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  1. Very true, let's cut everyone open and see what colour they bleed? Just pop all the elites on an island and see how long they last, we're all "clueless" in my "opinion"
  2. Mum and I were talking about this upper management behavior, they know they aren't doing things right and their companies are failing, so they take it out on the staff which just puts them in a worse position So many companies are hiring these idiot managers now though, they abuse the oldest members of the team because they work the hardest or pick on the hardest workers because they know they are the only ones who can make a difference
  3. Honestly I was about to say I needed this post more than ever, but what a way to live life. I don't want to work construction anymore, I just can't be controlled at all, and they don't like that I'm always right. Makes me realise actually how articulate and academic I am. I should have gone to uni and become a physio/chiro and be earning 75k plus working for myself by now So I'm 28 now and such a crossroads I'm young enough to get out, but so deep I could go to the top of my industry. In reality I'd much prefer helping people and not answering to somebody who is constantly trying to manipulate everything to their own advantage. They withhold things thinking they got you, but fail because they don't know I can see straight through them... Think I answer my own questions maybe just need to get out while I'm still young and more than able.. What a place we live in, maybe I should have started off farming in hindsight I think I would have liked the solitude and the people more and probably been happier and married to a real one by now. Nevermind, it's been one hell of a ride and I believe in myself now finally I feel I can do anything I want to.
  4. Sorry mate I'm so busy I think that's why I like Hinduism so much Booked in for sadghuru on 18th going to make a long weekend out of it see my uncle, hopefully my mum takes something from it. Being lied to at work doesn't help, I'm too honest for people and don't want to expect people to lie
  5. Do we think there is a religion that is worth it, somewhere Gods name is spoken? I wonder because I have done a week in spiritual church now and have felt signs there, and many more signs outside, that or I'm mental and humanity is constantly looping with me until we get it right or don't. I'm planning on doing another week, there is an open day for the local spiritual church celebrating the opening annually, then I'll make up my mind if I'll continue. To be honest I always thought religions were dogmatic, but the more I go to a church I feel young people would do far better to be around a place full of "normal" people and positivity and the idea of loving god, than being at home in bed watching tik tok. For a starters it gets you out the house, and you often end up having a bumble around town and doing something active and even planning some productive things.. I'm getting into researching all the religions now, and have been taking lots of wisdom from Sadghuru and others, whether he is a wife killer or not, in the wef or not, I wonder if gods test is actually to see beyond details and see what good he left for us, that works for us. I am thinking of taking my mum to sadghuru on the 18th in london, just to get her out the house and try to do something positive to work on her soul, she needs it so much, all she does is travel from the box (house) to another box (work), and I wonder if thats why she cant move forwards. It's so nice to be around people that are in search of god or trying to walk with god, people who are trying to do good things, as opposed to deleting the idea of god in the name of thinking religion is just dogmatic and just about control. I gave my life to Jesus many years ago, not baptist but through a friend, I had given up "walking with god" twice since and have found myself now on a path that I don't see I can fall off, because I'm not focused on any one religion, I think that's how I wound up at spiritual church, and have since found there are christian spiritualists and all sorts we can learn about. I do have a feeling I'm being guided to seek knowledge more than ever, and religions make a lot of sense to me because there is so much knowledge and message of both scientific and not scientific aspects, and they date way back as we know. I know I won't give up on god in my heart, to me god is a simple word we can use to describe all, and if god gave us some ability to do good or bend our fate in one direction, I have faith that good is the answer, because the alternative is not for me. It's nice to feel for once I can't be proven wrong, but rather gain some more knowledge, and do with it as I please.. All I know is that my life is feeling better than ever, I'm calmer than ever, more prepared than ever, not kicking myself for everything, taking accountability for everything, going out of my way to put a smile on anyone's face, and to connect and fill people with hope and joy. At the same time I'm still here in one of my safe places, discussing anything we want... It's very good when you can see it in that way, I like waking up at 3:30 without an alarm and jumping in a cold shower, doing some walking and/or physio, sun gazing e.t.c. before work, coming home from work and jumping in a another cold shower to reset myself for an evening of productivity, and also not kicking myself for getting into bed tonight at 6pm with a cold pack under my back and waking up at 11pm to do what I wanted to do at 6pm, I really start to see how time is an illusion, it's for us to use it how we need to, not how science tells us to. To be honest I think out of everything science is the most dogmatic thing on earth, but we need that theory to create an idea of anything? I think I've gone mental regardless, I'd rather be crazy if everybody else is sane
