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  1. I think you should expand your view. For a start, what you're referring to is a sympathetic celebration of a person's life as part of the cultural traditions of Irish and Africans, whereas what I'm referring to is gloating over the death of a person that many people on here didn't like. Hope that helps.
  2. Personally, I would never gloat at the death of a fellow human being. I think to do so would be in extremely poor taste.
  3. Complain about what? People are allowed to form their own opinions. I can't help it if you want to be officious about it. You're not the font of all knowledge (and neither am I, for that matter).
  4. Russell Brand is a wanker. I'm just posting this up because it's relevant.
  5. It must be that. It must be that this person is a secret agent working for the government and leaving messages on a 1,740 page thread in an obscure part of the internet. It can't simply be that somebody disagrees with you about something. That's not allowed.
  6. Of course, a democracy in constitutional form involves limitations on the powers of political branches of the state, and there is judicial independence, and so on. But in Britain, we do not have a formal separation of powers and equality of the different branches of government. This means that primary legislation can override the judiciary and the judiciary will often defer to Parliament. In short, if the majority agree that a certification scheme or vaccines or whatever should be mandatory, and if there is sufficient support for this in the House of Commons, it is difficult to see what cou
  7. I'm afraid I disagree with you.
  8. Since we're talking about generic fascism and Nazism, etc., it occurs me that the dissidents and Jews that the Nazis detained en masse consisted significantly of the very sort of people who are now imposing this repressive health security regime on us. Don't misunderstand - I'm not defending mass incarceration. I'm not even sure that it's right for convicted criminals in general, never mind dissidents, and I also accept that many of the people put in these camps were blameless. But not all of them were blameless. I know this is controversial, but my opinion is that B
  9. Do you think, if we held a plebiscite on this, the masses would vote by a majority - perhaps overwhelmingly - for a mandatory Covid-19 certification scheme? Maybe even compulsory measures, such as testing for dissidents and recalcitrants?
  10. It depends what I'm being told to do. If some elitist wants to tell me what Britain's policy will be towards the Republic of Burundi, or what colour uniform the head matron should wear in hospitals, or whether poofters can work as geography teachers, then I'm happy to leave him to it and best of luck. If, on the other hand, he wants to keep me in my own home under threat of arrest, without due process or credible evidence of a deadly pandemic, then I am going to start asking questions - at the very least. It is difficult to see why a fascist system would introduce such measures,
  11. Yes. Organic democracy in which small groups of people who know each other make decisions among themselves can work well. It probably wouldn't be known as 'democracy' to the people involved in it. My criticism is really of mass democracy, which I regard as tyranny.
  12. It seems to me the WW2-related question in regard to Covid-19 is this: Is the problem we face democracy or [small 'f'] fascism in some form? Personally I think the problem is democracy. It's a system that can be easily turned into tyranny, as we now see. The majority evidently want all this. The sane and sensible minority of us don't. Democracy says we're outvoted and our liberties suddenly don't matter. Would this happen in a fascist system? I don't believe so, because the whole basis of fascism, at least in theory, is the welfare of the people, wherea
  13. I forget who, but somebody posted this link earlier: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9433923/Government-sets-new-taskforce-create-Covid-super-pill-combats-effects-virus.html This seems to me partly about expanding the pharmaceutical market, motivated by greed, but there may also be some thinking behind this about how to make it easier to 'treat' people and accept more unnecessary medical treatments, thus cementing popular conformity. They say that the pill could be given after a positive test, but we know (and this is acknowledged officially) that t
  14. They said we were having a consultation about certification schemes. As expected, they are making this a fait accompli. "...the government may try to win over the [Tory] rebels by promising it will only be temporary, perhaps for no more than a year..." Yeah, right. But we all know the 'rebels' will be won over.
  15. It sounds good, but I think there is something more sinister underneath it. The article also states that the NHS intends to share people's health and medical records with others, such as local councils, and implies that people will be pressured and pursued to accept medical treatment.
  16. From the front page of today's London Times; make of this what you will:
  17. Compared to what the NHS has on offer, this looks cutting-edge: Which will it be sir: a frog in the throat or the mongo-bongo devil juice?
  18. Exactly. It must be informed consent.
  19. The mistake you made here was telling them that you refuse. It's actually none of their business. I was in the same position, and I sent the practice manager a very polite e-mail with my NHS number and told her: (i). I will be making my own informed decision about what, if any, medical treatment I will accept and who will provide the treatment and when; and, (ii). all vaccine reminders must cease and I wish to be removed from the Covid-19 vaccine mailing list for that GP practice with immediate effect. This stopped the reminders and they left me alone. That is h
  20. I nearly choked on my dinner earlier, I've been laughing that much. I feel bad about it, because it's not funny really, but it's like one big comedy. The missus thinks I'm cracked.
  21. To be fair, there are certain situations where I would consider carrying some sort of exemption information with me, just in case. For instance, if I'm on a bus or train. I wouldn't display it in a lanyard, but I'd have it on my person ready to produce just in case the driver/conductor is a True Believer and gives me hassle. What I will never do is actually wear a mask, or accept their vaccine, or social distance, even if it results in my arrest or a fine. The only thing I do sometimes observe is social distancing in shop queues. In that specific situation, it seems polite to g
  22. I know that overall it's not funny and I shouldn't laugh, but these videos are funny as fuck. Sorry but I can't help it. It's comedy gold this stuff.
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