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  1. They lost all their hands to play in poker, so this, that lifestyle right there, is done. They dont even man Earth's air space and they sure as hell dont have the authority on Earth. Their poker hand has folded b/c they dont make higher laws. Well, everything is where energy flows and the abuse of lay line energy, they are energetically bankrupt. Which means everything. Even in their world everything is about title and status, they now have none of that, and trillions of star people that are now paying attention to everything they do. CNN is saying right no
  2. It could be a grill based on the shape of it, yet he has like 100 chefs or something ridiculous and a whole restaurant on tax payer dollars. So, since a grill is ruled out, it looks like a UFO. lol A small UFO so we can only guess who that is. lol lol BIDEN AND SATURN UP IN A TREE!!!!! KISSING!!!
  3. BIG NEWS!!! Posted at 5:20pm. At 5:17pm @ CNN she admitted to the vaccines being "over produced". 5:17pm New York time!!! Now, logically, if Trump gave millions of dollars to BIG PHARMA and then BIG PHARMA does not produce the vaccines they promised. Then who's fault is it??? Like usual, its Big Pharma's fault. I was thinking about this subject, then the old lady at CNN at 5:17pm admits that BIG PHARMA is over producing. Its one thing he didnt fight the democrats on, now the MAIN lady at CNN just admitted what BIG PHARMA is doing. Millions of upon millions of dollar
  4. This is really about how much the 3rd parties and republicans know about the pyramid scheme. *Insert GOAT Joke* One of their symbols. Just going to hoot my way out of this. Why the use of stags, I dont know. The horns maybe. Tweet tweet my way home and make some honey. By symbolism they fall. Any ways, what I came here to say, is that boycotting is going to need to happen over this. Not supporting Proctor and Gamble P&G and any others that are doing more harm then good. Making your own stuff, breads/bar soap/etc. Snacks as well which is the hardest thin
  5. I sent multiple emails to them back in 2007 that keystone was a bad idea, b/c it was just a plan back then. Hundreds of others did, and if they had listened to us, the thing wouldn't of broke down within a MONTH and leaked hundreds of thousands of gallons all over the pristine prairie. Fracking is the worst thing that can be done from an environmental standpoint which is a cherry to that sundae. They let them do it b/c they promised jobs, temporary jobs that mostly Canadians probably got. Drake got some oil money before we did. lol lol :) Let me get this straight, woul
  6. Well, I havent seen a bigger bid of establishment republicans holding onto whatever power they have left. There are two types of republicans, the rich 9/11 involvement establishment power names like the Bushs/Chenneys/McCains, then you have Tea Party and Q Anon types. The second, the Q Anon types represent the poor majority. Called "establishment republicans" b/c establishment is another name for TPTB. "Propped up by the establishment." So, watching the 4am blondie on CNN for early morning news, and she is saying that Q Anons, the vast majority of the republican party, shouldnt hav
  7. Just as my "feels" suspected about this lady. She was planted for the FREE story on Russia. Logically, they could send in just anyone to obtain that laptop to make some ratings or continue their Russia bashing which is reptilian thinking (left/right/them/us). Well, we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!! Its not that the 3rd party or republicans, the plumbers and average joes, have actual Russian connections. They see the false reports on Russia as bashing against Christians and keeping humanity distracted and put down. For the skeptics, they joined in for the basis of
  8. What I came here to say and what others may have realized, the lady with the laptop they 100% planted there to get a FREE story on Russia, so if she was planted, then who is to say they werent responsible for at least some of the lack of security? People should watch how brutal they were to Anonymous Anons over a decade ago and the security has only increased since then. Where did they all go??? We know, those who work and dont sell out for money, that over 80-90% of your work force dosent go missing b/c its a "holiday" day, let alone not technically being so.
  9. Well, my favorite quote of all time, "never trust a politician" Obi-Wan Kenobi. It would be interesting if we started doing genetic test for political figures to see what men actually have genetic female wives. I think its a test you can do in a simple school lab, it dosent have to be sent out. lol I am curious. I am saying, if you were elected based off the public knowing you were straight, then you have to be accountable for that. No one would of voted you in. Its just a topic to keep an eye out for like Joan Rivers said "we will find out eventually". Thats going on
  10. At this rate, the way they are rehashing this story over and over, they are going to start saying there is "no pyramid scheme", 666 dosent mean anything, the black cube is just a shape, and Saturn is just a planet. I mean, the media is bashing anyone who didn't like Hillary?? Anyone that does not believe in media story of 9/11?? Anyone who had followed one of the many gun grabbing hoaxes?? You don't have to be republican to understand some of this stuff, just logical or curious. 2/3rds of Latinos didnt vote for Hillary b/c her administration tore South/Central America apart. You t
  11. They completely disabled my phone from sending messages and pictures, receiving voicemail, and I cant send pictures to my email. I think the only thing that it can do is call out. I mean, they are right, the CIA and Pentagon, that the video footage of that tortured child (on the other thread) will cause mass hysteria, NOT MY PROBLEM!!! If you havent seen the video footage, they were torturing the child so badly his eye's were sticking out of his head like Homer Simpson. Years ago, when I first saw that footage, I thought it was faked by the pa
  12. He wanted a Rhino birthday party, wanted to be a Rhino for Halloween, and kids always want to see the RHINO. You will greatly regret the awakening and back lash that will result in the Rhinos extinction. (CNN JOKE) We all know that the only thing from Africa the King of fake news would touch with his sensationalism is an Ivory piece. Time to move over for Cuomo. lol Has me wondering what he looks like with his sh!rt off on vacation. lol Not that I watch often, but when I do. Better do those donations FAKE King before word gets out about Africa. lol :) He dosent fool m
  13. At any point they can send in a buffer, someone they like -- like Drake or Rhianna, a large enough group of influencers and prevent the mass unrest that can ensue from the extinction of the Rhino. It will be a MASS reset to how people think and what is really important in life, and the first thing that happens when people think like that is BLAMING THE RICH. See?? You make it look cool, your saving the Rhino. and saving your a$$ with this thread. This is a warning, what you dont want to do to PETA and VEGANS is kill off the Rhino. Even I am scared FOR THE RICH and I hav
  14. Now, there is only so much that can be done, and complaining only gets you so far. This is something that will actually work, putting pressure on the rich about their involvement in the Ivory trade. If Rhinos go extinct in 10 years, PETA and VEGANS will riot and start burning down mansions and ransacking them!!! Now, I am not saying it will get that far, what I am saying is that if we put pressure on the rich to ACT NOW for Ivory animals (especially Rhinos) b/c consequences will cost them mass unrest. The smoke will not clear to rich mansions, starting with Newport RI and the KING
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