  6. Dale are you saying 5g is harmless or there is a way we can alter this mobile data to reduce its harm?
  7. Understood, I like this perspective as I'm of the opinion that it doesn't matter what we do in life there is always a consequence for our actions, does it matter how much we try and bend things, the truth is the truth. Really pollution is probably terrible in lots of places and all electric is doing is outsourcing more pollution to those places? By their logic one day those places will be so polluted we will have to end up polluting the rest of the world anyway. To be honest all I see is our leaders moving things from A to B with clever tactics to stop poor people doing the things the rich we know full well are going to do anyway. What will happen is they will make more room and leighway in one way and it will just be taken up by them anyway. Humans are self important thinking we know and can change the destruction we cause. People would rather see our rights and privileges taken away than realise the fact if they stopped all this unnecessary over consumption and overworking, wasting our time and energy forcing us to claim tax relief and moving savings into different accounts, then we would naturally consume less of everything. The more we expend our energy needlessly the more we must consume everything. Why are 100 houses turning their cooker on when 10 houses could cook for the other 90? Because we don't have time to connect anymore, our time and energy is being sucked by these self important vampires running the planet. They are possessed by their own selfishness and fail to see it has consumed their capability to be happy and content at all. Why are we allowing billionaires to buy everything that we all have a divine right to access? It saddens me to see that people don't understand they idolise everything that's wrong with the world, religion is dogmatic but why does the average person think they are better than somebody who loves the idea of god, that's delusional to me, but I once stood in those shoes so I understand their delusions. This is what our leaders are lacking, the experience of understanding the delusions we face. They were born with rights and privileges that were stolen, raped and pillaged by their evil fathers who chose destruction over understanding, they chose hatred over compassion. That's why I will do anything to help my worst enemy now, but you can't make them drink and that's OK, it took me a long time to get where I am and realise that it's not really a journey unless you consider it death, one can never achieve it all, its a way of life you choose the bed you make at the end of each day it will never be exactly the same
  8. So we can analyse warzones from an office? Isn't that what happened with Ukraine? What about the people on the ground? Even most of them haven't got a clue
  9. As a petrol head, I'm wondering what's your opinion on fossil fuels? Does the earth recycle fossil fuels do you think or is there a finite supply as they're telling us? What if do you think the proper alternative would be to continue being able to travel in cars? Or is it just a case of let's get on with it and the earth will shake us off when it's ready? Personally I don't think we have a choice right now, we just need to reduce consumerism and stop people buying so much throwaway rubbish, we need to go back to buying things that last to reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed at one time. The system could be relieved tenfold I think by just improving standards and stopping this amazon trash and parcel people
  10. Thanks. I'm sorry as well, this is a safe place for me, like home. It's all love if you can understand my mostly sensible parts I hope
  11. I don't know what you mean but here I don't always make sense, I feel like I don't have time to make sense all the time, and I really wish I had more time to post here. Sadly I feel a gravitation towards a part time counselling course on top of my 51 hours working 63 including travelling my language has gone down the toilet since school and being on construction sites, so I figure counselling will help me articulate myself again and improve my language and also learn something new and help others in the process
  12. Very interesting. So I have realised I have so much to do in my life, more to do than I have time to achieve it all, I think I've been stubborn in accepting the small challenges in front of me. For example a very small thing like "remember to write this down" I say that in my mind but I give in to the feeling I can't be bothered. I started treating those little thoughts as challenges and started overcoming them one after the other. Everything has become so easy now because of this, in just a few days to a little under two weeks. Definitely there is a limit to what you can achieve, I found myself continuing to overcome small challenges too late at night and the anger took me and I finished off another printer last night. Fortunately I got a much better one today for a little money and it will make things easier. Its the silly little things that get you. Roofers at work kept pulling my cable and couldn't see that they were making people walk under it through the right of way on our building site, I lost my temper for all of 20 seconds before laughing and telling myself don't beat yourself up, accept you made the mistake of losing it and learn from it... When you say nicotine strips you, I actually have been eating and drinking garbage while smoking too much top shelf cali and nicotine. Everyone says you'll gain weight when you stop, I have been eating great food and red meat has made me realise maybe I've become a little iron/zinc deficient. I had a small belly going on not 14 days ago, it's completely disappeared, I'm the lowest body fat I've ever been, and, my muscles are growing out by themselves. So happy to see some abs and to see my skinny face again! I was terrified looking in the mirror at my face then when I came back from spiritual church, I saw myself in the mirror again. It was really awesome. Really wondering now how many make it as far as I am right now, and I can tell I'm going to become