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  1. Is it true, though? I've always been sceptical. I have not seen any convincing evidence he was guilty of anything more than perhaps being a bit inappropriate with older teenagers and young women. It's good to come across one of his victims at last. Perhaps you could elaborate and tell us exactly what he got up to and how you fit in the picture?
  2. That doesn't worry me too much. For what it's worth, I was a serious Orthodox Marxist at about the same age - younger actually - and some of what I believed would make today's 'Woke' people look moderate by comparison. When you're young and politically-engaged, you do believe in daft things. Conversely, I became an ethno-nationalist before it was fashionable. I have always been 'ahead of the curve' on things. It is plausible that Hitchens, likewise, sensed that there was something wrong in his Trotskyism and gradually reformed himself into a cultural conservative. People grow up. Anyway, I also agree with Hitchens that Britain should remain neutral in the matter of Russia and Ukraine. 'Kremlinist' or not, he is right about that - he is right about a great many things. There is one fact about him that has always given me slight reservations: during different periods as an overseas correspondent for Fleet Street, he was based in Moscow and Washington, D.C. My American geography is hazy, but I assume that while assigned to Washington, D.C., his suburban home in northern Virginia would not have been too distant from Langley. He does come across to me as somebody who has been trained in propaganda somewhere. Maybe the training is just from organic experience gained over the years, but I can't rule out that he may be a deep cover agent of some sort. I read his columns religiously every week, but not for the political comment. Mr Hitchens is a very good social and literary essayist, a sort of late 20th. century Orwell, and I always enjoy his pieces. The reason I don't take much notice of his political commentary is that he is plainly a conservative gatekeeper. It's so obvious that anybody who doesn't see it should get their eyes tested. Even if he is not an agent, his gatekeeping excludes him from serious consideration. He is also halachically Jewish, though he was brought up as an Anglican. I do think ethnicity affects how people see the world. In his case, I think his Jewishness combined with his determination to maintain a mainstream Fleet Street career have placed limitations on what he will and will not say.
  3. Agree, but also it seems invariably in these cases the black suspect was not victimised by police officers, in fact was up to no good. This is ignored because the media sense a story and accept a narrative based on twisted facts, so as to stoke up a headline-grabbing, agenda-riven witchhunt in which they can vilify the police and individual officers at will. What must be remembered in all this is that the criminal justice system in the United States is highly politicised and media-driven, and there is no sub judice protection following arrest of a suspect. I know nothing about this particular case and don't care to learn more, but I do feel sorry for the officers as they may well be entirely innocent yet find themselves before the courts with no prospect of a fair trial. While I agree with your comments about racial separation, that doesn't stop me having sympathy for people of all races on the receiving end of legal injustice: in this case, police officers who are black and may just have been doing their duty and had the misfortune of a suspect dying.
  4. This entire thread is just quoting a succession of gatekeepers - all of them are fakes. Peter Hitchens wilted and took the vaccine. I am not shocked the Army is spying on dissidents. They do work for the state.
  5. Sorry but I think you're missing the point. It's not really about who to trust. When it comes to injecting things into your own body, it's foolish to trust anybody, other than in circumstances where the treatment is necessary. If I break my leg and need surgery for this, I accept I need to put my trust in qualified people, as the treatment is necessary, so the question is whether masks, lockdowns and injections were and are necessary. You have to make your own decision about whether you think any of this was and is necessary, but I think anybody who looks at the official government statistics can see that it wasn't necessary. I don't need conspiracy theories. I can just look at the government's own information and it tells me that wearing masks, lockdowns, injections, etc. was not needed. None of it was necessary. I don't need a medical degree to come to this conclusion, as it's within the field of any layman. It's just a matter of clearing out of your head all the white noise from both the mainstream media and the alternative media,and then applying a sense of proportion. If there were bodies literally piling up in the streets, or there was a serious demonstrable risk of this, I might revise my views, not least for my own safety, and I would then have to consider the issue of who I trust, but that is not the situation, so I don't need to go into that, nor is it necessary to come up with elaborate theories about the motives of people in authority. All anybody had to do was stop, look at the matter calmly by considering the facts, and think a little, and it would have been clear that it was all a load of nonsense. In the first few days of it, back in March 2020 or whenever it was, I was slightly taken in but I stopped, looked at the matter calmly using facts from the mainstream media, and realised it wasn't quite right. As time went on, it became clear that it was all nonsense. It wasn't David Icke or Vernon Coleman or Richie Allen or anybody in the alternative media who influenced me, it was the mainstream media and the government's own information. That was what told he it was all rubbish. That's because, unlike 99% of people, I actually listened to what was being said and sought out some basic facts that could easily be found by anyone in mere seconds or minutes - all of it official information. In consequence, I never wore a mask and never had the vaccines, and I'm still here. Not a question of 'trust', which is subjective. Nothing to do with fancy theories about 5D masts, Chinese bioweapons, the CIA, Big Pharma, or lizards or whatever. Just a matter of using your noggin.
