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  1. For me that would be lone drivers wearing masks and blue gloves lol
  2. I just blatantly stare at them incredulously like it's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen and then laugh and shake my head at them as I walk by
  3. The sheep are self-interested and mentally lazy and can't be arsed to look beyond their own noses. The scum who are promoting this enslavement, on the other hand, are traitors to the British people. They're not simply abusing the trust the herd has placed in them, they're actively working against the interests of the herd.
  4. They will release a different more potent one when this one has faded out. It will be factored into their planning. Maybe being excluded from society for refusing their injections might actually shield us to some degree from the cull
  5. You may be right but it may also be them sensing a rising popular sentiment against what's being done to us and they're trying to get onside with the masses again. If there's nothing else in their "reporting" in the next couple of days that asks the questions they have deliberately avoided asking, I will agree entirely with you on this
  6. Muzzlegimps lol. That did make me laugh
  7. Hmmm... A frazzled Boris using coded language, cabinet ministers dissenting from Hancock's narrative and I've seen two MSM sources breaking ranks this morning and pointing at the elephants in the room. Even the Lancet article odds posted this morning vaguely admitted PCR tests find infection where there's been no exposure. Maybe there is a battle going on behind the scenes between the spineless traitors who would hand us over into slavery and those who refuse to go along with it
  8. A quote from that Lancet article that glosses over the flaws of PCR testing "Testing for SARS-CoV-2 is central to COVID-19 management and has relied on quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. PCR seeks the genetic code of the virus from nose or throat swabs and amplifies it over 30–40 cycles, doubling each cycle, enabling even miniscule, potentially single, copies to be detected. PCR is thus a powerful clinical test, specifically when a patient is, or was recently, infected with SARS-CoV-2. Fragments of RNA can linger for weeks after infectious virus has been cleared, often in people without symptoms or known exposures" My understanding is they have been running PCR tests at 40-45 cycles and getting utterly meaningless false positive results yet they spin it as somehow still a valid test
  9. A turn in the media tide? Perhaps they've realised that the great reset is just a smokescreen for something far far worse or perhaps they are reframing themselves as being on the people's side before the news about the high numbers of deaths and injuries from the injections is revealed...
  10. RT news this morning reporting on a Twitter backlash against the WEF https://www.rt.com/news/516734-world-economic-forum-lockdowns/ Hopefully a turn in the media tide
  11. Someone posted a pic yesterday of her leaving hospital and the nurse accompanying her through the door appeared to be wearing a belt with a freemason buckle
  12. The queen representing the PTB's "nice" jab with the executioner's jab as the other alternative for the unwilling perhaps. Who are the card people though?
  13. Tbh what we are living in does have a 1930's Nazi Germany feel to it. Heard a good line on UKcolumn news... "History doesn't repeat itself but it does often rhyme"
  14. The media will do as it's told as will the government and "the science" will be twisted to suit the narrative.
  15. It certainly reads like that if the report is accurate. Scary stuff
  16. If Boris has a gun to his head (or there's a gun pointed at our heads we don't know about), it would be better for him to be open and straight up about it. Yes, his government would be thrown out if it turned out they initially willingly went along with the plan but he would be remembered as the prime minister who stood up and saved the UK from the horrors of a eugenic coup. It must surely be better than being remembered as a spineless gofer who meekly handed the nation over into slavery? If that's what's actually happening I'd much prefer to know and take responsibility for my own safety and that of my family
  17. He does look like he's reading someone else's script and it looks like it physically eating him up. Even his hair appears to be falling out. The normal level of deaths can't be the reason and it's obvious it's a scam but he is clinging desperately to putting over the narrative. Or else what will happen?
  18. I'd agree that it seems opportunistic but the level instantaneous narrative lockstep throughout governments, scientists and the MSM globally points to some serious pre-planning.
  19. I would think they have a more deadly version of covid ready to release if a significant percentage of people don't roll over and get their genes altered. This has been planned for decades and every scenario will have been planned for. I don't know if anyone else senses this but I get the feeling that governments are acting under threat of something worse happening if they don't comply with forcing their populations to be injected. Having to choose a lesser of two evils perhaps?
  20. Maybe she could offer to house the thousands of homeless in it. It's not as if she is short of other castles and palaces to use.
  21. Until the greedy mare distributes some of her vast wealth to the empoverished masses she has no right to accuse anyone else of being selfish
  22. A few pages back someone (sorry I forget who) mentioned boris' odd use of the word "irreversible" when talking about coming out of lockdown. I wonder if there's a battle going on behind the scenes at number 10 between the elites' gofers and elements of government, inc Boris, who want to walk back from this covid scam. Perhaps they've realised just where it will all go and are balking at it? Different cabinet members do seem to be saying different things to what Hancock is saying
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