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  1. If they're swinging and involved in ritual magic thats fine, the problem comes when they use black magic but this really only effects their own karma and is usually kept secret enough not to harm innocent people. As for being 30 and marrying a 19 year old there is nothing wrong with this in my opinion. Besides we have people like Crowley to thank for the many societal changes that have taken place over the last century. The 60's movement for sexual liberation is precisely what people like Crowley hoped to bring into the new age. Itachi, one mistake many seekers make is to look for
  2. Well of course it's time, he's almost 100 and that is the age. Maybe they're transferred into a younger host, or maybe they're given the young vibrant blood, full of life force, from a child to regenerate their aged bodies. Didn't Rockefeller do the same at the age of 100? They probably go to live underground with those Reptilians after serving a them for a century amongst the humans. After all that's the deal for selling ones soul.
  3. Fine, 'Let the dead bury their dead'. Its a shame swine Flu didn't effect all Pigs. A virus that was contagious only to bad people, now that would be awesome!
  4. Allow Sir. Humphrey to explain Britain's true position on Europe. We've had the same foreign policy for 500 years, divide and rule.
  5. Carl Marx pointed out exactly how the world could and should be. Beware great change and those aiming to implement revolution. Stability is the most important thing, followed by slow progressive change, evolution not revolution. Wether good or bad, stability is our measure of success. Also ends dont justify means for the means always end up altering the ends plus the means are usually meant to become permanent as the ends are never really attain (see, covid). Society is never bad for everyone at once. Its not so much a measure of the population in whole but ones importa
  6. All Shakespeare was propaganda. Theatre was a means of influence to Kings and Peasants alike. Very King James, Rosicrucian....
  7. I'm sure him and his cronies had an inside joke regarding the old fool and seeing him again just cracked up. They really didn't dare even assume he was laughing at him. They said he seemed emotional like he was laughing in sadness that we can finally heal the old...
  8. Oh and FYI. After floating the 'Roadmap out of Lockdown' get prepared for 'Lockdown Remains in Parts of Country due to Vaccination Refusers'. So put pressure on your Colleagues, Employees, Clients, Patients, Students, Friends and family members to get vaccinated and especially on those who are known to refuse, for just as during the War this is a social responsibility and we must all pull together for the nation and Britain and the children....
  9. I truly believe the establishment is so disconnected from the public that they actually believe most of us are stupid. Remember how Hancock laughed at that old man who had the first jab. Sure he was an old fool but do they think we're all like this, commoners, those of us not from the 'old school'. They think that the public are silly, emotional and childish and should thus be controlled. Of course the reason we wouldn't take a vaccine is because injections hurt, how insightful your majesty, very much too the point, maybe if we were offered a lolly pop after the jab we'd forget all
  10. I'm very suspicious regarding leaks. It's the perfect misinformation vehicle. Remember how Qanon started.
  11. Following the J & J vaccine story, single jab, 66% effective against Covid, safe and with no tears I believe that this is the vaccine to be aimed at children. The wide choice of vaccines is nothing but an illusion of choice and as 'safer' and 'effective' vaccine replace those earlier 'less effective' ones, the choice to get vaccinated is made easier and easier as they become aimed at progressively younger age groups. By the time it gets to parents choosing to vaccinate their children and babies, no more tears is the safest, softest vaccine. It seems new
  12. Its an old story. You want your workers docile, simple and not to bright. Just like slaves where bred, in fact the word 'mutha-fucka', was a literal description of a perverse act used to create docile slaves by blind folding the male son..... Im under no illusions there is an ancient ruling class, unseen, a hidden hand and they fool the seen leaders into believing these things they do. Although they're wrong, because they believe it, they don't exactly lie but they don't tell the truth. Takes a suspicious, conscious and foolless mind to see through this bs.
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