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  1. Perfectly healthy people should not require medicine, but now that he has taken it, he may have compromised his immune system. If I were in his position, I would swear off any more involvement with doctors and the NHS. I have deregistered from my GP and should I require the services of a GP in future, I shall be attending a private provider and making my own informed decision about what, if any, treatment I shall accept.
  3. I never thought I would say this, but I wish New Zealand would now remove the Union Jack from its canton and give itself the Maori name. That would be fitting because, from the perspective of great distance, it appears New Zealand is now an open prison overseen by naggers, hypochondriacs and loonies. It is embarrassing that they still sport the Union Flag.
  4. Scissor-kick to the knackers? With steel toe caps or rider's spurs?
  5. I hope all you rebels have got the jab. Go on, get the jab. [To rap tune]: GET THAT BOOSTER JAB, I SAY, GET THAT BOOSTER JAB.
  6. Whatever the motivation for it, once thing is certain: we are going to be treated to reams of cant about what a wonderful person he was. I am already learning that he was kind to animals, a veritable Doctor Doolittle according to Sky News.
  7. I'd rather not debate it with you as you are very excited about the topic and, similar to a lot of people on here, you are prone to losing your rag and ranting and raving when somebody expresses an opinion that you don't like. I keep being told that Savile was a paedophile by people who - interestingly - seem obsessed by the topic. Yet I have seen no actual evidence that Savile really was a paedophile. Note: sleeping with underage girls does not make somebody a paedophile. The term 'paedophile' has a very specific meaning. Apart from that, Savile was accused of touching, assaulting, feeling up, being inappropriate with, and in one or two cases, raping, older teenagers and young women, but the evidence seems lacking. For instance, we are assured that Savile assaulted a young woman live on Top of the Pops. I must be a proper idiot because when I view the recording, I don't see Savile assaulting anybody. It could be that he did assault her out of sight, but evidence is quite important. Then we turn to the necrophilia accusation. Do we really need to discuss that? I'd rather not. It's not an appealing topic, but if we must, it would be nice to see evidence not just the say-so of some random person. Given that Jimmy Savile was buggering kids, feeling up attractive women and shagging corpses left-right-and centre, I'm frankly surprised he had time for anything else.
  8. Who says? Consider who says it, then think about it some more.
  9. You obviously feel very very strongly about it. I have no idea if he was all the things you say, but I see you have no evidence he was those things. Personally when I accuse people of things, I go on evidence, not suppositions. Swearing at me doesn't make your argument more convincing. I have done none of the things you accuse people of. I only express an opinion.
  10. That would mean everybody who works at the BBC is a sex offender. Clearly that cannot be true, but that would be the logic of what you say, so your logic is specious. I agree that the evidence against him seems thin and there are lots of obvious flaws in the narrative that hardly anybody discusses.
  11. I am not the only person who is sceptical about it. Others have questioned it. I am aware of at least two popular blogs that go into the matter in some detail, though to be honest, my scepticism pre-dates those. I was sceptical from the moment the story broke. And yes, one basis for scepticism is that it comes from the mainstream media, but there are other reasons. I tend to find that people who have been taken in by the Savile-Harris-Gad stories are approaching the topic emotionally or from an agenda-driven perspective (anti-Establishment or whatever) and not considering the facts and whether the allegations add up, which mostly they do not. I do NOT want to get distracted from this thread. The relevance of it to this thread is the propaganda angle and the credulity of people-at-large in believing fantastical stories without applying critical thinking.
  12. What's your evidence? Does this evidence go beyond what the mainstream media (including the BBC) have told you? The same mainstream media who promote Covid-19.
  13. To be honest and in all seriousness, I do think Savile was probably innocent, as was Rolf Harris. It is a different topic, but one thing I would say is that if the mainstream narratives are generally false and wrong, then we should remember it is those same people who pointed the finger at the likes of Savile, Harris, Gad, etc. I do wonder how much of it is deliberate distraction, using similar media manipulation techniques to what we now see with Covid-19 hysteria.
  14. To be honest, I always thought Jimmy was innocent. Little boy, little boy, little boy, I'll fix it for you - is what Jimmy said to me before he arranged for me to milk cows blindfold at his own farm in Scotland.
  15. Tut, tut....You heard the lady you 'orrible lot. Cease and desist! Stop killing grannies and little kiddies. Bend over for the jibber-jab and take it thrice. It's for your own good. And remember: you're doing it for the kiddies.
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