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  1. She is from the New York Times! Its that the hair staying the same between the scales.
  2. I saw this lady bashing Trump on the news, and if your going to do that, make sure you spiritually check yourself. At one point both her eyes were open and one of them were completely black. You can see one side has a complete slit and already that right eye is completely about to be pure black with both eyes open. This is compilation thread to show hardcore evidence on the subject. ***tbc, I have to get these photos here one at a time.*** You see the scales on the right hand side of the head. Below you see the reptilian tongue.
  3. If I had not recognized the chaotic evil evil vibration with my savvy Reiki skills, no one would know this was an actual sighting of a tall grey. There are drawings out there of this entity, I dont think there are photos, let alone video footage. Its a rare GEM in the UFO community!!!
  4. I wouldn't doubt that is real, b/c we saw it with many hoaxes and such. Things like this even happened in the Revolutionary War. In our age, it just happens all the time. Its political cry baby story after cry baby story, to manipulate the emotions of the public in their favor so they can control the masses. I take everything with a grain of salt thus I research things for myself or go back to research things, politics favors emotions over logic. What Disney, the man with the MK ultra empire said, is that his greatest work of his whole entire career, was w
  5. The media is clearly using this story to make any opposition to the oligarchy look like some scandal. Maybe that was the purpose of this??? To increase the Illuminati's and the elites reputation, when they have none. Its a power play. A pawn game. I didnt make it to the Anon protest over a decade ago, but I remember thinking -- you could of ended up hurt from going. A rebellion is achievable, but it would be a lot harder and you would need a solid couple million. I am not saying it will happen, I am just making a comment about the statistics. Normally, that place has
  6. I am in it with a company that killed and abused an award winning Vietnam Veteran. The way they treated the man would make you cry, but they sit there as a corporation and LIE that they are there for us, when they really arent. Still no reply back from this corporation, and I will go public if need be, and the audacity of it all. They paid off so many lawyers, I may have to go to the American people for justice. We have all this going on, and this corporation got away with abusing an award winning Vietnam Veteran that spent a lifetime donating his time to others, but t
  7. The Pleiadeans, the ones that you got your white DNA from, side with women's rights and Native American rights, and they want humanity to have more rights at large and things to finally evolve here. I have an issue that 3rd party people were originally targeted b/c they didnt think one way or the other, they were the revolutionist in the equation, the Anons, the movers and shakers. The least able to control, and they were a threat to the establishment b/c they saw beyond the two party system. So, the fact that Q built himself up with what we came up with, is beyond me. If you isol
  8. In fact, we are reaching the space age, and the main group that has maintained what God taught them and the ancient races taught them, are the Native Americans. You want to fit in up there, you better walk the talk, or your a walking target. They uphold GOD's standards my friend. They wont cut your hand off if you steal, burn you at the stake, target a church, or any of that nonsense, but if you want to fit in up there, UP THERE, you will have to start thinking like a Native American. What did you expect??? I bet you expected a man in a cape too. lol Your
  9. Lucifer/Loki/Set/Saturn Try telling that the Illuminati he isnt real, would solve all the world's problems. Thier true identity being exposed is beginning to be more widespread. Haters are gonna hate. People who divide to conquer for corrupt political reasons cant handle the truth. That it is indeed humanity against the Zeta and Reptilian races. Thats what this website is about, and if you dont like that, may I ask you why exactly you waste your time here??? When we see things as they truely are, a corrupt force that even the bible
  10. I was talking about his tattoos. "Sand people"?? lol Lucifer is an Annunaki alien from the Zeta race. Its about humanity against an ALIEN RACE. You have a very limited point of view. I know his name is Loki in those traditions. I dont know if you noticed, but while you were twiddling your hair, and not having a single care in the world, Lucifer the ZETA grey race was trying to take over the planet, and people like ME and other TRUTHERS fought them to almost nothing. Skin color has nothing to do with the bigger picture
  11. Well, thats when I realized they were going to let Trump get to one lawsuit/court session, just to get them all in one place, and lock them all up in prison with their guard down. I dont agree with it, but I knew thats the game they were going to play.
  12. then explain the bricks, he is a GOOD mason? A needle in a haystack. Not saying its not possible then.
  13. There are no innocent depictions of pyramids. Occultist get them, period. Plus, builder = bricks = Masonry + Pyramid = Lucifer worshiper.
  14. The guy that was dressed up has a pyramid tattoo which has no other meaning then occultist activity. In fact, some are saying it is specific to child abuse. Then he has a giant pawn, then he has builder/brick tattoos (probably has never laid a single brick in his life) which is specific to Freemasonry/Masonry. Another man is claiming to be the 5th Element?? lol I guess it wont stop. The horned guy was Antifa for sure.
  15. In that case, they could of felt out numbered. Where are their colleagues?? I would not doubt it either if they just originally were egging on the more rowdy protestors or hidden Antifa gems. If it wasnt controlled, you are right, there would have been back up hours ago. Who is to say, this group of police were just innocent and out numbered?? It was their own higher ups that were making those decisions. but then yet again, no one in the history of protest, has a police officer opened up a gate for a protestor.
  16. Any pyramid symbol is the most suspicious as a tattoo. Pyramid scheme, Illuminati. A pyramid never has any other meanings. Bricks (builder) for a mason. Pawn for a pawn.
  17. Its symbolism for being a "pawn player". Playing for his Joker style gangster leaders. More then likely. I dont know what type of person would have a giant pawn tattoo that is honest and good. The bricks and masonry which we all know leads into Luciferianism.
  18. Bricks. Builder = Mason. and one giant PAWN chess piece tattoo. symbolism
  19. In other words, this is frustration against the corporations, and if fake news is going to lie and say we havent been screwed over by the rich, then thats some Anderson Cooper golden spoon. lol Politicians have owners. The corporations are the issue here, and if we cant get to the rich, then can you blame people for doing what they are doing now or worse???
  20. Watching the news right now. I am 3rd party, so I see both ways in some ways. No one is saying how the frustration got to this level. The corporations own the politicians and its overall American frustration against ultra rich persecuting and cheating the American people. Before Q absorbed 3rd party hard work, it was the Obama administration that was going after Veterans and 3rd party individuals. Then that continued to marginalization to the republicans eventually. The issue is that the government, bought out by the corporations, abandoned the American people a long time ago. No m
  21. He is bending over behind the tree.
  22. Olinda, Brazil, my sources say they dont walk out far from their holes to feed, and they only come out to feed.
  23. Also notice, how protected their footage is, b/c in the UFO community we have seen the rainbow of Zeta and reptilian sightings, but their footage is almost inexistent. It could be b/c of how dangerous it is to see these things in numbers of more then one.
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