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  1. I've shown believers that same piece of evidence of pre-planning and it didn't register with them at all.
  2. I suspect the Russian Sputnik Vax is actually a Vax and not something else. As for China, does anyone remember the mystery respiratory illness that broke out in the area of Fort Detrick a couple of months before the Wuhan outbreak after the military games there...?
  3. Who will enforce it? "We" are a disinformed, confused, divided, brainwashed population that can't even organise opposition to what's happening. By design they hold all the key societal structures that would be needed to halt what's happening and instigate a new Nuremberg trial. I've said it before that the intervention of China and Russia may be our only hope of stopping these murderous parasites
  4. We are at stage 6. Stage 7 will likely happen with house arrest first then relocation. Whether TPTB are psychopathic enough to actually do stages 8 and 9 is debatable. If they were then it would be a very hidden process through facilitating deaths via injections under cover of covid and it's variants. They could even send your body home to your family to bury/cremate with the statement "unvaccinated and died of covid". They will have learned from what happened with the Nazis' unsubtle actions. China and Russia are a threat to the plan. Imagine the Nuremberg 2 trials if China and Russia intervened...
  5. They do seem to be trying to divide populations along clearly defined and simple dichotomies. Divide and rule on a grand scale. Perhaps provoking a backlash is deliberate as it would justify amending/introducing laws that will be ever more Draconian?
  6. It's the only rationale that makes sense of the last year of highly improbable events, not least of which is the remarkably sudden appearance of a coherent unified global official narrative
  7. I agree they are breaking the code. But they are only a tool that stand to make $billions from this. I would think they have had to insert additional attributes into the injections, to achieve certain things which further the larger agenda, to be allowed to initiate this plandemic
  8. If the injections were already created beforehand, covid can be seen as a deliberately orchestrated fake drama to facilitate their use. If big pharma said to people "we have a new untested gene-altering drug we want to inject into everyone" they would be told to fuck right off. Manufacture the covid drama (perhaps even release a modified, hence novel, coronavirus to infect people) and people are queueing up to be injected. If it was just big pharma looking for profit it wouldn't likely work on a global scale. Add in the scientific, media and gov adherence to the same exact narrative and it becomes obvious that big pharma has been co-opted as a tool into a much larger agenda. Big pharma motivation is it will make $billions, but to be able to do this I would expect the organisers of the agenda have insisted on certain attributes for the injections; that the injections must achieve certain things that further the bigger agenda
  9. It seemed like a way of heading off any possible assassination attempt as now any "accident" would be widely viewed as an assassination. Seems Harry has learned from his mother's death
  10. With the withdrawal of general healthcare this last year, a lot of NHS staff are now surplus to requirements. What better way to permanently reduce NHS staffing levels than dismissing the huge numbers of staff that refuse their gene-altering killer injections?
  11. Poor woman. Seems many other people's reaction to the fear they've been indoctrinated with is to rush to get injected. By psychological design
  12. The final summary page of number totals of deaths and adverse reactions for the Pfizer drug is unreadable gibberish
  13. That link just added me to a telegram group that doesn't have any posts but a long list of people's telegram IDs. Very fishy
  14. The jolly yellow tabbards and coats can't hide what the police are being turned into
  15. Was gibt mit the shouty big text posts? They're not easy to read
  16. Weaponizing the domestic covid narrative for international political advantage?
  17. It's a dark turn in events. Change the law to legitimise coercive experimentation on people with untested gene-altering drugs and the echoes of Nazi Germany grow louder
  18. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14215751/nhs-workers-care-staff-forced-covid-jab/ https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/mar/02/healthcare-professionals-uk-moral-duty-covid-jab-vaccine So the blaming of the non-vaxed for continued lockdown begins...
  19. Bring in the army to work in care homes? Or perhaps just euthanize the sick or disabled then it won't be an issue?
  20. I'm always baffled at the unquestioning stupidity of allegedly intelligent people
  21. More fear mongering invention I supect
  22. Saw this on tiktok. Funny as f#ck https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMejvE8BC/
  23. Odds, I agree with you entirely on the daily fail thing. That surrender monkey hitchens was the last nail
  24. Yeah it would. Sadly, insulting them won't change a thing and like many on here I'm watching those I care about around me becoming brainwashed and getting irrevocably gene-altered
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