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  1. Have a rest bud chill out for awhile
  2. He went to uni thinks he’s smart lol
  3. Want a laugh wife’s boss big multi national company had a zoom meeting he say I hope all the anti vaxers get left with nothing can’t get in anywhere and disculded from society basically hope the rot in hell. I said get that prick to sit down with me and we will discuss it man to man. Wife said noway I need my job it pays the bills. Can’t wait to meet this prick lol
  4. Well we know who they Arse wipes gave the world .
  5. Be better whipping out some whipped cream
  6. Didn’t know they had them only in the Republic of Ireland I read
  7. Shedding isn’t a real thing all I have evidence
  8. My work mate double jagged told me Nigel Farage on GB news interviewed some doctor asked what’s the actual death toll from convid not from being admitted with something else over the past year I think or maybe two. The esteemed doctor replied well it’s a difficult question but 17 thousand would be the number who actually died of convid. my work mates like I’m not getting that fckn booster they can stick it up there Arse I’ve being trying to wake him up for two years and I think it’s finally sunk in. This was last night he watched it
  9. Nothing wrong with a tv if you’ve got the brains to understand what’s going on. it’s also the best way to see what the fckers are upto next it’s like a barometer to me . just saying lol
  10. Why is the uk going against the grain any ideas would be good
  11. Krankie was looking physically sick not being able to bring in more passports up here and again branded people who don’t take the death jab evil. I pray for the day she gets found out stealing 600k referendum funds gone she’s as corrupt as they come fckn put a blogger in jail for nothing this woman or man woman is evil. who the fck is she to tell me and mine to get an experimental jag. I’m angry but March on cause the minority will fckn win to many people are being killed but this to remain hidden anymore she’s going to pay for her part in crimes against her own people tranny cow.
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