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  1. If the endless enforcement of social isolation alongside the near complete systematic removal of public social support wasn't enough, we now have to practice acting like zombies too? All for the preservation of our health of course...
  2. t Sure, what matters should take priority under the current climate?
  3. Exactly why I proposed we should set a forum calendar date to discuss ideas on how to seek solutions. Modern accessibility makes sense, unless you are against forward progression?
  4. It's not been removed. I can see it clearly right beside the forum tab at the top of the screen. Why are you saying it has been removed? It's a feature David Icke has made accessible for us to use. My hope is to allow people to talk freely beyond forum posts in real time to make positive action against the tyranny imposed.
  5. The typed word is great. Though now we are living in a world beyond scripture, and a very problematic world at that, it could be an idea for people concerned about the world we are living in to better connect. Why not?
  6. Darian, the senseless plugging of web-links for movie trailers only reinforces that zombies are already here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypodermic_needle_model
  7. Dear Members, As many of you may have noticed, David Icke has now kindly allowed a calendar feature to the website. I would like to propose it be put to constructive use and arrange a Zoom meeting for forum members to openly discuss topics relevant to the forum. Please reply with suggestions for agenda etc.
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