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  1. At the end I had to do the homework myself ... and the answer is ... check the video ... these families are the masters behind the so called deep state, the comitee of the 300, Bilderberg, the Jesuits and the Vaticane, ... As next step, we have to trace every steps of these families .... https://rumble.com/v2o2eay-shane-st.-pierre-guess-who-really-runs-america.html Interestingly I don't recall David talking about any of those families ... David why?
  2. One interesting piece of infomation is that part of the influential Khazarian Families moved to Venice and thus became part of the so called Black Nobilities from Venice. Their descendants are thought to be the richest men in the world, much richer than the Rothschilds ... Some sources suggest that they are the real human force behind the scenes ... Beneath the catholic pope, there exist a black pope, and another I didn t know about until shortly, the grey pope, the most powerful of the three. ... Now, this grey pope happens to be a direct descendant of one of the greatest families belonging to the Black Nobilities from Venice, the Orsinis. https://rumble.com/v262cxe-the-orsinis-illuminati-black-nobility-and-the-white-grey-snd-black-popes-na.html This account is a bit contradictory to what I said, I know ... as he also says, that the Rothschilds are also Orsinis, in reallity those families are interconected and have married each other since a long time ago ...
  3. The video do not say much about the human forces on top of the agenda. I think its important to know who are those other human forces behind the Rothschild and co. There are for example ancient families, which trace their ancestors to the Roman Empire, and following other accounts, even to the Sumerian, or Egipcian times, which are still on top of the Human race. Other accounts mention the descendents of the black nobility from Venice ... etc. They refer that these families are so rich that beneath them the Rothschilds are just the poor cousins of the familiy ...
  4. Since I wrote my question above, I got to see an interesting, amazing account from John Coleman. This gentleman was prophetic in his speech several decades ago, depicting the power structure of the world Today. He points to the Committee of the 300 as the force behind the American Deep State, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, based in London. He even wrote a book about the group, where he also names all of them. I am sure David has also written on the topic, any hint to any his books on this?
  5. Well, there are a lot of reports of non-vaccinated people suffering abnormalities after meeting vaccinated ones. These experiences go from nose bleeding, menstruation disorders, or to dizziness. Furthermore, a great number of non-vaccinated are showing symptoms which were previously observed only in vaccinated individuals, including agglomeration of the red cells, which may lead to the same health deterioration observed in vaccinated. Such accounts were shown in interviews of e.g. Dr Mihalcea. Thus, shedding could well be a factor to be considered.
  6. David substains that there are non-human beings on top of the priramide. But I consider impossible that the human side is just lead but these two families, Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Some mention the group of the 300-s, ... Others mention families descending from the Venecian black nobility ... Thus I wonder if we will able to decipher, who are the real supralords on top of humanity.
  7. Sorry you are right, Gates is not in it, but I remember seeing a video on the same topic and in the same location delivered by Mr Gates ... if I find it I will post it!
  8. One important information of the current video you present curently on your site is missing, by the way this is the most important piece of information! That presentation was delivered by no other than Mr Bill Gates, surely the most important about that "Pentagon's presentation". In that vdeo you can already depict, the passion of Mr Windows for the vaccines ...
  9. Well, in the link I posted appears: NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana, produced images of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, previously known as 2019-nCoV) on its scanning and transmission electron microscopes on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. ... although before May 2020 ...
  10. Then what about the images representing Sars-Cov-2 in for example these images ... https://www.niaid.nih.gov/news-events/novel-coronavirus-sarscov2-images What about the work of the Chinist virolologist whistleblower who emigrated recently to the US? Who said they isolated the virus ... What about the description of the Nobel prize Luc Montaigner, describing the genetic composition of the virus? Mr. Kaufmann and Mr David Icke are here somehow not right??
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