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  1. Is there a scientifically based verificable list of health effects of 5G? And the other G's for that matter? I want to do another letterbox drop and it must fit on A4. If there is a ready made flyer which is is simple black and white I would take that too. But the health effects must be rather scientific, because that's the religion of the age.
  2. Ok it's not as clear, but we need to know that they want to attack our chooks. I cannot have them without a netted cover, even the fruit trees need nets otherwise the fox gets them during the day!! Strangely, they attack mainly chicken but not ducks. I think ducks are better converters of food anyway and they lay at least as well.
  3. You can as well start conversations with complete strangers. However, this is complicated since many of us are muzzled with masks.
  4. I don't believe that we have to have the last pieces of the puzzle. we don't even need to agree on everything.
  5. I think it is quite easy. I have a "friend" on FB which is mainstream leftie. Every time I post something there is a predictable negative comment, even though I only post very accurate posts, nothing too out there. People WANT to believe MSN they want to be part of a group that is normal and simple ingrained. As a stoneage person your group was vital to survival. People are also social animals. So no matter how logic your argument is they don't want to look there. Another point is (I read it somewhere) that you need to make friends with a person first and then you can convince them of a
  6. simple old fashioned letterboxing might help. We did this and a lady realized why she is so bloody sick and she is very active now. You don't need fancy expensive print just the cheapest option on A5 black and white. List all the health concerns and two or three links for further information and one for a local group.
  7. Max Igan says that they are banning free range chicken in the UK, is that true? Can that be confirmed from anyone in the UK who runs some chooks (Aussie slang)?
  8. Nikola

    Newbie here

    Hi I am new to the forum and I am an Aussie, German expat. I hope for some inspiration!
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