understand. Now I've just let go of things and realise it doesn't matter, actions louder than words/thoughts, everything seems to come together for me. I wonder if it's like self important thinking and the concept of time which makes it feel confusing until you just let go of these concepts and realise we just dont know?
  6. Had very similar experiences throughout life at different points, I think it's when I'm most concious. I made a post like this as I had a big one recently, it's in the paranomal section.
  7. I like this because it means we could all change things tomorrow just with our thinking. It would make it easily possible
  8. Has it always been this way do you think? Or did something come here to guide us? I'm starting to feel like there is only one of two paths you can take, like fate or destiny. It's an interesting feeling because they say the universe is binary, like a code.
  9. The government better get ready to implement new systems because they will see how some of these people are struggling, we need individual benefits for people who have a lot higher expenses because of health/family issues e.t.c. Send a social worker round to every person in the UK They'll soon see the sorry state we're in But it's all about clawing it back hence why they want to check our accounts now I'm very fortunate I've never had to play around with benefits, but I understand we're all a stone throw away from it.
  10. We're leaking 80% methane? Shouldn't we have started there?! Eat your bugs? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/02/us-outlines-measures-to-cut-methane-emissions-by-80-in-next-15-years
  11. "A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer—capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. A robot can be guided by an external control device, or the control may be embedded within. " Replace computer with universe (everything that is) Are we any different really? I'm not scared, are you? People want "beings" to do their bidding for them? Cause it's all too much for us?! (not me) Let them have their deluded fantasy If you can replicate me, I'll be impressed, but I'll still take it down. Obviously they are jealous They want to copy me Not a chance. AFAIC I'm a copy of the universe Except I'll survive an EMP, just about.
  12. Why can't we all see the simple fact that people are commiting evil? The reality is I think people do see it, a lot of people, if not most people I meet are quite hot/hard headed in their own "beliefs" (I don't know, but I'll lie anyway) which in actuality I think that makes them quite soft, they've taken the easy route of not considering others thoughts and ideas, they've concreted their projections when nobody really knows, otherwise surely we would advance. Soaking up our environment how could we be anything than a reflection of said environment really? With concious thinking you break this cycle and say I don't know, but this is what I tend to think is most likely to be true, or this is the theory which seems to have more merit. In reality I think humans are way too good in their nature, despite their hard head this equals that they are soft as anything. Deep down does anyone want to have a bad time in life? No, so everybody must know deep down you have to do "good" things to feel "good". Unless you are surrounded by people who find satisfaction in malevolent ways due to learning this satisfaction from their peers or environment, then how could you be something different? Products of environment, easily led astray from our natural goodness, we just want to fit into said environment, so sometimes people do bad things just to fit in?! M&S is full of decent quality clothes at affordable prices, so why kiddos spend twice on a nikey logo which shrinks and becomes work clothing within months? They're just copying their leaders, so no wonder they're running round with heaters! It's not difficult to see so many people want to be millionaires so why would they go against a system that creates them? People just don't slow down their thinking enough to realise if you put yourself above others, you'll feel rubbish, bored, that it's not enough, because you're not satisfying the very first and upmost important thing. Serving your environment it reflects back and serves you as well. This is the delusion, these people put themselves above us and wonder why they're not happy with all their mclarens and lambos and houses, no it's not enough for them, but they became so selfish they think that becoming more selfish is somehow going to make it right? It's completley ridiculous delusional thinking, completely irrational and just silly, they're passing this on to the lower class that's why they're wearing balenciagas but cant clean the kitchen sink or hoover the carpet, I've seen it first hand. Slippery slope, creatures of habit, easier to carry on than change and force the electromagnetic beings around you to accept your own changes. So I'm not surprised people think they're aliens and if you're really honest with yourself and really spiritual I wouldn't be surprised if you saw horns coming off a person, because it's a matter of your own perception to see the ridiculousness and stupidity were surrounded by. These people are