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  1. The first step in booting the non-vaccinated out of society? That the cultural aspects of a society that give it life and identity are now reserved only for those who comply
  2. I do wonder what the end of the first night the pubs open will be like. Pissed up brawls between the pro and anti mRNA vax. They have created clearly define sides people can take whilst closing every meeting place down to isolate people from discussing things with each other. sides now taken they are throwing alcohol into the mix like throwing petrol on a fire
  3. I agree with everything you say. I would add though that their fear is being redirected towards us
  4. The wilful ignorance and increasing belligerence of the tard majority is now stunning. Who will we be fighting?
  5. when the government can control when your tv is switched on and broadcast these messages to everyone...
  6. I'm from inner city Manchester and had never heard of a bee being the "city's emblem" before it just appeared everywhere after the bombing. Some regionalistic invention going on methinks
  7. what does a bee have to do with Manchester? I never got that
  8. it is getting out of hand now. I wonder how long before one of these thug coppers gets kicked to fuck by an angry crowd?
  9. Posted and then realised you'd already said the same thing "We are all in this together" as a slogan has always been a load of bollox.
  10. Classic disingenuous media. Not mentioned is that there's much less of the economy left to damage with each lockdown. As for the "we"...
  11. That is a very good question. It will be for DNA-based IDs and to be able to track post-jab genetic changes in individuals. But it could also be used to try to identify and map gene pattern correlations in those who present specific behaviours such as obedience and disobedience, compliance and non-compliance. Imagine the power they could have to remake the population into obedient drones using clearly defined and targeted genetic manipulation? Only eugenecists would need the blueprints to every human. if I've thought of that as a possibility, I'm damn sure they will have too
  12. Just watched V for Vendetta (2005) again and had forgotten how prescient and relevant a film that it was and still is
  13. National Day of Remembrance? Sick bastards have been the cause of so many deaths and now ask us to commemorate those they have helped to kill.
  14. I've used mobile phones for over 25 years. I dread to think what it has done to me
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