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  1. Like what you said but that’s the way they want the awake to go bud
  2. How can the pricks bring lockdown back after they crowds they can’t Fck them
  3. Think I’m going to puke in my mouth this is so fckn wrong my message to all my fellow friends on here we are so fckd this evil in your face if there’s a way out I’ve not got it cheers all
  4. MSM full on censorship off anyone who doesn’t toe the cults line makes me vomit in my mouth.
  5. You gov has the power the people are fckd they do not know we awakes are alone we are fckd end off
  6. MSM is doing its job really well long MSM hope some day they can be held to account for there crimes but I it won’t happen that’s all folks
  7. Anyone notice the daily fail usually has thousands of comments now it’s been censored to a few hundred. just saying lol
  8. It’s not about the money it’s about freedom ffs free to live free to live free to live your best life free to breath fresh air every breath you take enjoy
  9. I was being sarcastic the muppets don’t see what we see bud and never will I’m at the Fck the sheep stage let them be sheep
  10. The uk was first for jab rollout looks like we will be first for the universal credit rollout small island let’s experiment on them first. Fck them lol let’s not play there game off fear and proganda again think more peeps have woke up
  11. What’s with the money grab advert
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