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  1. They lost all their hands to play in poker, so this, that lifestyle right there, is done. They dont even man Earth's air space and they sure as hell dont have the authority on Earth. Their poker hand has folded b/c they dont make higher laws. Well, everything is where energy flows and the abuse of lay line energy, they are energetically bankrupt. Which means everything. Even in their world everything is about title and status, they now have none of that, and trillions of star people that are now paying attention to everything they do. CNN is saying right now atm that Anons are wrong and the pyramid scheme is right. How original. I am not a Q Anon, I am just Anonymous, but I knew a vast amount of the stuff before Q came out. Any who, CNN is making comments about people who understand the pyramid scheme and what they do. Its not rocket science. So, its an obvious agenda to muddy the water on truth. I thought they were going to take the corona virus thing and back down, they are bringing every bit of truth ever told now, and saying its faked. I would of cashed in then and stayed steady with getting away AT FIRST with some of the corona virus things. Nope, now its 9/11, its the many actors of Bin Laden, its all the hoaxes, the abuses here and over seas. Its all fake now!!! Soon vitamin D is going to a fake agent from Russia. sheesh!!!!! lol :)
  2. It could be a grill based on the shape of it, yet he has like 100 chefs or something ridiculous and a whole restaurant on tax payer dollars. So, since a grill is ruled out, it looks like a UFO. lol A small UFO so we can only guess who that is. lol lol BIDEN AND SATURN UP IN A TREE!!!!! KISSING!!!
  3. BIG NEWS!!! Posted at 5:20pm. At 5:17pm @ CNN she admitted to the vaccines being "over produced". 5:17pm New York time!!! Now, logically, if Trump gave millions of dollars to BIG PHARMA and then BIG PHARMA does not produce the vaccines they promised. Then who's fault is it??? Like usual, its Big Pharma's fault. I was thinking about this subject, then the old lady at CNN at 5:17pm admits that BIG PHARMA is over producing. Its one thing he didnt fight the democrats on, now the MAIN lady at CNN just admitted what BIG PHARMA is doing. Millions of upon millions of dollars, they promised certain amounts to the USA government and people, and no vaccines, b/c they embezzled government funds. He jumped right on it and said "whatever the dems and health professionals say". He contracted them out with tax payer dollars, now BIG PHARMA is saying its Trumps fault. You didnt give what you promised b/c you want the media to draw this story and give you more money from the government before you give what you were paid for. How everyone is suffering right now, and Big Pharma has the audacity to say we want to be PAID TWICE. This isnt a conspiracy theory b/c they televised every statistic and amount possible over months. Its been months and months and months, and they are saying that BIG PHARMA isnt giving what they promised. Then its Big Pharma's fault, b/c right now the media is drawing out this false story that its Trumps fault. Big Pharma doesnt have a reputation any more. Thanks CNN for sinking their ship!!!! I know, exactly, if your foreign this is a freak/sh!t show. lol lol Synchronicity, I am thinking about this subject, and CNN @ 5:17 admits that BIG PHARMA is over producing behind the scenes so they can get as much government funds as possible. Tell your boss I said hello!!!!! BIG NEWS
  4. This is really about how much the 3rd parties and republicans know about the pyramid scheme. *Insert GOAT Joke* One of their symbols. Just going to hoot my way out of this. Why the use of stags, I dont know. The horns maybe. Tweet tweet my way home and make some honey. By symbolism they fall. Any ways, what I came here to say, is that boycotting is going to need to happen over this. Not supporting Proctor and Gamble P&G and any others that are doing more harm then good. Making your own stuff, breads/bar soap/etc. Snacks as well which is the hardest thing for most. A little tip for the ladies: Shein.com AND Wish the ap. Shein you can get jewelry for $1 and dresses for $5. New aprons for $3, pillows for almost nothing. All types of décor for a fraction of the price. Cut out the middle man. This is not an advertisement, it is a SOLUTION for cutting out corrupt companies. You have to do this with prayer and putting/saving your money in the right places. Dont support the people that are doing this to you, thats my greatest advice other then meditation and prayer. I would say make your own stuff, but not everyone has that skill set. Even if that small 10% bracket of establishment republicans fought the rest of the 40%, you still have 3rd party support and vice versa. People that have seen the truth, cant un-see certain things. Hansel and Gretel being common place amongst rich elites (establishment republicans included). You can't unsee that. Within that 10% of establishment republicans there is a heavy concentration of goat and Lucifer worship. You dont believe in 9/11 conspiracies?? You might as well burn a bible, same God honest thing!!!