tenfold stronger yet, I didn't realise how easy things can be. The toughest part is just getting started. I'm on to yoga next as I've been doing hours of physio myself as my left leg at the top and left hip is completely out of place and has been locking my whole body up for years I think. I managed to free it up with some extremely crazy physio exercises, I sat on the couch earlier and leant to my right and felt it slip out again. Slipped it back in earlier, I'm in chiro tomorrow so will get him to go through this clicking I feel when opening and closing the gate on my left leg, then I'm going to explaim I'm backing off chiro and going for sports massage and doing my own physio now I have the motivation and discipline to do it for a couple hours at 5am after I wake up and go for a walk without my phone. Definitely feel the anger inside, I think we are fiery hot souls to begin with hence anxiety and smoking goes hand in hand to dull the feelings... I didn't manage cold turkey (3 x 45 minute celebratory cigars from work mate over weekend probably didn't help), work colleague kept mentioning cigies and I had one on break time and I felt really bad and that I didn't want it at all, almost that it would have been easy to go without. So I'll try again tomorrow, but no pressure anymore, it's a new beginning for me and cutting down to just 2 during my work day is incredible compared to my usual chainsmoking joint shaped rollies haha. Energy levels insane right now. My energy was huge before I realised my wisdom teeth were heavily infected rotting my jaw for 10 years, I had them out under sedation which was lovely, but I relapsed on weed. I remember doc saying to my mum just wait until he's better, she said oh please don't give him more energy! I didn't realise there was more to come and there still is. Life is wonderful, it's easy to get wrapped up in others thoughts and opinions when you are alone and they really don't matter, be the change you wish to see and all that. Peace
  13. They want to replace all the natural systems which technological ones, is it a wonder they want everyone vaping now, they actually don't say a bad word about it. At the very least vaping is a complete waste of time, energy and money. Not only that but it's replacing your natural rhythm of breathing and you're still getting nicotine which we know is forcing dopamine hits that you shouldn't be getting and starving your brain of oxygen. There is nothing good that can come from it. I think they like it because its much easier to start vaping, easier access which leads to my next point. What do they need staff for in shops? Selling tobacco and alcohol really isn't it, and age related things. I don't see supermarkets going the distance, corner shops aren't following sugar tax so you can get better deals there now. They aren't spending any money on the buildings, every big wig is running skeleton staff now because we accepted self service. It's gotten that bad the youngsters abuse the boomers by getting them to do all the work, my mum knows because by the Lord if she has a day off doesn't she know about it. My mum is 56 is it a wonder if she has a day off after a two day migraine. They just can't cope anymore. Not only that these supermarkets are dead now, there's no staff or customers and everyone is broke so pilfering has gone up massively. In my mums shop there is a man who frequents most days and walks out with bottle of spirit dancing and laughing, because the police will do absolutely nothing about it. Now you have to scan your receipt in sainsburys to get out of self service. What happened to no receipts "helping" the climate? It's all on the way out, the food they sell is cheap eu rubbish because they won't pay British farmers prices. They are running far reduced product lines now as well. Just have a look in the toilets, nobody can be bothered. Nobody will be able to afford minimum wage and this is all part of their plan I think. They want amazon surveillance unmanned supermarkets, a completely automated system where there is zero possibility of pilfering without the doors locking and judge dredd coming through and ripping your shopping bags out of your hands so quickly your arms follow... On the note of smoking, I've finally quit weed and won't be touching the stuff again, take it too far with weed and you'll probably come to the same conclusion. I've cut down from 25-30 rollies a day to less than 10, today I attempt cold turkey so wish me luck please, I'm accepting good divine messages and they will be returned. So I found that my tounge has become this horrible yellow colour, I can scrape it off but it gets worse. This yellow stuff blinds all your tastebuds and you feel like you're permanently coughing up frothy nothingness. Also I am eating really well and healthy since and have lost all my body fat, so I wonder why I'm waking up every day before my alarm at just gone 4am without fail. Turns out I don't need nearly as much sleep as I thought, and I believe nicotine must be the only thing left that is making my head feel heavy and empty in the morning and throughout the day. Really got to take the process of elimination to getting healthy, and I think you'll naturally find sober Sally is the best life you can live, and probably the only one you can tolerate if you are becoming zen? I don't know but I feel fantastic better than I've ever felt in my entire life, I went to spiritual church yesterday and was blown away by an experience with an medium actually, I wonder how she could have known what she did, but I feel like God has your back when you take the right challenges on in life, and work with your immediate environment.... I finally feel that there is a spiritual war going on yes, but actually I think we have been winning this whole time. We just need prayer and to change ourselves to save our environment. I don't know. I don't care. Its about doing good things, not evil.
  14. It's a blame game and Liberal folk don't want to take accountability, they don't like going deep with us because we do take accountability not only for ourselves but for the morons around us
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