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  1. Hey, don't knock him. He's an accomplished fella is our Andy, you know. A real polymath. Potential Nobel Prize winner. Inter-disciplinary genius. Man for all seasons. Renaissance Man. In his dreams.
  2. This poor man. It may not be a popular sentiment with all here, but I do feel sorry for him. What can be said about it? It's just awful.
  3. And lo, Jesus said of the Covid Marshals and police officers: "Lord, forgive these stupid bellends, for they know not what they do." And Luke said: "Don't be such a soft bugger, Jesus. Give 'im a scissor kick to the windpipe." And it came to pass that Jesus decided he had simply had enough of all the bullshit and he instructed his disciples to administer scissors kicks to the windpipes of all the enforcers and police officers and busybodies and all the others who travelled and multiplied across the Land. And the Lord was pleased.
  4. Bear in mind in relying on any advice or guidance we give you here that we're not privy to all the facts, and you don't say if the drugs/treatment is critical/urgent and necessary, such as anti-biotics, or something that could be deferred until a complaint is resolved. Is it possible your friend could go private, even if only temporarily, to continue treatment until the hospital staff come to their senses? Who at the hospital is telling your friend this? Is it somebody with clinical acumen, such as a doctor or nurse practitioner, or is it an administrator/manager type
  5. A big prick gives a little prick with a small cock a little prick:
  6. "But I missed me headbanger's bonus...sob....sob...." "Don't worry love, they're plenty of overtime..."
  7. I can't guarantee it will always work because it depends on the other person being a 'reasonable person just doing my job' type, but in my experience, that sort of approach does 9 times out of 10. If the issue is still pursued, then I normally then start quoting the law - in this case, the illegality of medical discrimination - but I have a way of putting things across that is firm but at the same time doesn't bruise the other person's ego.
  8. If you're willing to take a tip, my advice would be not to allow yourself to engage on their terms. Your vaccine status is not relevant to your dental health unless they can specifically justify this, and at present it would be illegal for them to discriminate again you on the grounds of vaccine status. If you're asked irrelevant medical questions such as this, just respond in a polite but firm way that is sensitive to the person's ego by saying something like: "I'd prefer not to disclose that, as it's private, but thanks for asking." If the question is pressed, then follow-up with: "I'd pr
  9. I don't mean to come across as obnoxious or derogatory towards the people you refer to, but followers of football tend not to be the brightest sparks (exceptions allowing).
  10. I think you should expand your view. For a start, what you're referring to is a sympathetic celebration of a person's life as part of the cultural traditions of Irish and Africans, whereas what I'm referring to is gloating over the death of a person that many people on here didn't like. Hope that helps.
  11. Personally, I would never gloat at the death of a fellow human being. I think to do so would be in extremely poor taste.
  12. Complain about what? People are allowed to form their own opinions. I can't help it if you want to be officious about it. You're not the font of all knowledge (and neither am I, for that matter).
  13. Russell Brand is a wanker. I'm just posting this up because it's relevant.
  14. It must be that. It must be that this person is a secret agent working for the government and leaving messages on a 1,740 page thread in an obscure part of the internet. It can't simply be that somebody disagrees with you about something. That's not allowed.
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