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  1. So much sick stuff... What kind of monsters prostitue children like this? And when will people start tolerating this sickness en masse?
  2. I have a question; right now my income is unemployment benefit. I hope I'm saying it right, English is not my first language. What rights do I have if the government would hold my income if I don't take the vaccine?
  3. Lost my job as a host because of the lockdown. Where I live only take-away has bin forced upon restaurants for months. Another thing that really disturbes me is that Twitter and LinkedIn are heavily promoting the vaccine.
  4. Based on other information I read and researched, you make a lot of sense. Good thing I got some basic survival techniques and some basic knowledge about gardening, literature, food and cleaning water and a handy set of light tools. And a lot of rice Dark days are approaching indeed, every fiber in my body shouts it out.
  5. Nothing would suprise me anymore. But if they want to kill of so many people, wouldn't there be a more efficient and practical way? Why would they do it like this?
  6. I agree that this is a dimension of hypocrisy and that the body is a construct made to serve. But I am not my body. I appreciate your reply but David Icke, among others, already highlighted that Jesus and Christianity are just recycled religions all originated from the Babylonian religion. So I'm not that convinced that the Bible with it's long list of passages will set people free or help people create the Utopia so many of us want to live in. David Icke's books explain this in full detail including the nature of our reality and a lot of what you posted is on the same page with what he writes about. To me it's important that I feel more free than I did ever before. Today I really made a breakthrough and cut myself loose from a depression and illusion that held me prisoner my entire life. I am serious when I say that whatever happens in this dimension we call "Earth" of "reality" is just a stop on a long road. This world may be all that we can remember now, but I am convinced that there is much more in the infinite awareness than this.
  7. We are, as a people, social engineered to remain dormant. But every program can be overridden. Awareness is the most important first step. Sadly, most people go into complete denial the moment the are confronted with the truth because it's too horrible for them to even conceive. Personally, I think that there are a lot of people who, thanks to their programming, cannot be helped by others. Not until they can and want to see the truth of our reality. Only when their own way of life is threatened do most of them wake up. I think it has to become worse before it gets better. I am convinced though, that are way of life is going to change drastically forever. For better or worse.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Powerful video and a great lady. She is powerful and funny in a very comfortable way. Right now I am going to leave my "matrix self" behind. From this moment on, I am myself. A person by my own making, who I really am. I am infinite love, infinite possibilities and infinite awareness.
  9. I've bin browsing the forum but couldn't find a topic related to what I want to get of my chest. Right now I'm unemployed, I had a job but thanks to the "covid pandemic" my employer had to let me go. All people in my life firmly believe the lies that the media spits out and basically I'm branded a nutjob and a "illuminati believer". Because my income is slashed to a third of what it was I now live in a room that is five square meters with no private bathroom or kitchen. My family split when I was four, long story but basically they are not very nice people, so I am alone in all this. I know the truth about our reality and I know that this dimension we call "reality" is at best just another stop on the road to infinite love. I just have a hard time dealing with all the madness and I catch myself having moodswings, headaches and suffering from depression. Also when face to face with other people I have a hard time expressing myself properly. Perhaps you folks here have some pointers or experience simular emotions that you would like to share? Also, when I came to this world my parents gave me a name and the matrix gave me an indentity that I no longer want, not that I ever wanted it. Am I completely out of my mind if I'm going to start tomorrow with a new name and being the person I want to be, a person of my own making? The person I know I am?
  10. Hello all, Like so many, due to the lockdown I lost my job, then my home and now I have to rebuild my life from scratch. Mainly due to loneliness I found this forum. I read a few books of David Icke and well, the man has bin right all along. I am firmly against accepting insanity as the new normal.
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