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  1. Okay - Stop whetting your knickers!!! Has anyone got an A3 printer so i can run off a load of these wonderful Scarfolk Council posters to paste around the city? https://scarfolk.blogspot.com Plandemic might have put the local print shop out of business so for now am happy to pay for any print and postage costs within reason. Get in touch. Billboard this shit - people will get it !!! (especially the thatcher one come voting day)
  2. Scarfold Council is fucking brilliant. Thank you so much for this. I've asked my local printers to make me a A2 copy of this to put on my window, though haven't been able to find it in hi-res format yet. Please send copy details if poss.
  3. I found a online video once called ‘The Manchester Bang’ It was slightly different though...
  4. What if the simple solution for all the worlds problems is not mentioning it? Why do people spend their life energy and time, forever debating bullshit problems instead of searching for non-problems to positively develop?
  5. Since the beginning of all this, the most endlessly repetitive Covid-isms I have heard have to be: “We’re all in the same boat” Since when did everyone live on boats? The truth is that everybody lives in different accommodation types. Some people are barely surviving on benefits in 42nd floor flats on urban council estates or isolated in abusive care homes while others are reaping covid profits from their home offices in eight bedroom mansions, with boats in the marina for the weekend! “There is light at the end of the tunnel” People have been saying this for nearly a year now and nothing has changed. Show me the tunnel and I’ll believe there is a light when I see it. “The lockdown roadmap.” Latest update! Hooray!!! Boris has found the map hidden in the Eton library archives! Everyone jump on Boris’s bus! (you know, It’s the same one they used for the Brexit campaign with ‘Save the NHS’ smeared across the side) To get your seat just take a Hancock jab, relax, and think of England as they take you over every pothole in the country. Final destination? A long dark tunnel... and finally... that calm, heavenly white light above....
  6. More importantly, is there a list of officials who are promoting the vaccine, yet haven’t had the jab?
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000tqjj
  8. Incidentally, I was woken from my slumber this morning by a ‘breaking news!!!’ notification from my phone, which never usually happens. Police 'acted appropriately' at Sarah Everard vigil https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56574557 It seems they are trying to get the word out that that everything was done appropriately?
  9. aerrrmmmm im not sure what is real anymore https://youtu.be/bnKavapBDIM
  10. They probably want the demographics as to what postcode areas are poorest so they can steer any investment potential well away from them.
  11. Not taking into account any of the better work I have done throughout my life, they only wanted to know about the most recent - which happened to be one of the worst part-time fill-in jobs I have ever had - and now on permanent record! It's like they are actively trying to fuck with my life history to have me socially profiled in the worst possible light.
  12. so my parents seperated and my best mate at college became a drug dealer so I took drugs and failed my exams, so my mum kicked me out and my brother moved in and became a drug dealer and his mate beat me up so my grandparents let me live with them but I was totally isolated so one day I got blind drunk one day so they had me instiutionalised. I got placed on an apprenticeship but when it was complete my employer said there was no job and they only wanted cheap labour so I was unemployed and my grandfather had dementia so he went into a home and I got made homeless then the council put me in a shelter and I met a girl but she accused me of being a rapist and the shelter was full of drug addicts and doctors trying to force me on meds so when I finally escape to a flat of my own there is a pandemic and I cant do anything apart from try to get back to college but the work coach is offering me a cleaning job. the nhs just had a hundred quid out of me for a mri scan only to say there is nothing wrong. the council donated me an old fridge but it soon broke so now they ask me for money to have it taken away and the postman only delivers junk mail and the telephone only recieves scam calls, apart from on my birthday when my dad said nobody likes me and he will call the police if i try contacting him, while the media tell me family are so important in these difficult times. I had some savings at the start of the pandemic but i cant go anywhere or do much so I became a functioning alcohoilc to stop going mad from lockdown isolation. life could be worse I suppose, at least I still have a ceiling over my head and have found the radio music is helping block out the noise from the french teacher who lives in the flat above.
  13. ...the dramatic measure the government has taken to protect people from coronavirus is bullshit, it's just a way to have as much control of the population as possible. they don't really give a shit about saving lives because the country is too overpopulated and there are no jobs, so the more people there are, the more it costs the government in social welfare expenditure, which they don't have because they've already spent all the public money on lunchtime conference meetings, and they are getting even less revenue now because so many people are unemployed and so many business have gone under. so it actually helps the economy if the people who can't finacially fund the governent regime die off from health matters connected with being locked-down for a year+, and fob it off as virus protection measures. the people who are paid to help people into work don't want to help them get a real job because they are really just private companies running off governemnt funding, so they aren't held responsible for anything apart from keep themselves in work, so the government can pretend they have social support in place. no-one can discuss the reality of the situation because they have made it too difficult for people to socialise. the media won't discuss it because it's more lucrative for them to write bullshit stories like harry and meghan that are forgotten a day later. if you get fed up with it all, you either get a GP you have never met pushing you to take medication, or signposted to a mental health charity where you aren't actually allowed to talk about the situation because the people who are running them are really just there to keep their jobs too...
  14. If the endless enforcement of social isolation alongside the near complete systematic removal of public social support wasn't enough, we now have to practice acting like zombies too? All for the preservation of our health of course...
  15. t Sure, what matters should take priority under the current climate?
  16. Exactly why I proposed we should set a forum calendar date to discuss ideas on how to seek solutions. Modern accessibility makes sense, unless you are against forward progression?
  17. It's not been removed. I can see it clearly right beside the forum tab at the top of the screen. Why are you saying it has been removed? It's a feature David Icke has made accessible for us to use. My hope is to allow people to talk freely beyond forum posts in real time to make positive action against the tyranny imposed.
  18. The typed word is great. Though now we are living in a world beyond scripture, and a very problematic world at that, it could be an idea for people concerned about the world we are living in to better connect. Why not?
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