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  1. I used to be against vaccines, but now I'm pro vaccine. If folks take it in good faith from the propoganda and die early then that karma is on the shits who did the scam. If anti vaccine people started to say they want it, so they can die and transcend that would destroy the narrative. All the sheeple are scared of death, thats the trump card of the elites. No fear of death, no power over you, no low energy to feed off. These f'ers are enjoying and feeding off folks resisting, getting all worked up, it's time to call the bluff and run towards what they think we fear
  2. Excuse the new account...my old one seems to be out of date. But with all this vaccine guff, don't you think its better to play the bluff of ptb? If you've done any serious meditation or things like DMT, you'll know that this reality is a load of bs. The 'other side' is however wonderful, amazing and indescribable. Imagine if all the 'vax realists ' started to beg for the vaccine because they 'wanted' to die and transcend this shitty reality. Imagine how that would wake so many of the sheep up, who are scared of 'death' so are being manipulated. If you run towards death you have no negative energy ..you want it... It's the ones who are scared of death who provide the low energy food. Resisting and having worries about being vaxxed provides more low energy.. personally I strongly believe in karma and if you do harm to others you are in the poopie ... So the likes of Doris, Handcock (and their descendants) etc will pay as will their masters. If they kill me via a jab then so be it I'll get out of here and start again somewhere else, why should I care if I know that this isn't 'reality', there are millions of realms, planets, realities etc to explore... Just imagine how it would mess up things for the sheeple if the non-sheep said they wanted the jab because they want an 'exit' ...just a thought
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