aliens, they are alien to themselves, alien to what a human naturally is. Sure we make cock ups, like dogs attack children for no reason, but dogs are genetically modified or interbred from wolves, just like humans are being altered by chemical food and recycled water. Scientifically anything natural speaks for itself, it's just better. The rain should be a huge red flag for people. Trace chemicals in rain increasing, that should tell us we're poisoning not only ourselves but our environment in the process, this means the environment will reflect this poison back onto us..... Hello... Slippery slope.... Creatures of habit... Life is about not knowing Knowing is impossible, if you did you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between anything But we all think we know We all pass this knowing (failure) onto our children which pass it on to future generations It's very simple but we look for a complicated answer why? They've over complicated our lives to the point almost 20% have mental health issues, the real figure is probably more like 100% It's simple We're too easy, too soft It's got to change Speak your mind They can take everything away from you What's left? Can you be happy with it? I can, cause if I'm not happy when I close my eyes whats the point I might as well rush to the end now We can't wake up Life is about waking up We can only wake up when we die Waking means your alive Wake means theres nothing left to learn Nothing left to know Always something to learn, but actions speak louder than words Can you act without thinking? Then just get on with it, stop looking and pick it up It's easy to want to change, but difficult to change, why? Because you're a grain of sand, you've got to let everything else have a chance to let you stay changed, cause some things just arent thinking of changing, they got used to the way you are... I dont know I had too much port after not drinking since I can remember, I'm enjoying a celebratory cigar and drink
  13. Seems like this winter is going to be harsher already judging from the cold on site at the minute. I'm waiting for mortgage application to go through on our place but really I want to find a plot of land with or without a house out in the sticks a little bit at least. Something where I can have a house for my mum and I, and then I can build a garage with a place for myself above, and a get a nice little alotment going. I'd really like to go and work on a farm but I worry the modern methods would do my head in, I just want to feel everything I'm doing at work is the right thing.. growing organic large scale I imagine is a lot more difficult to stay competetive but I guess if you market yourself right you can do anything..... thoughts..
  14. He's saved countless people from operations He said "well done, yoga, stretching, mediation, pilates, but it doesnt work when youre on the side of a hill!" (body lop sided) you need somebody to move your locked joints He told me another couple years and the bone rubbing would have given my arthritis Doesnt this prove you cant always go it alone? HELLO PLEASE WE CANT KNOW IT ALL HOW WOULD WE DECIPHER ANYTHING OTHERWISE COMMON SENSE?!
  15. Is there a way I can link this into the health section for people concerned about their bodies? I think my experience today could help a lot of us, I want to share and help people. I feel a calling like never before. Like I should become a physio specialist person, mental health worker, spiritual guru, I just don't know. Construction is "cool" but I feel I have abilities that could go to better use. What do you think I should do?
  16. So I'm not sure if this should be here or in another section. Heres my latest happening, bear with me. Tonight I saw a back specialist with over 40 years experience working all over the globe working in the army and various sports centres. I was going to the top rated chiropractor clinic in my area where I saw the owner of the practice, I also used the top physio in my area and a sports massage therapist. I walked away from these people a long time ago and felt that I had completely lost "faith" (not sure thats the right word) in my own life, I've worked construction forever and have become to hate the industry because of the debilitating condition my body has been in. These people I saw previously made me think that I've done everything I could, so I just gave up on my life mentally and physically whilst still putting a brave face on and trying to be the positive truthful and calm person I have been in the past, I always have put my direct surroundings and people before me as I've felt this is the only way to live personally. During the first 5 minutes I was shocked and gobsmacked to find out "our country is completely useless with physiotherapy, and doesn't know the importance of joint manipulation, physical treatment", you go to the hospital in this country and walk out with a sheet of three exersises which you'll never do because they won't work, because your body is completely lop sided and out of balance, causing everything including your jaw and teeth to sit incorrectly. Within 20 minutes I had tears in my eyes because of this wonderful human being and his brilliant selfless attitude. After an