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  1. Merriam Webster Landlordism noun land·lord·ism ˈland-ˌlȯr-ˌdi-zəm : an economic system or practice by which ownership of land is vested in one who leases it to cultivators
  2. DEFINITIONS AND DISTINCTIONS from Illuminatus Trilogy (Leviathon) by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.
  3. DEFINITIONS AND DISTINCTIONS FREE MARKET: That condition of society in which all economic transactions result from voluntary choice without coercion. THE STATE: That institution which interferes with the Free Market through the direct exercise of coercion or the granting of privileges (backed by coercion). TAX: That form of coercion or interference with the Free Market in which the State collects tribute (the tax), allowing it to hire armed forces to practice coercion in defense of privilege, and also to engage in such wars, adventures, experiments, "reforms," etc., as it pleases, not at its own cost, but at the cost of "its" subjects. PRIVILEGE: From the Latin privi, private, and lege, law. An advantage granted by the State and protected by its powers of coercion. A law for private benefit. USURY: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State-supported group monopolizes the coinage and thereby takes tribute (interest), direct or indirect, on all or most economic transactions. LANDLORDISM: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State-supported group "owns" the land and thereby takes tribute (rent) from those who live, work, or produce on the land. TARIFF: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which commodities produced outside the State are not allowed to compete equally with those produced inside the State. CAPITALISM: That organization of society, incorporating elements of tax, usury, landlordism, and tariff, which thus denies the Free Market while pretending to exemplify it. CONSERVATISM: That school of capitalist philosophy which claims allegiance to the Free Market while actually supporting usury, landlordism, tariff, and sometimes taxation. LIBERALISM: That school of capitalist philosophy which attempts to correct the injustices of capitalism by adding new laws to the existing laws. Each time conservatives pass a law creating privilege, liberals pass another law modifying privilege, leading conservatives to pass a more subtle law recreating privilege, etc., until "everything not forbidden is compulsory" and "everything not compulsory is forbidden." SOCIALISM: The attempted abolition of all privilege by restoring power entirely to the coercive agent behind privilege, the State, thereby converting capitalist oligarchy into Statist monopoly. Whitewashing a wall by painting it black. ANARCHISM: That organization of society in which the Free Market operates freely, without taxes, usury, landlordism, tariffs, or other forms of coercion or privilege. - RIGHT ANARCHISTS predict that in the Free Market people would voluntarily choose to compete more often than to cooperate. - LEFT ANARCHISTS predict that in the Free Market people would voluntarily choose to co-operate more often than to compete.
  4. Remember the magic R Number that controlled our nations rights and liberties, our freedoms and lockdowns. The ignorant fucks that played along are almost as bad as the manipulative fucks that fooled them. And now no-one cares, because no-one wants to remember the bad times, it makes them feel bad, ignorant bliss. Now, I blame governments and the powerful elite etc, but dude, the people, the masses, they need to take some fucking responsibility for their choices and actions. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice... I guess that makes me a voter. The biblical beast that men fear, is the power of the nation that intimidates man into a cowardice and compliance, against his will, that darkens his soul and extinguishes the fire in his heart thus killing the free and sovereign spirit that is every mans birth right and a gift from God. It is fear, ignorance and superstition that aims to suppress this spirit until upon death, it leaves the body forever.
  5. Surely their impartial, non-profit driven, fair and honest clinical trials would have discovered these deadly side effects... Man, Pfuck Pfizer and Asshole-Zeneca. They knew they harm people, they fucking knew it... But the money. That kind of wealth.
  6. AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine worldwide after admitting it can cause rare blood clots "The admission came after the company was slapped with a class action lawsuit in the UK, which claimed that the vaccine had caused deaths and severe injuries and sought damages up to £100m for about 50 victims." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/astrazeneca-covid-vaccine-withdraw-blood-clots-b2541291.html
  7. As the Russian saying goes "You invade Afghanistan, you return with Mujahideen ghosts". Power tends to isolate those who hold too much of it and eventually they lose touch with their common man. Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class-whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy. - F. Herbert
  8. Private prisons have lobbyists in D.C to ensure their prisons stay full and the doors revolving, because private prisons are 'for profit businesses'. And you're right, a cure is only bought once but a treatment is a return customer. The saddest thing of all, is someone old spending their entire lifes savings on medical bills just to winkle out a couple more months of a miserable end to life as they inevitably die, leaving nothing behind and maybe even debt. In first world countries, with the tax and technology, free medical care should be a human right. What kind of advanced civilisation can we claim to be when we can't even heal the sick, feed the hungry and help and home the poor for free from the excessive riches we have and create from the very Earth we where all born and live on. Surely we have a right, where's our sovereignty... oh yeah, the sovereign took it all for himself. War or food. Weapons or medicine. Life or death. I just don't understand our civilisation, it's as if we're all enemies and strangers, or maybe that's just the lie we believe that is used to divide us. God help the rich should the poor come to love each other. For isn't it true that the prophets the kill are the ones that simply preach love and peace amongst man. Bob Marley, John Lennon, Jesus... Maybe love is the weapon and the cure? After all, if the poor had a common compassion, who do you think would come to be known as the cause of all our shared pain since the beginning?
  9. That jank-ass Covid vaccine will make billions of patients for Big Pharma over the next 50 years. They've literally kept themselves in business. Problem with a corporations wealth being greater than a small countries GDP, is that it pays to remain in business and thus if your business is medicine, it pays to have patients, if your business is Prisons, it pays to have criminals and when your business requires you to create new business though any means necessary, we end up with death becoming more profitable than life. I believe this was one of the ways that Marx said that Capitalism will end up consuming itself due to greed, being an inevitable rot that was within the very core of Capitalism from its beginning. Money being seen as a more valuable commodity than human life itself. The Root of All Evil...
  10. Self checkout is quicker, but you always need one staff member to constantly attend to the group of checkouts.
  11. Thirteen point one million views of this thread to date.
  12. I completely agree, one of the worst things to become is psychologically polarised. A couple of sayings spring to mind: It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it. One should hold a thought like a bird in the hand. Not so strong that you crush it, but not so light that it flyes away. Seeing the world as polarised, good and evil etc, causes the fallacy of certainty and permanence to emerge to the detriment of the truth that it is perception and experience that changes ones point of view. It is said that the three curses of Mankind are ignorance, fear and superstition. Mainly, religions rule through superstition, states rule through fear and the mob rules through ignorance. Thus knowledge and courage are the main weapons to deafeat these three curses. As for good and evil, it will always depend on which point of view you choose, some being able to understand several opposing view points at once (I refer to the above sayings), understanding them simply as different 'reality maps', whether its the big or little picture will quite often turn good seemingly into evil and vice versa. Although a fan of Robert Sepehr, I do agree that when it comes to claims and information that may present a large stone in the foundations of one's knowledge, it stands to reason that one wishes to be as assured as possible that such large and important stones are cut true and thus sources and such materials should be presented, for not doing so implies to the discerning that ones work should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  13. The Gospel of St John - Dr. Rudolph Steiner https://archive.org/download/the-gospel-of-st-john-cw-103/TheGospelOfStJohn_(CW103).pd
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