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  1. I know people around me who when asked about their take on this plandemic say "such and such a person died from covid therefore everyone should be injected". They have taken the experience of one person and extrapolated it onto the entire population. Exactly what the BBC does in its reporting. Try to point it out and hostility ensues
  2. ”It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled" is a very accurate insight. There will be a correlation between what's happening now and trying to undo the psychological damage inflicted upon Germans by Nazism post WW2
  3. This what brainwashing looks like. It seems so complete in many people that they will believe it when told that those who refuse to be guinea pigs for big pharma's experimental drugs are the cause of any increase in deaths consequent if the injections. The pitchforks will be out for us
  4. I've found it the same. Like speaking to a BBC echo machine. Weirdly, even some of those who are normally anti-establishment will talk about the need to fight against certain legislative aspects of what's happening but stay firmly fixed on the overarching need for everyone to be injected with these gene-altering drugs. Trying to explain the differences between traditional attenuated virus-based vaccines and untested messenger RNA prophylaxis treatments, and the potential implications on health from their use, is met with hostile wilful ignorance. Trying to explain that there's a much bigger picture is met with ridicule. I'm stunned by the apparent success of the psychological attack on people's perceptions of the world.
  5. People sat at home in front of the TV waiting to be told what everyone else is thinking and doing but everyone else is also sat at home in front of the TV waiting to be told the same thing. The power of having a locked down captive audience to bombard with psychologically destructive propaganda. A totalitarian wet dream
  6. The first thing we should be building back better is gallows for these government and media traitors
  7. I was thinking UK census as a means to identify as many people as possible to target for injecting and whatever else they have planned for us
  8. Me neither. I'm not a witless guinea pig for corrupt big pharma's experimental gene therapies
  9. Got a text this morning too and no option to decline. Also says "the sender doesnt support replies" so you can't reply and tell them to fuck off either. No option to block the sender as well.
  10. The insanity is never ending https://www.rt.com/news/518288-norway-journo-die-for-vaccine/ https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-vaccine-tested-babies-pregnant-women/5740010
  11. I'd laugh as I agree with you if it wasn't so fooking seriously disturbingly right
  12. Those who refuse to be injected will be blamed for the deaths the injections will cause. Is it time to run for the hills yet?
  13. I don't believe in coincidences where anything to do with covid is involved
  14. Can't help but think big pharma is just a greedy willing tool in a much bigger agenda. Governments are just corrupt and bought puppets. Edit... Governments are traitors to their own people. They're taking their 30 pieces of silver and handing us over into slavery
  15. Perhaps that's why they're also doing the census in the UK?
  16. Getting more like the England in Derek Raymond's A State of Denmark every day
  17. Notice they rolled out a female to give that speech. Keeping people safe from covid by attacking and physically assaulting them seems a sane and reasonable thing to do... for a Nazi thug at least. Police attacks on defenceless women is bad enough (and a rapidly increasing occurrence) but to do it at a vigil for a woman who it seems has been murdered by a member of that same police force is disgraceful. Who is policing the police these days?
  18. Oh fuck that's bad if the tweet is correct. You're right about the sheeple, though in mitigation their world view has been shaped by a corrupt media that doesn't give a fuck about their welfare. I find it difficult to feel the same way about them as that would be no different to what they are unwittingly suffering under now.
  19. Will we see government, "science" and media figures, who have been key in pushing these injections, held to account for their complicity in the murder and maiming?
  20. EU governmental backpedalling in the face of mounting evidence of the worse-than-covid harm's caused by the injections?
  21. Lol it's mad isn't it that we have to think up ways to circumvent our government's plans; that we need to be afraid of our own government. Using a really old 2g phone that is pre-gps, pre-rfid, pre-internet and pre-everything fitted with a new removable main battery seems a good move to me. As for being a Russian spy... Lol only a paranoid 77 Brigade newbie could possibly think that
  22. https://www.rt.com/uk/518048-vigil-clashes-arrest-murder/ Met police attacking women at a vigil for the woman attacked and murdered by a Met police officer. David Icke is right. The police are out of control
  23. Perhaps really old school 2g phones and a pocket 4g Chinese WiFi router for laptop internet would help limit exposure to the surveillance states IOT?
  24. Perhaps the real purpose of the gene-altering jabs is to make us more tasty and appetising for our new alien overlords?
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