hour session on my pelvis and left hip section I can finally stand up straight and bend down, I can put my socks and shoes on, I CAN FINALLY WALK AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I CAN WALK!!! I didn't even know how badly I couldn't walk until I could. He wouldn't take more money from me but he accepted chocolates from accross the road. He couldn't believe my issues at age 28 and was imminent on getting me better by the end of the session and wow, I walked to get his money accross the road balling my eyes out. I can't quite put into words what happened with him tonight, but this is nothing yet. For the past 8 months I've felt strongly that I've lived every single day and moment before or I had premonitions and only remember them as it's happening, especially since I had a strange moment on the forklift putting a twelve meter long steel in a stone building, I had this strong feeling that I died right then and there, but I got the steel in no problems, strange. I can "remember" the finest of details like they happened yesterday, but only as they are just happening or just about to. I remember so many fine details today, as I walked away from the practice balling my eyes out, getting in my van I couldnt stop crying, I kept thanking this existence, I kept saying "sorry I've been a piece of shit for years because of my back, I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it, thank you so much, namaskaram, I'll keep on the right path now" not last night the night before, I managed a couple of tears on my knees after a huge offload and rant about whats going on here in the world, I said I don't want to continue but I will carry on despite everything, I begged on my knees for something to show me something to just carry on going. I have felt for so long I've wanted to cry my eyes out but just couldnt, now I wonder if all the years of stress and trauma were stuck in my hip and pelvis. Today I saw 1414, 444 and 555 on the till as I bought chocolates for the back specialist. I remember arriving early and going to the garage and subway exactly the same as it happened before, but it didn't? Did it? I remember the same people behind the counter, the same conversation flowing amazingly, the same dude helping out after his shift, the banter with them all. I remember going into this guys practice before, I "remember" everything like it happened before. So I cried my way home in the van so happy the clutch felt like it was an inch in length where it felt like a mile before and I didn't even realise. I got home and in my door was a letter to number 48, and I'm number 52 (makes 100?) I remember the letter too, so I had a roast dinner and went for a walk with my "new" hip and gave the letter to the right place. I knocked the door and instantly recognised the situation and the chap answering who told me to come back over the weekend when Dr Lucy, sister in law, would be home. Turns out she is becoming a doctor in mental health, I instantly remember this! Wow. So I decide to take a nice walk around the estate picking up litter like I used to on a route that I used to force myself to do, which I now think I had to force myself because I couldnt walk properly. I picked up a royal mail card that was ripped in half, the first numbers.... 444 Honestly I feel like I've been through a terrible few years of traumatic events one after the other, work has been so difficult for me, and confusing because of this "remembering" or feeling like I've lived these exact moments before. I've had periods before where I've felt attuned and had these kind of "signs" I could write an essay on it, and I have made posts on here before about it, so it's not like this is all new feeling to me, but it feels much stronger now, like im becoming in sync? I wonder if I have spiritual foresight which has been blocked by the various things we know about, but more so I didnt realise, my body was full of blockage, mainly stemming from my pelvis. Every time I get so close to feeling I'm where I want to be now it seems to all start to make sense, even though it just doesnt!! I read the post about prime earth and I think actually there is more merit to this, I feel somethings changing... Another strange thing, one night I noticed a new pain above my buttock, I have never searched or mentioned this before, I went onto youtube and what video is there, how to sort pain above buttock. I wonder if they have already hacked us and reading us through the internet, guiding, or..... has our collective conciousness hacked the internet and it's overwiring and backfiring the internet in the face of what is evil? There seems to be so much popularity now with videos on the truth, conspiracies, health, e.t.c. when it was full of propaganda? I don't know, but I am beginning to think we are getting to the stage that we are becoming intolerant of the BS now, I wonder is prime earth coming!!! Was it supposed to be here already and thats why they are panicking to keep their system alive? Heres another, one night I remember dreaming about hitting a deer in my van, my head was a mess at the time and I didn't take it seriously, then after coming back from holiday, I was on the way home doing under the speed limit and a deer