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  1. I agree In the short time I've been in this forum I've stumbled across a lot of very good info, links and alternative perspectives that have given me much insight into the bigger picture of what's happening around us. Even some of the obvious shill posts have been indicators in themselves of things that should be looked at. Right through it all I've said a few times that there was some vital information missing to finish the Jigsaw and see what the picture was. It wasn't missing. I was just too naïve to believe it could actually be true; that the elites could again be trying to recreate humanity into an image the elites have chosen for us. If one takes a resurgence of eugenics in elite thinking as a starting point then the last 12 months starts to make sense. "Rushed" jabs that were quite likely to have already been prepared in advance, WHO declaring global pandemic when there was only a handful of cases outside of China, the lockdowns and psychological warfare to soften up and depress the masses, the grossly exaggerated lockstep fear mongering from the media, the flawed PCR tests run at excessively high cycles, the ignored disappearance of normal flu and the obvious hijacking of seasonal flu stats for "covid"... And now the moves to mandate or coerce everyone into having the injections. The last 12 months has been deliberately created drama to get to this point where gene-altering injections are going into submissive arms and the modifications and culling can begin. They have thrown their lot completely into this now and cannot go back without a massive public inquisition across all the facets of government, media and science. They have no choice but to continue down this path and force compliance with ever increasing force. Things will get much worse for the non-compliant and those who dissent. Arguably, their commitment is their Achilles heel. Where do they go when the steam runs out on their fear campaign and propaganda? All they will have left will be to use blunt force. I suspect that's when people will say enough and fight back
  2. Israel is certainly leading the way in covid passports, a key element in the coersion of people into being jabbed with gene-altering medication. And there was never anything socialist in national socialism beyond being a label they gave themselves. Nationalistic certainly, socialistic not at all. White Northern European supremacists is what they really were and their ideology was underpinned by eugenics (which was also a popular concept in elite circles in other states and countries at the time).
  3. Left wing ideas were never mixed with nationalism in anything other than a name/label. Nationalism has only ever been a lowest denominator vehicle to pull numbers of disaffected people behind certain political activities. And left wing is to be frank, just that. The left wing of our illusiory "democracy". Integral to the oppressive structure that dominates us. What is happening now is without doubt is an organised coup to create a technocratic dictatorship that is resurrecting the eugenic imperative that Nazi Germany managed to horrify the world with. They must believe enough time has elapsed for the horrors of eugenics to have fallen out of the collective memory. Kill off the elderly (the last link to the memories) and disturbingly have israel cheerleading the agenda.
  4. It does seem like our lapdog politicians are eager to please their masters
  5. It seems, to me at least, that the elites have given groups on the left the societal freedom to advance their own pet agendas knowing how extreme those agendas would be; given them enough rope to hang themselves in the consciousness of an occupied public. Meanwhile, the real agenda to manufacture justification for injecting gene-altering drugs into everyone trundles on unimpeded
  6. We no longer have much of a left left. Starmer's labour has blurred into the the Torys. My body, my choice isn't rhetoric. Its a basic human right
  7. If anyone has any doubts about how insane our world is being deliberately driven ... School band practice. Is this what we want our children and grandchildren growing up thinking is normal?
  8. I always suspected there was at least some element of eugenics to this covid/vaccine scam, but was stunned by this Corbett Report vid outlining the spiderweb of eugenecist organisations and businesses that many of the key players in this covid scam are linked to: It's also on the DI main site.
  9. Using the term "road map" implies and gives the impression that government has a physically tangible written down route map out of lockdown. Government has no such thing and their actions will continue to be arbitrary and whim-driven. Don't be fooled by the language they use
  10. I think "irreversible" relates either to the state of being vaccinated (once their injection is in you it can't be removed) or the deliberate destruction of the general economy and the impossibility of return to what normal was 12 months ago. Perhaps it's both or perhaps it relates to the irreversible imposition of a fascist NWO?
  11. I see what you mean. Genetic changes transferred to offspring so that would be a definite yes to the potential of vax transmissibility via sex, at least in terms of sperm/egg interaction. Whether that applies also to transmission via genital contact, in the same way as STD infections transmit, wouldn't be clear. Better safe than sorry I think. The potential of increasing need of genetic meddling to try to make the initial covid gene modification work (or perhaps prevent it from killing or disabling people in the med/long term) may well be, IMO, a real concern
  12. Didn't enjoy reading that. Barbaric animal experimentation. One thing that did occur to me though was the exponentially increasing amounts of additional genetic procedures needed to try to make a seemingly straightforward single genetic modification work. Each stage throws up more and more unanticipated difficulties requiring ever increasing amounts of genetic meddling. There is perhaps a parallel with the gene-altering covid injections in that the inevitable unanticipated negative consequences of what was initially believed to be a simple antigen producing mRNA insertion will require ever increasing numbers of procedures to try to fix what they cannot undo...
  13. It is very unlikely that the police will stake out my home to see if I'm having a bit of fun. I'm sure they have more important stuff to do like knocking old ladies to the ground and being the main characters in violent facist tiktok videos
  14. Don't! The BBC are actively helping the police and security services identify dissenters.
  15. This probably isn't the appropriate forum for revealing your sexual proclivities mate
  16. I reckon some of the ridiculously masked up solo car drivers and pedestrians where I live would pay good money for those
  17. Arguably, having sex for fun is a therapeutic necessity in these very soul crushingly dull lockdowns.
  18. Didn't get an answer. I can't find any info and wondered if anyone else had. Looks like it's safe sex only til I know
  19. Has anyone found any info on whether the genetic alterations caused by covid injections are transmissible during sex with an injected person?
  20. Hope is a double edged sword. Yes it can help us stay positive but it can also blind us to what's actually happening. Hoping for mass rebellion or awakening, hoping for the PTB to relent and return things to normal, hoping for some external state or force to intervene to end this dystopia are all unlikely events and hoping for one of them to happen may cause inaction in people, as well as leave oneself open to increased disappointment when it doesn't happen. Surely acting to give oneself options and choices and directing hope toward their success is a more realistic way? Hoping for positive success in things we can have direct control over seems to me to be more sustainable than blinding ourselves with hope directed at something we have no control over. Hope for the best by all means but plan for the worst
  21. I'd be inclined to think that those who were aware of what's happening enough to refuse to be vaxed would be the preferred choice for survival. If this is some kind of eugenic selection process, those with a strong survival instinct will prevail
  22. If you invert the order of events this last year things start to make sense. The ridiculously quick production of these injections is implausible and I suspect they were already developed and ready for injecting into people. The whole covid pantomime has been a deliberately created fake crisis solely for the purpose of facilitating the unleashing of these injections onto the masses. The covid narrative creating the circumstance whereby the injections can be portrayed as a needed lifesaving thing and hiding that they are gene-altering concoctions that the PTB have wanted to get into us the entire time. We have been played.
  23. The complete and total focus of government, media and corporate interests on injecting everyone with this untested medical technology is the thing we really need to be questioning. WTF is in that injection, that they would destroy society and the general economy, imprison people in their own homes, criminalize contact with family and friends, criminalize travel and holidays, introduce Nazi style papers to be part of what's left of society...? There is something deeply worrying about how quickly this has all happened and where this is going.
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