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  1. Are we being manipulated by some sort of species that feeds on fear? A low vibrational frequency is their life source, and anything else makes them feel uncomfortable enough to get the hell off our planet? 


    I've heard Icke say, you could count the elite on your own 10 fingers or less. So they rely on mass manipulation of the public in as many countries as possible. 


    I get the need to spread awareness of what is largely considered an invisible or shape shifting force. But if that is the case, you may never spread enough awareness that anything can be done. After all, "you have to see it to believe it" is something a very large portion of the world operates by. So if they don't see it, how much awareness are you really going to spread? 


    Ickes mission is an intriguing one to me. And almost makes me feel empowered, and answers a lot of questions I had asked myself as to why the world seems so backwards in the way it has been operating. 


    But here's my problem. He focuses on the problem so much, he hardly ever mentions much of a solution to our problem. People may watch his videos, podcasts, interviews, and even go to seminars, leaving there feeling.... drained? Like whats to be done now even if it is true? Its just another problem without a solution. Kind of like cancer. So people go back to their daily lives where they work hard all day, then go home, eat shitty food, watch shitty TV, and the process starts all over again, and they're dragged right back into the matrix. 


    If any of you are spiritual, and follow any of the spiritual leaders on youtube for example, maybe you took notice that they are all saying the same thing, that we have shifted into the age of Aquarius, the age of love, brotherhood, equality, and sharing, as of 2020. We are also (according to them) moving into the 5th dimension (this includes earth itself)... no, nothing has changed yet. But the process started in 2020 and will take around 500 years to complete. 


    This suggests to me, that this race of deceptive invaders are running out of time to accomplish their agenda to turn us into mindless bots. Because earth itself is going into the 5th dimension, and it will only push them out, even if humans themselves didn't go to the 5th dimension, they no longer can live here. Even if the human race were to be killed off, they cant remain here because this planet can no longer support them.... their goal? Take as many humans with them as possible. 


    The solution is simple... start helping your neighbors. Befriend them. Show them love and kindness. Have a garden? Share your produce with them. Become a beacon in your own communities. As citizens of this world we have to find ways to go the extra mile and help out our neighbors, and find ways to bind our communities together more so than ever. Dont just sit on the forums talking about how much control is going on. Do everything that would be considered kind and loving, even as small as opening the door for someone, picking up a hitch hiker, helping someone who is stuck on the side of the road with car trouble, giving time/money to the homeless and less fortunate, stopping by a children's hospital with gifts. These acts will raise your vibration. 


    Another method to raising your vibration? Be healthy physically. Eat the right foods. And if you can, go vegan or try for it. Fruits and vegetables are a high vibrational food. They are much more alive than dead flesh that must be cooked in order for the body to turn it into fuel. You would also feel better. Even looking back several generations, how many times did grandmas say "eat your damn fruits and vegetables!!".... she had a point. But as societies, we have gone to eating almost exclusively meat with very little fresh produce. A dead flesh that I personally believe lowers your vibration because well... it is dead. Or eating processed foods. Again. A dead food. 


    Another method to raising your vibration? Meditation. Meditation is a large way to raise that vibration, and is also an effective method to changing the way you think and feel about life. 


    There is plenty here to research for yourselves using simple Google searches, and finding stuff on youtube even down to guided meditations. 


    You want your planet back? Well you need to raise your vibration, and as each person does so, it will in fact spread like a wave because we are all connected together with invisible strings of energy. 


    Have a good day guys, and hopefully I'll see you one day in a planet that broke its chains and became what we all know it can be. 


    P.S. id love to hear more suggestions on raising your vibration 

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  2. On 12/21/2020 at 3:50 PM, Basket Case said:

    Vol 2;



    Force us to work too hard for money we don't care about, feed us food that is genetically modified, and then feed our brains complete crap. because we are so exhausted and malnourished to care, we don't even want to look at the truth. 


    Not me. 


    Grow your own foods guys, get off grid. The time is now to take back your freedoms. 

  3. I was watching a movie actually called deep Impact. It was at that moment I left religion behind nearly completely, and started searching for the truths that lie in everything. Because everything in this world holds all truth and deceit simultaneously, imo. 


    For example. Fiction film is not so fiction. The Bible holds many truths, but also many lies. 


    But honestly it was that singular moment that it dawned on me anything in this universe is possible, so why reject something simply because it makes me feel uncomfortable? 


    New poster here. I've run across David Icke before and watched a view of his seminars on YouTube a few years back when he wasn't banned. Left it behind as an "it makes sense but I dont knowwwww" and now I'm back. Joined the forums, and signed up to Ickes monthly subscription. 


    Hello the non sheep! Dont let this stuff in the world get you down. Keep seeking to raise your vibration and frequency, become self reliant. The world is fighting back without knowing it. 



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