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  1. I got flu from sister in law defo so go figure
  2. I spat in a test once I opened it up made on China it came up positive lol
  3. I hope it’s bullshit cause my wife is full jabbed :(
  4. I prefer my own immune system and I agree Fck the nhs docs quaks live life to the full and luv everyday like it’s your last that’s the hardest thing anyone can do and everyone forgets to do it when your down in the shitter it’s hard to remember that rule you only got one chance at this . just saying lol I forget to live it a lot when your struggling but when you see it it’s fckn awesome
  5. This horse medicine is not a good idea ffs in any shape or form guys
  6. Think off it this way once you’ve submitted to being jabbed times your pride kicks in then you have to go with I was rite to get the demon jabs even though you know your fckd it’s like I got it I’m good where’s my fckn ice cream nothing to see here sick bastards have fcd the human race evil also !
  7. I was thinking if I get the wife to rub it on my back and legs I could have a mane like black beauty and legs like shergar lol
  8. There is no way in the world am I taking something made to treat a horse ffs
  9. I’m flu free now apart from the cough hope everyone is feeling better god bless Celtic
  10. I’m not conned buy the convid and I’m a pure blood lol
  11. How and I mean how the Fck can they not see that spaying shit up kids noses saying it’s a vaccine for flu is not the BIGGEST factor ffs sheep you got to luv em eh
  12. Put a face mask on when you can’t breath satanic bastards
  13. I’m finally coming good only just still feel a bit weak I tried a a chicken madras hot as Fck couldn’t taste our eat it all but after numerous paracetamol this worked the best next day I’m now 70% hope I’m in the clear Hope it’s not that shedding shit
  14. I’m sorry to say in my case it’s been too much sun but that’s another story
  15. That’s same here web I didn’t want to lie down thanks
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