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  1. Or start wearing full hazmat suits for their hour of exercise...
  2. I usually laugh at them tbh. Cloth body condoms. Wondering when I will start seeing people wearing cloth bags on their heads with only small peep holes in them to see out of...
  3. Certainly is getting madder by the day. Have started seeing people wrapped up like swaddled infants in hoods pulled tight around their faces with large cloth masks and gloves on. Only part of them you can actually see is their eyes looking out of a 2cm slit. These are people walking alone on empty streets with no others anywhere near them. They look deranged tbh
  4. If depopulation is the aim then is the order in which these jabs are being rolled out indicative of who they want to kill off first and which group will be left to last? Kill off the elderly then start on older adults then adults in general, leaving the children to be the inhabitants of the future reset world?
  5. They take your money as well as take your account off you.
  6. To make people suffer so they will be grateful for their universal basic wage and enslavement perhaps?
  7. Labour challenging the government on something? It's just theatre and misdirection on a small (to the politicians) issue. If Labour were really an opposition party they'd be challenging the government on their deliberate strategy of destroying the working class economy, instead of rubber stamping it and demanding it be more severe. The current leadership of Labour are complicit in enacting the great reset with the Torys and we now have no viable political alternative. The illusiory facade of democracy we had before has been dropped and we are left with no political options to count
  8. The willingness to mask up, to stay away from others, to isolate and imprison oneself at home, to have a very suspect and utterly untested jab is not adherence to a scientific approach to combatting a deadly virus. It is a quasi-religious mechanism to gauge how compliant people are to the imposition of a totalitarian police state. Those who do not comply (and who are consequently potential dissenting troublemakers) are easily identifiable by their lack of compliance. That the 24/7 media hysteria and the government's massively disproportionate over reaction are so extrem
  9. Sent by the same PTB that are deciding our fates right now
  10. I'd laugh but I'm genuinely concerned that this has been planned. I'm wondering what Jobling, sorry, Johnson will be imposing on us next now Britain is essentially an internment camp. Weren't they British convicts sent to Australia before Australia was a nation state?
  11. Apparently, new strains have conveniently appeared and the borders are being closed. Is "fortress Britain" now prison Britain? Is this the moment when the repressive crackdown on dissenters starts?
  12. I was stunned by Boris Johnson's statement when asked about the reduction "I think that what we want to see is jobs, we want people in employment and we want to see the economy bouncing back. And I think most people in this country want to see a focus on jobs and growth in wages than on welfare (sic), but clearly we have to keep all of these things under review" Is Johnson delusional, blatantly lying or just taking the piss? His government's lockdown policies are destroying the economy and creating massive unemployment. https://www.theguardian.com/society/20
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