  5. I sent multiple emails to them back in 2007 that keystone was a bad idea, b/c it was just a plan back then. Hundreds of others did, and if they had listened to us, the thing wouldn't of broke down within a MONTH and leaked hundreds of thousands of gallons all over the pristine prairie. Fracking is the worst thing that can be done from an environmental standpoint which is a cherry to that sundae. They let them do it b/c they promised jobs, temporary jobs that mostly Canadians probably got. Drake got some oil money before we did. lol lol :) Let me get this straight, would we let Mexico or Pakistan drill a hole through us??? Australia? China??? Canada does not qualify, b/c no other country should be able to drill a hole that big through the USA. Are all Americans getting free maple syrup from this deal, and as far as I am concerned I want that environmental cleanup to make the grass look like it did 100 years ago. lol :) On a spiritual site. All of South Dakota and North Dakota was part of a reservation that the USA broke treaty with and stole their land with IN RECENT HISTORY!!!! You can freeze to death, some people lost fingers/hands from the water that they were using against them b/c there was nowhere to warm up. Some lost their lives, in a protest that if the USA government had listened to us in 2007/8/9, would of never happened. We had been protesting it since it was just a plan. Actually, they are currently starving and freezing to death even without the hoses being sprayed on them. Life is hard out there. You get extreme wind chill out there that makes it 20 to 40 degrees cooler then everywhere else, and they used hoses in the winter on disenfranchised Native Americans in negative degree weather. That aint Alabama weather. Thats a cheap shot that the South Dakota police department came up with. Let them spray some sh!t on Asians, Latinos, or Blacks. NOPE!!! Its basically the lowest thing done in recent protest history was the spraying of water hoses on the Keystone Protestors with limited places to warm up, some had to walk miles drenched w/water in negative degree weather. People were inured, lost fingers or hands, and I mean, to use hoses. The audacity of it, and over something the Canadians shouldn't of been allowed to do, bc this is the USA!!!! The police department abandoned the USA, in favor of foreign money. $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. Well, I havent seen a bigger bid of establishment republicans holding onto whatever power they have left. There are two types of republicans, the rich 9/11 involvement establishment power names like the Bushs/Chenneys/McCains, then you have Tea Party and Q Anon types. The second, the Q Anon types represent the poor majority. Called "establishment republicans" b/c establishment is another name for TPTB. "Propped up by the establishment." So, watching the 4am blondie on CNN for early morning news, and she is saying that Q Anons, the vast majority of the republican party, shouldnt have "representation" in congress or the government. I think the parties mistake is when establishment rich republicans, the minority in the party, were saying things about Q Anon and OR Anon related topics/Tea Party or the 3rd parties, they were respectful when they could of done what the media is doing now and ended it. "You want to come into the kitchen, this is what you have done and what you are doing". Yet, you believed in the American way that these filthy rich out of touch families deserved their voices to be heard in this democracy, b/c that is what America is about. Well, right now the establishment rich republicans are aligning with the Democrats to make sure MOST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY has no representation. CNN just right now, most of the republican party does not deserve representation in congress. She is talking about how half the country shouldnt have ANYONE in congress. If that aint a Bush-affiliates power claim, I dont know what is. When these people stuck up for themselves, the Bush + household names lost their own power, and they want it back. Power, to some, is even bigger then $$$$. People kill just for power, not for just the money. You have levels of evil, killing for power versus killing for money. Them household names never disappoint. I have family by marriage that is "establishment Republican". Both parents racist, and the sister is living off from her families money, didnt have to work a day in her life. Ruthless, hateful, perverted into the pyramid scheme. Do you really want freaks like that running things for you???
  7. Just as my "feels" suspected about this lady. She was planted for the FREE story on Russia. Logically, they could send in just anyone to obtain that laptop to make some ratings or continue their Russia bashing which is reptilian thinking (left/right/them/us). Well, we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!! Its not that the 3rd party or republicans, the plumbers and average joes, have actual Russian connections. They see the false reports on Russia as bashing against Christians and keeping humanity distracted and put down. For the skeptics, they joined in for the basis of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" lol lol, which is not some continued conspiracy or special secret programs that can be funded on min and low wage. 25% of the American military budget is funneled and financing the black ops programs. I dont know who is keeping a whole bunch of zombies that are eating us and our children in underground bases, but if you so get caught, your up for a rude awakening. (aka Zetas/Reptilians) You can forget about politics b/c if we can prove that one thing, your done!!!! They know I am going to let my people, Lyrans, Syrians, and Pleiadeans, tell the same story. You aint hiding nothing for long!!! They say the same thing, what is it called, playing cat/mouse. Slow releases. For those that dont about the inside "hamsters on the wheel" jokes about yours truely. Enjoy the same thing now!!!! :) :) Your just a mouse going through traps and being abused. HA!!!! Back at you!!! ***In addition to going after fake news, JFK was not on board with a continued ZETA program and funding dark ops programs. Since then we have had their own people put there that will ALWAYS 100% agree to those programs.