  6. Are these dinosaur skeleton purely models or do they consist of the actual bones? If models, is the modelling a theoretical projection or based on actual complete finds in situ?
  7. Not so much staged. I think Alex Belfield really is in prison somewhere, serving a real sentence. He did commit offences. It's more a case of manipulation. Staging things does happen, but it's risky and resource-intensive and requires the identification of a specific end, aim or goal that the staging will achieve. Classical methods in human intelligence are more subtle. It's about picking up on exploitable vulnerabilities in an individual. Alex Belfield was just a vulnerable individual whose weaknesses allowed him to be manipulated. They wouldn't have cared what he did. It was more about using him as a lightning rod for all the dim contrarians who now fill up social media and comment spaces repeating and parroting what a podcaster or fake personality has told them - they are a facsimile version of people on fora like this one. When Belfield is revealed for what he is, they do a 180-degree turn and say he was evil, rather like the unfortunate characters in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four are required to hate the virtual personality they loved just yesterday and love the personality they hated just yesterday. They were taken in by him - many of them freely admit it - and have moved on to the next charlatan. That's the real aim. To foment virtual personality cults in which people congregate around charlatans, accept everything they say, hate who they are told to hate, and waste all their lives and psychic energies on pointless trivia and exaggerated narratives that are, at bottom, more or less nonsense. It doesn't matter who the charlatan is. The downfall of Alex Belfield sows confusion, which is necessary. If people are forever in a state of perplexion, self-righteous rage, anger, and disillusionment, they achieve little of constructive value in their lives. They are manipulable and can be pushed around, while gaining the adrenaline high of viewing themselves as 'rebels' and 'dissidents' against oppression. It doesn't matter who the fallen figure is. It could be Alex Belfield or Jeremy Vine or anybody. Jeremy Vine would actually serve their purposes better: 'By day, he was a mild-mannered BBC radio host, but he hid a darker side as an internet troll and bully who ruined the lives of motorists like Jimmy Petrolhead, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity. "The e-mails from Vine came out of the blue. He was calling me a 'motorist' and accused me of believing in 'motorism'. It ruined my life."
  8. I think you may be misunderstanding the point Jack is making. Nobody here is crowing over somebody going to prison. However, Belfield did go way overboard and harassed people. That raises the question of why. If I am understanding Jack correctly, I think he is suggesting that the whole thing could be manipulation to pave the way for more repressive laws and court decisions. It could be that Belfield himself didn't even realise he was being manipulated towards a larger end. He may just have a vulnerable personality that made him exploitable and manipulable.
  9. But that is literally untrue. This Forum exists, for one thing. Obviously we can't entirely trust the forces behind this Forum, even. It may be that this is just a safety valve and the authorities may also be collecting our IP addresses, for future reference. Nevertheless, a counter-narrative has been strongly espoused throughout all this nonsense and was accessible to all. I must now openly question some of the fundamental tenets of Western Christian society, which inevitably have formed the basis of my own beliefs. I should have questioned them more in the past. I was also wrong about some of what would occur. I did not believe vaccination would be made compulsory in Britain, but this came close to happening and we reached a stage when I assumed it would. It was certainly more or less mandatory for many people, whether they liked or not. There was a measure of coercion. I am still astonished by everything that occurred and by the sheer mind-numbing stupidity of most people, including people I would have credited with more astuteness, and by the impotence and cowardice of most of those who do have a bit more intelligence but went along with it. (I don't blame all of those people though - some people were effectively left with the choice of feeding their families or submitting to it, which is straightforward duress). Out of the crucible of my bemusement, astonishment and anger, I am forming the view that I was behind the curve, not ahead of it, but I'm not yet sure what the next level of understanding is. My initial thoughts are along evolutionary/Darwinian lines. It may be time to separate mere humans (animals) from human beings. An animal reacts by doing what its master on TV tells it to do. "Wear the mask because the Important Person says so". Obviously if I am working in a hazardous environment, I will wear a mask - especially if the Important Person tells me to, and even if he doesn't. But that's a different thing, as that is a situation where the need for precautions and prophylaxes is clear. Tens of millions wore masks over their faces and submitted to medical treatment simply because they were told to, without any benefit to themselves whatsoever. That's not too far removed from what animals do. I'm not suggesting anything alarming, but I see no reason why I should have a higher regard for most of the people around me than I might for other people-animals, such as chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are people, after all, it's just that they are instinctually driven, grunt instead of speaking, and are evolved to attend to their base drives within an ecological niche rather than transcend their environment and pursue civilisation.
