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  1. I've been away a long time, having blocked everything out and focused on work. Could somebody entertain me with a brief update on the current situation, particularly here in Britain?
  2. https://gameruprising.to/index.php?threads/ladies-and-gentlemen-david-icke.34166/
  3. This is interesting, and deserves its own thread really, but just one point: Isn't it the case that AIDS was spread almost-exclusively among homosexuals? If so, how does that fit in with the idea that the virus itself emerged as a result of mass inoculation for smallpox? Back on the thread topic, and related to this, do you think that something similar is now on the cards with the drugs they are dispensing en masse for Covid-19 and calling 'vaccines'? Was the smallpox vaccine a genuine vaccine at all? How did it work? So many questions...
  5. Sounds like a film starring Donald Pleasance.
  6. I like the idea that I will be dubbed as a terrorist. Next time I see the local louts on the estate, I can say in a carrying voice: "Yes, of course, they've designated me as a terrorist. Yes, I'm so dangerous, I'm threat to national security. I tried to explain that I'd accept a GBH charge, but oh no, they want to throw the book at me..."
  7. Wait, hold your horses... If you're in the NHS, then there's a lot of questions we need to ask you. First, are the stories we heard in the past about hospital A& E units, wards and intensive care units being filled with Covid-19 sufferers true or not? If it was all a lie, why weren't there whistle-blowers from within the NHS coming forward to say so? What has been going on in these hospitals?
  8. 2020: Borders are bad, goyim. 2021: Borders are good, goyim. Don't cross state lines!
  9. He'll say next that he's had 666 patients with Covid-19 in the last year. They're taking the Jack Michael.
  10. And here's what I found. I think this will be removed, so suggest it's screenshotted by everybody on here who can do so: WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALMIGHTY FUCK? And here is what he said later, to explain changing the headline and content of the article:
  11. Can I make clear something important about this Dr. Campbell? He is NOT a medical doctor. He is a registered nurse by profession and his doctoral thesis was in nurse education, which is not a clinical subject. I am sure that his experience as a nurse is useful in discussions about Covid-19 and vaccines and so on, but he should be making it clear that this is the basis of his experience. Although he is an academic doctor, he should NOT be calling himself 'Dr Campbell' in the context of discussions about Covid-19, as that is a medical and public health topic, and he has no qualifications or experience whatever in those fields. He has been making these videos since about March 2020. He suddenly showed up in my YouTube recommendations and it took me not long at all to suss that he is basically a leftist authoritarian drone and his sycophantic commenters are psychotic hypochondriacs. I posted some comments critiquing his early videos and all my comments were deleted from his channel within the space of about five minutes. Basically, he is a creep.
  12. I look in now and then and I see that things have continued to worsen and mandatory vaccination is now on the table. I am party to information that suggests that voluntary vaccination coverage may not be as extensive as is being officially claimed. Officially they are saying that roughly around 80% are vaccinated. My source, who is on the inside, tells me the true figure is closer to 60% double-jabbed (lower if you factor in the under-12 population), which if true, is still very high, but nowhere near enough for civil restrictions on the unvaccinated to be viable. They are not going to let up but at this stage they would prefer to slowly turn the screws and let the percentage creep up, rather than go all out and make vaccination mandatory.
  13. Throughout this, I have maintained a realistic position (in which I am not alone on here) that, regardless of the truth or otherwise of the theories being bandied around, the outcome is the same and the response of the individual should be the same in every case - which is that you, as a free individual, must give informed consent to all medical treatments, and on that basis, you should refuse to wear face coverings, refuse the vaccine, and refuse to knowingly participate in the superstructure of medical authoritarianism, including (among other things) NHS Track and Trace, reporting others to the authorities, vaccine passports, NHS apps, and so on and so forth. Should others wish to proceed with these things, that is their affair. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make the horse drink. Never has there been a truer aphorism. My arguments are realistic, not esoteric, and I rely on the government's own published data, but none of it has done me good, so I am left in the same place as everybody else on here. As to what action people like me will take as things worsen, it is impossible to say at this point, and there is nowhere to run to because the regime is the same practically everywhere, which also precludes any meaningful strategy - in my view. Instead, we have to take a wait-and-see approach and react intelligently as the situation develops. My view is that we should distrust anybody and everybody - EVERYBODY - who appears in social media and alternative media, with maybe the exception of David Icke himself. Remember that these people are prominent for a reason. I would also give demonstrations a wide berth, and I would recommend deleting/deactivating all social media accounts. My own plans were laid some 10 years ago, and despite living in a normal suburban home, I am now self-sufficient in practically everything except energy. That has taken me more than 10 years. It's not a quick process, but I suggest others consider this option and start making small changes. Even if the worst prognoses do not come true, being self-employed, skilled in crafts and trades, and self-sufficient for food, clothes, money and so on will probably put you in a better position than somebody who sits in a rudderless boat and just waits for events and circumstances to wash over them.