  8. What I came here to say and what others may have realized, the lady with the laptop they 100% planted there to get a FREE story on Russia, so if she was planted, then who is to say they werent responsible for at least some of the lack of security? People should watch how brutal they were to Anonymous Anons over a decade ago and the security has only increased since then. Where did they all go??? We know, those who work and dont sell out for money, that over 80-90% of your work force dosent go missing b/c its a "holiday" day, let alone not technically being so.
  9. Well, my favorite quote of all time, "never trust a politician" Obi-Wan Kenobi. It would be interesting if we started doing genetic test for political figures to see what men actually have genetic female wives. I think its a test you can do in a simple school lab, it dosent have to be sent out. lol I am curious. I am saying, if you were elected based off the public knowing you were straight, then you have to be accountable for that. No one would of voted you in. Its just a topic to keep an eye out for like Joan Rivers said "we will find out eventually". Thats going on in all political parties, and its women that breed children over seas and from the past marriages that bore children that are suffering on the backs of what shouldnt be even going on. Its a huge scandal. Women are a protected class, and they want to tell us that a man in a wig is worth MORE then US!!!! All those free surgeries they passing around on the backs of tax payers, and Europe gets a standard of 7 months of maternity leave, we get 2 months in America. If you want to sucker punch these corrupt politicians, start demanding things for women. They wont ever show up for them raises and we spend a 1/4th of our life just in pain practically. They talk about it, they never do it. B?c gay occult NEVER CARES ABOUT WOMEN at its CORE!!!! All that you have to do is SHOW people HOW these supposed GOODIE democrats have been treating women and intend to continue to treat women. We are NEXT on God's list, everyone else BACK OFF!! Its our time. In particular, specifically, if the political arena and the political minded, press the issue why we dont have European standards to child baring leave??? Press it, b/c then they have to say and admit that they believe the gender bending surgery of a MAN is worth MORE then the lives of our children and babies. Your going to have to have good talking points in the future. Get them to admit their fault.
  10. At this rate, the way they are rehashing this story over and over, they are going to start saying there is "no pyramid scheme", 666 dosent mean anything, the black cube is just a shape, and Saturn is just a planet. I mean, the media is bashing anyone who didn't like Hillary?? Anyone that does not believe in media story of 9/11?? Anyone who had followed one of the many gun grabbing hoaxes?? You don't have to be republican to understand some of this stuff, just logical or curious. 2/3rds of Latinos didnt vote for Hillary b/c her administration tore South/Central America apart. You think people forget about that kind of stuff??? Well the media thinks so. As far as I am concerned they are caught red handed with the death of JFK. He was going to make it illegal to report fake news with jail time, he coincidently dies before making any new laws after revealing he was on to them, and since then they have been non stop FAKE NEWs. Its so bad in fact, the average journalist reports LIFE TIME sentences worth of FAKE NEWS!!! I am 3rd party and an Anonymous Anon, so I am not playing the pick sides game here. Everyone, from minorities and especially WOMEN need to step up and be heard if they have been hurt by the system. BUT, so too the Veterans and the Christians who have been marginalized b/c it is a RICH BOY system that has kept down the "poor man" for far to long. Thats not skin color. Everyone who has been hurt needs to be heard. I am not going to hear from the media over and over on Biden/Trump, questioning why people didnt pick the gang LORD Hillary over Trump. Not even the Latinos liked her if you need more evidence then that of her incompetency. So, their argument on racist being the ones who voted him in is falling through the cracks already.
  11. They completely disabled my phone from sending messages and pictures, receiving voicemail, and I cant send pictures to my email. I think the only thing that it can do is call out. I mean, they are right, the CIA and Pentagon, that the video footage of that tortured child (on the other thread) will cause mass hysteria, NOT MY PROBLEM!!! If you havent seen the video footage, they were torturing the child so badly his eye's were sticking out of his head like Homer Simpson. Years ago, when I first saw that footage, I thought it was faked by the parents in some cruel way. Until I saw the head of grey (that I got pictures of with my phone and sent to my email) going under the crib in the matter of micro seconds. Its evidence of OUR children being tortured by aliens. I guess I did the same thing with the tall grey, at face value -- it looks faked too. I do reiki and b/c of my skill set, I knew exactly what that was. What has never been photographed let alone SEEN ON CAMERA EVER. Ever ever. I theorized above that there is no evidence b/c of how dangerous they are to see in groups of more then one. (as said above, I wont repeat so much on this thread). Keep it simple.