  10. There is no tribe. None of this would be happening if it didn't work on most people. Some people argue that the willingness of the average Joe and Mary Bloggs to wear a mask and submit to an unnecessary vaccination bodes well for tribalism, or whatever communal/collectivist philosophy is being espoused, and they just need the right influences. But people who do such stupid things are not 'tribal', they are just vacant-headed animals. What has happened over the last 29 months has changed me: for the first time, I would question whether most people are actually human beings in any serious sense. Regarding the bearded Norwegian YouTuber you link to here, I wonder why he is allowed to continue posting on YouTube? How come he hasn't been banned? Does he have naked pictures from Creepy Island? Or is he one of them? Is the woodland setting just a staged set-up and he is an actor? Sounds crazy at first, but thinking about it, this is quite feasible. Or is he genuine and they have just not clocked him? Seems unlikely to me. Or is it that he's genuine but they've decided his message accidentally helps rather than hinders them? I suspect the latter. Consider: his videos are overwhelmingly doom and gloom and seem intended to put you on a downer. The man would be sponsored by Dignitas, if only they knew about him. His understanding of politics seems (broadly-speaking) in tune with what dissidents of today think, especially on the Right, including those who are here, but at the same time he has that triteness to him, as if he's just doing his best to say what he thinks a certain viewership want to hear. Like he's an entrepreneur tapping a market niche. It seems to me that the Debbie Downer approach serves the interests of the various elites well. They want you to be on a downer and negative. It induces helplessness, but the key thing is that they want you addicted to negative commentary like this and to sit there watching it instead of doing something constructive. Apart from that, to be honest after a few weeks watching him he started to get on my nerves: the voice, the exaggerated negativity, the 'staged' feel to his presentations, it just insults my intelligence and it's annoying. It doesn't really set out a practical programme for individuals and groups, which again I think plays to the elites' interests. It serves them well for you to think that the answer is to go and live in the woods. That way, you won't actually do anything at all. It's like saying to an ugly, lonely, depressed man that all his problems will be solved by living alone on an island. In a sense, this would solve his problems, but in another sense, it's not a practical solution. How realistic are his recommendations? Lots of these 'live in the woods' and 'get back to Nature' types have popped up over the last two or three years, but as I have pointed out to you all before, when you sit down and think about it coldly in practical terms, it's not a straight-forward business to give up everything and live amongst the rabbits and squirrels, or give up living in Britain and live in a foreign country, or whatever it is they recommend from time-to-time. Perhaps better to pursue a more gradual approach, changing your life little-by-little? Wouldn't a wise and genuine person be advising this and explaining practical steps you can take, eschewing all this esoteric stuff and telling you to keep your chin up and giving you a positive message (albeit while acknowledging realities)? Ironically, I was the one who brought him to the attention of this Forum as I move in that milieu. I don't regret it but critical thinking is in order when evaluating all of these talking heads. I am suspicious of all of them, but then, I am suspicious of everybody!
  11. The fear porn machine is human nature. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it.
  12. July 2022: The wankers are trying to start it all over again.
  13. I've been away a long time, having blocked everything out and focused on work. Could somebody entertain me with a brief update on the current situation, particularly here in Britain?
  14. https://gameruprising.to/index.php?threads/ladies-and-gentlemen-david-icke.34166/
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