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  1. This is true. We gather our information and come to our conclusions, but we don't really "know". But it's always nice to share. :)
  2. Ah, yes ... that's right. Punishment. I have a hard time buying that and always have. I put my discomfort with that into the same pot as my discomfort with the karmic cycle in general. I call it justifying bullshit. I don't think we were meant to suffer. The argument that suffering is part of learning so we can inform god (who is us) is ... odd. Just how much suffering does god need? Millennia of it here on earth alone seems more than adequate. Logically, it seems we don't have answers to a lot of things because there are no answers because karma is just a game that keeps us in thi
  3. But as an ant, can't you still learn? From antness, you progress to a different life form where you start the cycles over again in that form and continue to progress in that way until you hit humanness. As humans, I don't know if we can talk intelligently about the "lower" life forms since we aren't them. It would be like an accountant trying to perform brain surgery.
  4. Ah ... new age, whatever. They don't always have it right, just pieces and parts of it like all of the religions. Personally, again, Law of One material, which resonates with me because of other things I've understood over the years, says that insects and animals are 2nd density beings. They can evolve into humans, but until that happens are separate from humans ... although that begs the question ... are they separate outside the matrix? or just inside it? Interesting take on disembodied spirits vying for one womb (like chickens who all want the same nesting box despit
  5. I've been thinking about the karma system itself as a trap. What I keep going back to is when I read Michael Newton's books where he regresses people under hypnosis back to past lives, but more importantly, to their lives between lives. There is a place we go when we die, apparently. Everyone he regresses says how amazing and beautiful it is. That's it lacks judgement and is warmth and love and there is nothing bad there, yet ... there is. I remember people saying they came across this soul or that soul that they had a life with and felt fear because that soul was terrible to them
  6. My brother-in-law has been to the North Pole. He's Peruvian. He was so tickled because while he was there, he went into the Pizza Hut and the guy who owned it was Peruvian. Totally not what you're looking for, I know ... ;)
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