  12. He wanted a Rhino birthday party, wanted to be a Rhino for Halloween, and kids always want to see the RHINO. You will greatly regret the awakening and back lash that will result in the Rhinos extinction. (CNN JOKE) We all know that the only thing from Africa the King of fake news would touch with his sensationalism is an Ivory piece. Time to move over for Cuomo. lol Has me wondering what he looks like with his sh!rt off on vacation. lol Not that I watch often, but when I do. Better do those donations FAKE King before word gets out about Africa. lol :) He dosent fool me. Donate to all those FEMALE African rhinos!!!! lol
  13. At any point they can send in a buffer, someone they like -- like Drake or Rhianna, a large enough group of influencers and prevent the mass unrest that can ensue from the extinction of the Rhino. It will be a MASS reset to how people think and what is really important in life, and the first thing that happens when people think like that is BLAMING THE RICH. See?? You make it look cool, your saving the Rhino. and saving your a$$ with this thread. This is a warning, what you dont want to do to PETA and VEGANS is kill off the Rhino. Even I am scared FOR THE RICH and I have to deal with poltergeist all the time. lol True story. lol :) What you wont be able to control, is the gorilla tactics of PETA, Feminist, and VEGANS. Tell them to stop doing it, and start donating to save the Rhino. (them rich selves included) You were warned.
  14. Now, there is only so much that can be done, and complaining only gets you so far. This is something that will actually work, putting pressure on the rich about their involvement in the Ivory trade. If Rhinos go extinct in 10 years, PETA and VEGANS will riot and start burning down mansions and ransacking them!!! Now, I am not saying it will get that far, what I am saying is that if we put pressure on the rich to ACT NOW for Ivory animals (especially Rhinos) b/c consequences will cost them mass unrest. The smoke will not clear to rich mansions, starting with Newport RI and the KING of FAKE NEWS on CNN, lol lol....... in the mindset of PETA and VEGANs. You will 100% be held responsible for the LOSS of this creature on Earth, and YOU WILL be held responsible and be dealt karma. Now, what rich people can start doing as asset protection is donating to save animals like the Rhino and the African Elephant. I am not saying I would engage in such activities, what I am describing is the frustration that WILL COME if an animal like the Rhino goes extinct. It will be a melt down of perception which will lead to the blaming of the rich, resulting in PETA and VEGANs going after them. They know gorilla warfare and how not to get caught. It cost more then GOLD and MORE then COCAINE, its the rich demand that is creating the market of need. At one point a rhino every 8 minutes was poached to the point that experts are saying they have 5-10 years left. For the LIFE of RHINOS we take the HANDS of the RICH and PUT it on the HOT STOVE!!!!!! Dont do it again!!!
  15. The true identity of Lucifer is the Zetas. Lucifer/Set/Loki/Saturn
  16. Man, you must be into that pyramid scheming 666 stuff with that type of comment. Keep in mind honey, its a spiritual war, and only conservatives that have those talking points, tend to be into that Saturn scheme sh!t. It was all peaceful that protest until a few schemers ruined it for millions of people. Instigating it. Trump might go to prison over what God wouldn't even waste time on.
