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  1. David substains that there are non-human beings on top of the priramide. But I consider impossible that the human side is just lead but these two families, Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

    Some mention the group of the 300-s, ...
    Others mention families descending from the Venecian black nobility ...

    Thus I wonder if we will able to decipher, who are the real supralords on top of humanity.

  2. One important information of the current video you present curently on your site is missing, by the way this is the most important piece of information!
    That presentation was delivered by no other than Mr Bill Gates, surely the most important about that "Pentagon's presentation".


    In that vdeo you can already depict, the passion of Mr Windows for the vaccines ...

  3. Then what about the images representing Sars-Cov-2 in for example these images ...


    What about the work of the Chinist virolologist whistleblower  who emigrated recently to the US? Who said they isolated the virus ...
    What about the description of the Nobel prize Luc Montaigner, describing the genetic composition of the virus?

    Mr. Kaufmann and Mr David Icke are here somehow not right??

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