  14. Well don't look at me. I don't know. It's a very good question but the answer you will receive is a series of riddles within a paradox wrapped in a contradiction. The bottom-line is: If the vaccine either allows immunity, or if not that, at least significantly diminishes the risk of infection, then what business is it of theirs if I, as an informed adult of mature age, refuse the vaccine? They are already protected. Their answer, I think, is to point to the possibility of variant mutations among a large unvaccinated population that could then circumvent their own sterilised or effective immunity, but that argument falls down when you realise that, for virtually everybody who contracts it, the infection is not lethal or even serious in the first place. You could just as well argue against vaccination at this stage on the basis that it disrupts the natural process of immunity and viral evolution that would normally kill off the infection without any drug-based intervention. Vaccines are meant for endemic infections, and only then where the seriousness of the illness justifies the cost and expense.
  15. I don't doubt that's true, but they simply don't care because they have created a manipulated social reality. In truth, this phenomenon of a 'manipulated social reality' dates back at least 2,000 years. It is an inherited mindset that maybe 98% of people adopt, and they believe in it, even if they know it can't be true. Knowing it can't be true even helps them believe it is true. It's a religious phenomenon wrapped up in genetic decline (industrialisation, antibiotics, medicine, etc. have weakened us genetically). Some people on here argue that people are stupid. I reiterate my disagreement. What we are faced with isn't stupidity. To illustrate in very simple terms: if you know that a man is in charge and if you don't do what he says you will be shunned and starve or even be killed, arguably it is rationally smart to go along with what the Big Man says, and eventually there comes a point that you believe in what he says, even if what he says is utterly ridiculous in rational terms. That's smart behaviour! It's smart in at least a Darwinian sense because you are preserving your genes. The price you pay is dysgenic replication over which you have no control. Since it is adaptively advantageous to conform to the Big Man, gradually the population adapts genetically to this selective pressure. Thus it becomes 'smart' to wear a face covering and 'dumb' not to. We are the dumb ones! In a technical sense. Of course, all of that is turned on its head if the drug called a 'vaccination' is harmful to health and even kills or disables people as a matter of course, or renders them infertile, or whatever. In which case, the Darwinian principle doesn't fail, it's just that the 'dumb' ones who refused to listen when told not to put their hands in the fire and wanted to try it out for themselves turned out to be right for a change. But I suspect it doesn't and that the cases we see of this are the standard anomalous cases that occur with any drug. I make this argument because I believe the true purpose of all this is the enforcement of social conformity, using a mixture of law and peer pressure. People are being kept down for the sake of being kept down, and it is surely possible that just as a dog likes to be put in its place, so many human beings prefer to be subservient and obedient and like to do their bit to impose the same on others while showing their masters what good 'dogs' they are.
  16. Personally, I'm inclined to a more down-to-earth view of things, in that I think it's classic mass hysteria. But even if the theories about it all are true, the outcome is the same. We're fucked.
  17. Apologies if this has already been posted, but here we have another Platinum Standard Cunt 'teaching' a class: Frankly, if that doesn't earn at least two scissor-kicks to the jappers, then the art of scissor-kicking is in decline.
  18. Sounds like an interesting documentary.
  19. Perfectly healthy people should not require medicine, but now that he has taken it, he may have compromised his immune system. If I were in his position, I would swear off any more involvement with doctors and the NHS. I have deregistered from my GP and should I require the services of a GP in future, I shall be attending a private provider and making my own informed decision about what, if any, treatment I shall accept.
  21. I never thought I would say this, but I wish New Zealand would now remove the Union Jack from its canton and give itself the Maori name. That would be fitting because, from the perspective of great distance, it appears New Zealand is now an open prison overseen by naggers, hypochondriacs and loonies. It is embarrassing that they still sport the Union Flag.
  22. Scissor-kick to the knackers? With steel toe caps or rider's spurs?
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