came out of the long grass not two meters from me and I couldn't do anything I hit the deer and was left with a £1500 hole in my bumper, I remember the dream after hitting the deer and it sent my thinking haywire, like somethings been communicating, guiding me, showing me, telling me to bring myself down and listen, to be concious of everything. Another..... a while back (maybe 8 months?! eeek) I was lying in bed one night and I just wished I could go back to a certain time in my last job before things got bad, I wonder if there is some merit to "be careful what you wish for" because it seems to line up with this premonition/remembering feeling. I wonder did I get sent back? Did I live the future 8 months or whatever forwards in my dreams one night, how is that even possible I ask myself? There are so many other things I could go into but I feel like I'll be sat here writing forever.. Really I wonder what's going on but I feel like I'm syncing up to a new world, a new life for myself, something worth living for once. I feel like everything is going to change for the better now, and I can see I'm not the only one getting these strange feelings and realities. I've had signs happen to me before like this, where I've seen things happen in front of my eyes exactly how and where they happened just years earlier. So are we all cycling around each other but in it together, getting ever closer to this awakening feeling of conciousness, I feel my material desires completely fade away as my body is filled with vibrations right now. I don't want to say the word hope because I worry its dangerous I want to think we can bring prime earth here I know we can try despite what we think Whats the alternative? Go back to my aggression towards everything, which you could argue is justified in this system.... or LETS PUT IT INTO WORDS WERE BRINGING PRIME EARTH HERE WERE DOING IT COME ON WITH ME LETS BRING THE LIGHT AND POSITIVITY THE RIPPLE THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT ID RATHER DIE TRYING WOULDNT YOU? ISNT THAT WHERE WE ARE ALL HEADING? DEATH? LETS DO IT RIGHT PEOPLE COME ON WE CAN DO IT I don't feel insane anymore, I feel completely normal, spirituality breathing through me. Wonder if we are the celesital children or whatever you want to call it, beings that come here in waves to try bring this place into the right conciousness, prime earth? We can chase the occult, we can chase knowledge forever, endlessly or We can use common sense to bring reality to people our bodies are knackered Were being fed rubbish Were being told lies Women have been forced to work, cook, clean and raise children Where do you get time to figure out you even need a back specialist? Whos going to become the future specialists? Wheres all the genius scientist specialists? I've been shown most proffessionals are useless They shove you on your way with problems because they read one book and thought they know it all This back specialist is 65 years old still doing courses now he loves it, he loves just helping people get back to it, he doesnt want them coming back! Because he does the job right!!! WE HAVE ALL GOT TO START DOING OUR WORK RIGHT WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER THEYRE NOT BOTS OR NPCS THEYRE JUST REGURGITATING NONSENSE START SPEAKING UP INTERUPT EVERY IDIOT YOU CAN LETS SHAKE THINGS UP I KNOW WE CAN DO IT SPINNING BALL MIDDLE OF NOWHERE HOW COME STONE BUILDING I WORK ON DOESNT FALL OVER WITH 30% ANGLE ON THE WALLS ALL THAT WEIGHT ON THE ROOF SPREADING WE ARE HOLDING IT TOGETHER COME ON I GOT YOU YOU GOT ME?
  17. Exactly I don't understand why the majority of lower/lower upper class support him, quite literally nothing he offers is available to them to begin with, then he wants to shove a computer chip in your neck so you don't even have to think for yourself at all anymore. How is that not any different to being turned into a robot? If that's not enough everything he has and will create will just be a massive detriment to planet earths resourses. We could be reverting everything back to the natural organic ways and these elite made human footprint problems would all disapear (carbon, methane, too many primark t shirts, whatever you want to call it) the answer is easy, we need to go backwards and start again, fix the economy and regulate it with fixed prices for all the nessesary things, why cant they fix the price for everything and regulate the prices from there. Can't keep on with this stupid trend something changes on one side of the world and it ruins the economy for the rest. It's totally inefficient, it's a waste of our thought process and brain power to keep going round in circles chasing each other tails. Stop taxes and create a proper worldwide standard of living, but no durrr brain says "wheres all this money going to come from" duurrrr durrrrr where do people think money came from to begin with? If there was no money to begin with, doesn't that tell you it's all just made up, except if you got a million quid coming in every year, bank says you're welcome to print off as much as you want nooooo durrrr brain "rich people arent the problem" durrrrr durrrrrrrr "they create jobs" durrrrr durrrrr....... connecting to elon musk mainframe.....
