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  1. Has anyone here ever heard of the targeted individual Progam? I'm one of these it's very complicated to explain so the best way to understand is to research it and yes it involves targeted individual or T.Is been illegal experimented on with D.E.W.s ( direct energy weapons/5G ect ) vaccines which I was forced to receive 2 of them in 2016 which lead to me having artificial tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the ear/ picking up frequencies like an antenna ) no toutch tortured (cybertorture) v2k (voice to skull/voice of god/voices transmitted into my mind via radio frequencies) gangstalking ( Organised stalking and harassment) subliminal messageing through social media facebook youtube people ect illegal mapping/cloning the victims brain and so much more. essential what the targeted individual Progam is an illegal test run for tanshumanisim biometrics and A.I this is why I'm so desperate to speak to David Icke because he will understand and possibly help me and others I even want to come forward for testing
  2. Thank you so much sir I would only love to speak to mister Icke if theres any one that can help me my son family friends and others its David Icke I know hes a busy man even a private video chat with him if that was even possible
  3. Hello my name is Michael Bracken I'm 31 years old I'm from Co.Offaly Tullamore Ireland I'm what's know as a T.I or a targeted individual I'm in a desperate situation and it's my understanding that David Ike is coming to Dublin Ireland this week I really need to speak to David Ike if theres anyone on this planet that can help me its David this is my last chance to save myself my child my family and others I really need help I've contacted the UN human rights commission several times and I've contacted a man called Nils Melzer who is a special report on torture but I've been ignored like many others please help me
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