  17. I am not disagreeing with that all per se. I hate to bring this up, but Vietnam the higher powers had already decided would win for themselves. God or the higher power had decided to get them through this. Tooth and nail, blood and sweat. I know you want to fight, but first in line is women's rights and rights for minorities. Sorry bruh!!!! lol God got his eyes on us first, sorry. I bet you dont like it said that way, do you??? You pray and raise your funds while being devout to God during these harder times. I can see the synchronicity I dont need 100 years of time to look back on trends and energies. We have been doing it since the beginning with a YES MAMM', NO MAMM. and Please and thank you. Now God is asking you for the same thing, and your failing miserably. You can't do 4 years of prayer?? lol Oh please. I wont see you in hell though. lol lol :) You can fight it, but God is throwing at you his own stuff for it. Now, if there's anything that is disgraceful, that is. Beyond 4 years, I dont have a prediction for. lol I dont trust Biden per se (I need to see it to believe it, respect is earned bottom line), what I do trust in is the hard work of "YES MAMM, NO MAMM". lol and prayer. and actually evolving into the space age. We are the Earth Human Race!!! Turns out, God is not only GREAT, HE IS BIG!!!! lol :)
  18. The best way to have gone about this as Trump, is to let Biden screw up the economy by doing the same things Obama did, and to "rescue" America after 4 years is over, b/c the increases we saw during his presidency we haven't seen since the 90s. and going for the second term after 4 years is over. With a broken economy, America would side with someone who brought increases we haven't seen in 15/20 years. Everyone hated Hillary, keep that in mind, people of diverse backgrounds, and he got a landslide there on that basis. It wouldn't of been the case against Bernie though or anyone else. Instead, they are going sue his estate to nothing. So, just be wise that he will have to divide up his money to his closest people. I am staying out of most of this one, well I am catching up to it all, b/c I was on that "posting stuff on the internet" detox. lol I might continue that, who knows.
  19. I am watching CNN, and the Viking is the only one that made a statement to the police that it was Trump that sent him there. That is what CNN is saying right atm. So, I guess we werent wrong then??? Conveniently the first one to cave for a smaller sentence. They obviously told them, "if you say it this way, you can make this easier". I came on my own volition to support this cause, and "Trump sent me", have two different legal connotations even though for face value they sound exactly the same. For donuts and coffee probably!!!! He knows, for that bacon DOUBLE cheese burger. I am here as an Anon, so I am just making my honest observations.
  20. In fact, the guy from the 1997 audio that is trending right now among Anons, was more then likely taken by them. They take, they dont return, and they are on missions similar to this in groups of more then one. They go on missions that in their minds, cant fail. So, they are the only type that has the technology built in them as weapons as far as I know. If you see them in action as a witness, they get in defense mode, and they start jumping for you to kill. These things, the chunk machines of Satan, your practically better off with Satan then his brutes. lol lol jk I am just saying though. Which goes hand in hand with the lack of footage on them. Those who are well researched in the UFO/Alien community, know that the tall grey has only been seen by most people in groups of what??? ONE. Except with the military altercations. These things can go through walls, so if they didnt want to kill those military members, they could of backed down. You know what they were??? Witnesses. They are programmed not to fail and to have no witnesses. This mentality many drug Lords and politicians take as well. Its Brutal. (11) Radio History: Art Bell Area 51 - YouTube
  21. That is the hierarchy of the Zetas. Small greys "your better alive for Etheric energy". Tall grey "is out and probably traveling from point A to point B. Tall greys in groups of more then one, they are on the hunt for someone or something and you dont want to be the poor fool that gets that on camera or in the way.
  22. This would make this the rarest footage in ALL of the UFO community. The only reason why it exist b/c for one, behind the tree and bent down it looks like a small grey which there are probably hundreds of photos of on the internet. Plus, at least a hundred plus videos of as well. Its common. I have reason to believe they go after people for these photos/incidents that are clear enough. Two, maybe they were armed. I dont speak Portuguese. Like I said above, if you see a tall grey in a group of more then one, you are in danger my friend. They are solo for certain things only. They go in groups for certain things only. They see you in a group, and they are after someone, you go too, b/c you got in the way. Unless authorities or higher powers make them, they return no one they take.
  23. Well, when the haters come out to roast that is when I know I found something. Thanks for the compliment. lol lol :) You know why they are getting more normal people in at the News Stations that normally was a bloodline/hybrid job strictly?? B/c ratings will drop and people b/c of this scandal are actually effecting their views. The honest truth is that a REAL bad shapeshifter can lose the channel thousands of views in a day. You wont get a confession from them, I am just psychic. lol Your noticing old clear eyed people coming back, and new people coming in to cover it all up. A bad enough shapeshifter, can lose a channel 10s of thousands of views in a single day, they wont go back to watching/subscribing.
  24. I dont want to help out the corrupt establishment in any way by saying this, but if they don't pardon Assange, that's going to boil over and they will regret it. Go ahead and dont do it, but if you dont, its probably going to be the Diana effect for ya!! Try pulling yourself out of piles of T-Rex sh!t. Supposedly there was a list that Trump had that they are trying to prevent from happening. If you win and are honorable about it and dont end up in new scandals, then thats smart. But if your going to act like big babies and continue to ruin what little left of the reputation you have left as corporation owners. (and those bought by corporations) Then thats not smart. The American people are sick scandals at this point, and if you dont realize that, you soon will.
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