  18. Some interesting comments on this video: "For most of the last several hundred million years ago, the CO2 has been much higher than it is now. But since about the Cambrian period (589,000,000 years ago) there was an explosion of sea life, where small creatures started making shells for protection. They used CO2 to make the shells, taking CO2 that had been dissolved in the water. Over millions of years, those creatures exploded in numbers, and CO2 went from 16 times the current level of about 420 ppm down to about 185 ppm. Then the industrial revolution started in about 1830, and we pumped more and more CO2 into the environment, barely averting a massive die-off of plants, which would have killed off humans and most mammals as well. Of course, the level of CO2 has always fluctuated, but it is mostly natural. Of the 0.042% of the CO2 in the atmosphere now, studies have shown that humans are responsible for only 0.3% of that 0.042%. It makes absolutely no sense to spend trillions of dollars trying to reduce that 0.30% of 0.042% of a weak so-called green house gas by a minuscule amount. Even the traitor John Kerry has admitted that even if reduce CO2 to Net Zero (which will never happen), it will make little to no difference. Spend trillions to make Zero difference is idiotic, especially since CO2 doesn't control the climate, the sun does! It's all about control of the people by a small group of dictator want to be's,, so they can control what you eat, where you live, so you will own nothing, be "taken care of" by the government, and eat bugs. Governments all over the western world have come right out and said this. The elites have decided that there's too many people, so they want to kill off 2/3 of the current population. This has nothing to do with the environment, but everything to do with control. Covid-19 was a dry run to see how easy it would be to make the people do what governments wanted. It was surprisingly easy. Anyway, I've rambled on for too long. Just say no to the mrna vaxes, say no to 15 min cities, digital currencies, and say no to doing away with family farms or nitrogen fertilizers. Please research this for yourself." Would it be a surprise that they have it all backwards? Funny that it looks like we're about to go into a global cooling period? They are surely ticking against the clock to implement the Co2 tax, because they won't have a leg to stand on if/when things start cooling down. Starting to make sense, the rush, the pandemic, getting systems and protocols ready, testing the publics conformity for circumstances to come? Cooling down will mean everything gets tougher, is this the real climate crisis they've been waiting for? "The great reset"? I'm wondering where/if the end of the milankovitch cycle, end of mayan calander fits in somewhere. Do they know about some great cataclysmic event that will happen in addition to this global cooling peroid, supposidly if the solar/magnetic poles flip? Is this why they've been building all these underground bunkers in the hopes that they might survive in contained environment? ‘Fascinating and saddening’: 30 new species seen in Bath due to changing climate https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/22/bath-city-farm-30-new-species-climate-crisis#:~:text=Climate crisis-,'Fascinating and saddening'%3A 30 new species seen in,Bath due to changing climate&text=The crickets that chirp in,the colourful Jersey tiger moths. Apparantly the insects are migrating, makes sense that if we are at the end of the warming cycle that the central hemisphere is too hot for them, but Bath seems a bit far? Maybe the cooling is starting already, hence why they've made it so far: 2023 is a Year of Record Cold Temperatures – But the Media Are Silent https://dailysceptic.org/2023/10/29/2023-is-a-year-of-record-cold-temperatures-but-the-media-are-silent/ I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, the earth is a concious entity of itself, and it knows it needs to cool us hot headed humans off every 200 years, freezing off our stupid ideas and concepts throwing us back into survival mode again to remind us what really matters...
  19. He might have sensitive skin, worth getting checked out not that doctors are any help usually. I have sensitive skin and certain clothes I have problems with, over the past few years I realised I only like wearing cotton. I researched it a little and synthetic fibers especially micro fibers can actually work their way into the skin and it's common for children to notice this because of their unique awareness. The socks thing is a giveaway because theyre mostly all synthetic mix fibers and its always touching the skin. This is why eastern countries only wear cotton and they have 200 different weaves of natural cotton clothing. I did notice for some reason I have always loved wearing jeans since I was a child, the past few years I have bought some new levis and other brands and they're all stretch material now, so after some hours of wearing them I do actually notice they're not as comfortable feeling against my skin as the jeans I used to wear, I think this is one of the things that helped me notice I don't like any of this synthetic clothing anymore. 100% cotton for me, preferebly organic As for internet making a difference, if he is subject to more EMF than usual, maybe he will be more sensitive and aware. I dont think any kind of man made frequency does our bodies any good personally, telepathy is more efficient
  20. People already struggle to figure out your age from ID so you can see this will require some new kind of identification eventually? Maybe like a digital identity?
  21. Very true, let's cut everyone open and see what colour they bleed? Just pop all the elites on an island and see how long they last, we're all "clueless" in my "opinion"
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