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  1. The Sun has CCTV video of the incident. He was killed in front of his son. He was an old man and his son is autistic. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7017973/driver-dies-run-over-own-car-downhill-bolton/
  2. I think Biden promised so many industries a monopoly in the future technocratic era of high tech Super Cites in return for their votes and support. Infrastructure means a great many different things to communist-socialists and his huge multi trillion dollar bills shall pay off and pay for all of it. A Great Reset, resetting the balance of power and redistributing the wealth. Silicon valley, with 5g and their superfast railways will run the technological infrastructure of these Cities. Schools and educators. Green deal, anti-Oil and environmental and energy interests. Ou
  3. 'HipHop is the music of the people of our generation' - Seconal
  4. These are the works of the Gnostic Master, Samael Aun Weor. The pages above are from his book 'The Solar Bodies'. 'The time has come for us to understand that the Eternal Feminine is the greatest power in this Universe' - Samael Aun Weor 'The sun of truth rises in the human being and illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of ignorance and selfishness into the light of wisdom and altruism'- Samael Aun Weor Below you may download from his entire bibliography. http://www.samaelaunweor.ro/1 download_eng.html
  5. All out superpower war games. There's obviously a reason, it's a military reason and it's a big reason. I'd guess some kind of preparation or a defensive show of force. However with such a detailed press release, stealth obviously isn't their aim. Reminds me of the the Russian military parades, showing the world their power or maybe they're preparing for the fake Alien invasion. We know the Pentagon is releasing UFO videos and a report on UFO's in June as requested but the Trump administration.
  6. Agreed, I guess people might not know what to really say. It's tragic but also incredible. If we had CCTV footage of the incident it would make more sense. He must have either tried to stop his Car from rolling by trying to get into it or it rolled up from behind without him noticing.
  7. BORIS Johnson is to lead the fight back against the "culture wars" with leftwing attempts to denigrate British history and heroic figures from the past. The Prime Minister told representatives from the powerful Common Sense group of Tory MP this week during a Downing Street summit that he will be making a speech on the issue to push back on attacks on Britain’s traditions. It came as the row over how British institutions have been infiltrated by the left spread to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich with allegations that it was attempting to “downgrade Nelson’s heroic status”
  8. Biggest deployment of UK naval firepower since the Falklands war will set sail next month. The force will contain the first operational deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth. Britain’s biggest deployment of UK naval and aerial military firepower since the Falklands war will set sail next month in a 28-week voyage which will be closely watched by China. This move, which includes the first operational deployment of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, will see Britain use its power to bring other nation’s forces together such as the US and Netherlands.
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