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  1. (10) Top 5 Real Alien Sightings Caught On Camera - YouTube The first video. Rated 5th in the group, between the two trees. I dont think there are any real photos or footage of tall greys, they fiercely protect their identity, b/c of what they eat (US) their vibration is the lowest for Zetas, so I automatically recognized what it was b/c you sense something similar to Resident Evil in vibration. So, rated the least important footage, might end up being the biggest deal in the UFO community. No one has gotten it LIVE ON CAMERA BEFORE!!!! I automatically thou
  2. Wasnt it around 2008-2017 when this was being seen everywhere?? Some fake, and some you just cant explain. When in the UFO community, this appears to be some deep space reptilian lightly related to Zeta Greys. Weird for even the UFO community, and most of them are relatively new to around 2017. The fact that they lack the cloaking advancements of greys, says they may be from the deep space where they dont have to cloak to survive.
  3. So, there is footage here. I am sorry it is a compilation, but its at 51.35-52 where you see a grey torturing just a baby, and at about 59 you see what one of them really looks like and how they can shapeshift and collapse to almost nothing. The baby was twisting in pain and the entity was feeding on the etheric energy. I didnt watch the whole entire thing on news year eve when I was supposed to be celebrating and just by chance realize that many so called ghost sightings are one of the many variety of whats left of Zetas living like Voldemort. (5) The Scariest Videos
  4. It happens very quickly in a blink of an eye, here is slightly closer I think.
  5. Look at how bent the arm is, its horrific. The issue is that this is widespread to millions of children by these entities at one point of their lives or another. No one has ever caught them in the act with the extreme stuff. I am inspecting baby and security cams for supposed ghost sightings that are actually grey alien sightings. What I wasnt expecting was finding something like this. As a Velma in spirit, I know a lot and I have known the grey aliens were doing this, I just never seen it caught on camera.
  6. I even more closely inspected this video. After the alien goes under the crib, you can see it moving through the cracks of the crib in the area until the video ends.
  7. I am not a mother but I am an empath, and what all the mothers are saying are that this kid is being tortured and screaming for his life by the sound of his cry. By closer inspection, I see his bones being broken and put back into place. Watch it slowly the arms being dislocated. I have known the grey aliens are into things like this, but no one has ever gotten it on video footage. The greys use adrenochrome for God's sake, so if you dont think they are torturing kids for their fear energy, think again. This is big news.
  8. If this was a ghost like others are claiming, a ghost wouldn't need to make itself visible. This clearly was an alien that shapeshifts, more then likely a grey, and the shapeshifting altered the cloaking, so you slightly see it as its going under the bed. Right hand side between the rocker and the crib, here I paused the video to take a snap shot.
  9. Screen Shot of Alien that goes under crib!
  10. They have his hand in a wave formation, so they are dislocating the bones and putting them back into place. Only a grey could do that. Possessed Baby Crib Surfing -Incredible Balance - YouTube Reddit took down my post, and actually they have taken down all post b/c they know my reputation here. WendyPeace in the house, so why have they taken down every post I ever made within minutes??? Over almost a decade now, they are my biggest haters. So, how does all their leadership know about me and never let me post a single thing??? He isnt possessed, that is a
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