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  1. Sounds like something for your local busy-body. The reality is that they can't force the average everyday person to accept the vaccine, as it's not practicable and there are real risks that this would entail. It is not widely-known, but there are legitimate medical reasons for refusing a vaccine - de jure compulsion is a non-starter for that reason alone. I myself have in the distant past been hospitalised with serious recurrent infections. I could, quite legitimately, refuse the vaccine on the basis of compromised immunity, and in those circumstances, anybody - whether an emplo
  2. Science is method and philosophy, not a theory in and of itself. If mainstream science is wrong about the things you mention, then science will discover this and change its body of knowledge. It will remain science, if so. I didn't interpret the original post as asking for something 'logical'. I interpreted it as asking for something that would work rhetorically. In any case, to continue your theme, thinking includes emotion. Thinking without emotion is for robots and computers. I am a human being. I have emotions and they do guide my thinking, whether I like it or not. I'm
  3. Mandatory and compulsory are not the same thing. Assuming that at least 80% submit to the vaccine, then I don't expect them to make it compulsory in Britain, as that would involve them in a lot of hassles and costs in pursuing the other 20% and avoidance will probably be made easy. However, as others above have said, I expect them to take steps to make it effectively mandatory for the overwhelming majority, which they can do by pulling various levers - employers could insist on proof of vaccination, airlines will require it, etc., etc., etc. Any such measures will be
  4. A name that reflects an affinity for science or freedom, or both, might be good. Or undercut the Left by using a name that includes the word 'People' or 'People's' or 'Communities', etc. Consider using an emotional term such as 'Abuse'. E.g. Communities Against Covid Abuse
  5. I should probably add to that: If it is true, you should be writing science fiction novels anyway, since nobody will believe you.
  6. If this is not true, you should be writing science fiction novels. If it is true..........we're fucked.
  7. Britain is still within the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act remains current law. The ECHR - Convention and Court - is an entirely separate institution to the EU, and is not affected by leaving the EU, so your first point is not accurate, at least in a formal sense.
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