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  1. You can do this to any tennis player though, because every set goes to 6 and most the top guys win most games in 3 straight sets (666) until the later parts of the tournament, when the competition gets harder.
  2. Icke will be back on London Real next Friday! Loved the previous interviews, and he hasn't been on in a while so lots to talk about.
  3. Not to turn this into a personal blog, but just an update and closure regarding the wedding I went to last week, where my girlfriend told me to take a test before (which was not required) and before meeting her father - I refused and she said, forget it. Anyway, the wedding, no one had a mask on apart from the ceremony and after that no one give a shit and was like the world was normal again. I was chatting to a guy and bought him a shot - found out later he isn't jabbed. Everything happens for a reason right? Anyway, enough on that stuff. I ca an see things getting a lot more crazy soon but I also sense people are starting to wake up. Just how I see it, going about town and little conversations here and there. In Scotland, it looks like another lockdown is on the cards but I don't see most people I know going along with it. My mother today, who is in her 70's and consumed 24/7 by TV and FB even said she isn't sure if he would do another booster. The mandatory vaccine shit will be the fork in the road. I know my position and I am sure every else here does too,and think it will be a step too far here in the UK and maybe I am being too optimistic, but I feel zero fucking fear. We will win this!
  4. She's turned around and said just forget the test. I will attend but she is on thin ice and this situation will not be forgotten that is for sure.
  5. I'm supposed to staying at my girlfriend's parents this weekend as we are away at a wedding. She has just hit me with, 'can you take a lateral flow test before the wedding, and my dad wants you to take one before going into the house anyway', what the fuck? No way am I consenting to that. I am sure it is because I am not jabbed. She is shocked I won't do that for her. A bullshit test to get into a venue where it isn't required is bad enough, which I wouldn't have done, but taking a test to enter a household? Get fucked. She says I will let her down by not doing it. Well, she can't see my point of view and I'm not doing it. it's on her for waiting this long to hit me with this, when she knew my position. WTF is going on man! Standing my ground, enough is enough!
  6. it is all bollocks but if following the 'official narrative', what is is the method they claim to using to detect which variant someone has?
  7. It has become a buzzword to categorize people and shut down any further debate, that could challenge their belief system. Anyone using theterm anti-vaxxer should be met with a reply, asking if they are 'pro-coercion'.
  8. I have never had a conversation with anyone in work about it and no one knows my views or position, I have seen from conversations with family and friends it would be a waste of my time.
  9. Tell me about it. I work in one and very few people were off until around the Summer (same time they would have got second jab) and now many have been off. Yet, I'm fine and have only been off once for a few days around September with a bug, which cleared up after a few days. I must have picked that up when I was away the week before and attended a few gigs and was out and about in crowds - could have been anything. I couldn't go back to work until I got a negative PCR and my initial test went missing...At least I got 10 days off though and didn't even test positive. On the topic of supermarket staff, a guy in my work was spouting off this morning about how dangerous covid is and the need to mandate these vaccines everywhere. He wasn't speaking to me, so I wasn't involved in the conversation but could hear him blabbering shit. When someone said that its the double jabbed in hospital and it should be freedom of choice, he replied that you are 14 times more likely to be in hospital if unvaxxed and this is more serious than any previous virus. Also, he was agreeing with the policies in Germany and Austria. I didn't get involved as I don't deal with these people...too far gone, but good to see how people really are. He walks about in a Darth Vader mask so maybe he thinks he is an imperialist.
  10. What's going on in Scotland? They haven't added further restrictions but have instead added the negative test option to get into venues now. I fully expect this to change but didn't expect a relaxation. Still nonsense but there is a way for people to get into venues and attend gigs, for now...
  11. Reading the posts on here makes me feel sane. Done talking with people about all of this in real life. I just sit back and let it all play out now and not mention it to friends, family etc. They are too far gone and it's a waste of time and energy. I can often feel angry and annoyed when they don't listen but by just not mentioning it, I actually feel happier. I bought into the bullshit to begin with but saw what was happening after David's London Real interview in April. Since then it's played out like he has been saying and this forum has provided lots of good information. Good people on here that I can relate to haha. Something I was wondering was, regarding the cases in places in like Vietnam, why so few positives cases and deaths? Is it a different kind of PCR they are using?
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