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  1. Kier Starmer's role is to agree with the Tory government and to remove any viable political opposition that could potentially challenge what's being implemented or be a rallying point for public opposition. Btw just seen hobby bobbies on the streets writing down the number plates of passing vehicles
  2. Lockdowns are a deliberate and rapid strategy to destroy the working class economy. Why? Perhaps massive unemployment and widespread hardship is preparation for the privations of a war economy? Arguably, Brexit was a means to sever societal ties to Europe and negate a moral obligation to immediately fight within an EU military for the defence of an attacked Western Europe. The UK as airstrip one. Again. There's lots of stuff that only seems to make sense if it is put in the context of a planned Western war with China and Russia...
  3. "All my questions have been answered to my satisfaction" That rules me out then
  4. I remember reading something on the statewatch site a good few years ago that iirc I believe it is in UK statute law that it is a criminal offence to disobey ANY instruction or order given to us by a traffic warden. It hasn't been used before but I bet it will be now. Quadruple the police force overnight....
  5. The Office for National Statistics is the place to find stats on deaths. ONS figures showed an average daily death figure in England and Wales to be approx 1500 people (pre covid at least). Haven't looked at the current figures. Be interesting to see by how much the daily figure has changed and how the ONS are defining those deaths...
  6. We don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to difinitively create the final picture so we can only interpret and speculate. Currently we know something is wildly amiss but we are missing the last vital pieces of information that would enable an objective understanding. We are aware of what they are doing, the negative consequences of it and know about some of those who will benefit from it. What we don't know difinitively is why they are doing it. Perhaps the why isn't one specific thing and has multiple threads. Perhaps it is to achieve a single specific purpose. That information is needed to provide clarity and focus to unite people into a cohesive rejection of this social destruction. The WHO, WEF, UN, national governments and the Bill Gates' and Fauccis of this world will be beneficiaries but they are only the enforcers of the plan. Who is/are the architect(s) of it and what is their purpose?
  7. It would be an short step forward from using the military to assist jabbing people to using them to enforce compliance with being jabbed.
  8. Wokeness, BLM, Vax/antivax, Brexit, social distancing, mask wearing, even the official urging of people to snitch on their neighbours are all tools to sow social division and mistrust of those around us. Divide and rule is still their gameplan
  9. Getting lost in the petty machinations of US politicians isn't useful. Regardless of who is the puppet figurehead president, the unelected and hidden elites within the state structure, who are the real US government, will continue with their toxic agendas.
  10. I do wish people would stop refering to the jabs as "vaccines". They are not vaccines in any traditional medical sense. They are computer modelled RNA sequences that will add something to your DNA that wasn't there before. It is untested genetic modification and we will be the guinea pigs for it
  11. I read that email exchange and it seems to show that the vaccine is a computer designed RNA tool created without reference to any isolated genetic sample of the virus. I did read earlier, however, reports about research into the genetic make up of the virus showing that it has had genome sequences from the HIV virus spliced into it to make it more infectious to humans and that such an occurrence was not naturally occurring. The research was censored
  12. The UK media doesn't do journalism. It's just an echo chamber for the elites' narrative. With more deaths and suffering caused by the lockdowns and withdrawal of general healthcare than would be caused by covid-19, the media's collaboration with this corrupt narrative will leave so much blood on their hands the stain will never wash off
  13. Releasing progressively deadlier versions of this covid-19, perhaps covid-20 21 22 etc, would allow lockdowns to continue indefinitely and their severity to be increased. Imprisonment in our own homes seems likely. "Vaccines" are a money spinner for a select few but the overall economic destruction consequent of creating a need for a vaccine far outweighs the limited financial gains for that few. An average 99% recovery rate for a disease hardly warrants a rushed untested new tech RNA vaccine for it. The only reasoning that makes sense about the soon to be mandatory vaccines is that their primary purpose is not vaccination. A smirking Bill Gates casually dismissing the likely human harm these "vaccines" will cause sets alarm bells ringing, as does the rampant censorship of medical professionals and all informed dissent, the unidirectional MSM propaganda drive, the continual moving of the virus and response goalposts and the seemingly wilful destruction of the working class economy. Unfortunately, there seems to be many different interpretations/speculations about what is happening and that is adding to people's confusion and consequent apathy. We don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to definitely create the final picture of what's happening. We are missing some vital information.
  14. If aliens were to arrive on Earth, I doubt they would want to destroy a perfectly good human slave population. The last year has been a steady march toward our enslavement and ultimate dependency upon the state for conditional financial aid once they have successfully destroyed the working class economy. A cowed global population would be the perfect gift from the elites to appease an alien invading force... We all know the elites would sell us out in an instant to gain a bit of power
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