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  1. It's the soft approach to coercing people to be injected. For those who find workarounds for the restrictions on freedoms imposed for the unvaxed, then it will be arrest, detention and forced injections.
  2. Thanks. Not bothered about likes. If it resonates even with a couple of people it's all good. I doubt the PTB will limit their crushing of dissent only to social media. The framing of dissent as deliberate sabotage is dangerously close to framing it as domestic terrorism.
  3. The terminology used in that post is interesting. "Disinformation" and not "misinformation". A definition of those terms: Misinformation: information that is false, but which may be believed by the person spreading it, or posted in good faith. It can also be posted in “bad faith,” or with a political goal in mind, but be believed to be true at the same time. Disinformation: false information which the person spreading it knows to be false. They are essentially accusing those who are at odds with their narrative as knowing that the PTB are right but are choosing to spread lies about it all. They're not viewing us as simply misinformed people offering views we believe in. There is a darker meaning to their choice of words that doesn't bode well for dissenters
  4. Achieving their vax targets... I wonder if there is a specific percentage number for vaccinating "the herd" that ensures the effective modification of the human genome in future generations? Perhaps the current Vax they're rolling out is one that culls the older population and the medical personnel who could help them and the next round of jabs, led by "virus mutation" will be the real genome-altering drugs? It was odd that they would simultaneously be expecting a high percentage of adverse events whilst insisting that the medical and caring professions are first in line for injecting. There is so much about this scamdemic that is downright eugenically sinister and way beyond simply enriching an elite few
  5. The best way to counter a feeling of doom and gloom is to plan and create alternative options for ourselves. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. Being stuck in a situation that is visibly deteriorating and having no path out of it is soul destroying. Simply knowing you have bailout options that you can use if you need to lessens the impact of what's happening around you. It keeps your spirits higher than they would be if you felt utterly trapped. Realistically, there will be a lot of people bailing out of this society if the oppression intensifies and researching, planning and arranging your own bailout strategy is empowering. You choose what it will be
  6. No offence taken and I hope you haven't taken any too. Sounds like things aren't great for you at the moment. You're right about keeping stuff light and it's good to share what we feel. For me that's the real value of this forum; knowing what we feel is being felt by others too. It's a very good antidote to the enforced isolation they would have us suffer
  7. The image of her bouncing up and down on his head has scarred me for life
  8. Perhaps a single slightly thicker horn with a bulbous end placed in the middle of his forehead would be another artistic option for you?
  9. Hmmm. I suspect what's planned for the masses is for us to be much less human than we currently are
  10. Lol was that actually a post-party pic of boris?
  11. Ah, I didn't realise you were on a mission to make Boris attractive. Tbh I'd have thought that would be an impossibility. Perhaps he could get some makeup tips from Miranda
  12. It must be. Is that a pic of your ideal partner lol?
  13. Where's his white eye circles and big red nose?
  14. Lol five days? I can last longer than that
  15. Maybe WE should be asking people if they're vaccinated or not and telling those that have been vaxxed to stay at a safe distance away from us. We don't want to be infected by whatever has been injected into them...
  16. I think I may just refer to those foolish people who have sheepishly succumbed to being experimented on as "the infected", as that is what they now are
  17. It is something to consider. Is the mRNA transferable person to person via intimate contact and is there a risk in having children with someone who has been vaxxed? Lol arguably there is the issue of would you actually want to have children with someone who had slavishly had the jab?
  18. Just a quick question... Is there any risk of contracting vax via sex with someone who has been jabbed? Personally, I'm beginning to view the jabbed as the infected. Infected with what we will surely find out, but in the meantime is it safe to bang them?
  19. BBC news suggesting self catering holidays may be allowed at Easter as "cases" are declining. Another glimmer of hope for people that they can remove at the last minute?
  20. What would send more people off the edge into depression would be announcing a relaxing of lockdown so people can plan/book holidays and get togethers then cancel the relaxing of lockdown at the last minute. Again
  21. That is true. Lost count of the number of people that refuse to read the legitimate docs I've sent them links to. "Can't be arsed" seems to be a prevalent response
  22. True, as well as allowing it to happen and covertly encouraging it because it fits the overall agenda
  23. It's a messed up country when Farage and Galloway are the voices of reason
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