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  1. Well the propaganda is relentless but also laughably easy to take apart when you do even the most basic level of research into alternative information not from the mainstream and their 'experts'
  2. Indeed he was. As was Brexit. Another saviour/messiah coming to save us all so just sit back, do nothing and let Trump/Brexit/Jesus sort it all out you helpless peasants.
  3. This is a very good thread with a bit more common sense and realism than the rest on here - As to people losing their sense of taste and smell well that happened to my sister in spring last year and she suspects it was covid of course, was tempted to tell her that in the past long before covid I had had those same symptoms when suffering from the common cold but didn't bother in the end, If the mainstream media said a symptom of covid was a runny nose there'd be people shouting from the rooftops that they have it.
  4. Thanks for that, makes a nice alternative to the Christian codswallop that gets spammed on here
  5. Fair play to Richard Madeley for asking the sort of questions Piers Morgan or that idiot female presenter would never ask although he didn't call Michie out when she claimed to be a scientist.
  6. It really isn't obvious to the majority I'm afraid, the types that go and vote at every election believing that the next puppet government will be better than the last. They are the kind of people who will buy into the media narrative that Hancock being replaced will be an improvement.
  7. The cult are aware that public opinion is turning against the current puppet government and how they've handled the fake pandemic. Hancock will be the first of the puppets to go followed by more in the not distant future. They'll be replaced by more media friendly puppets who will vow to "do things differently" to the last cabinet and then proceed to be exactly the same. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Should have been obvious he was controlled op considering the amount of MSM coverage he got on both sides of the Atlantic same as Ben Shapiro, Proud Boys etc. And what was his message anyway ?? Just more divisive, intellectual nonsense like Shapiro
  9. Yep, fake as F and without wanting to sound like a know it all I called it a couple of weeks back : https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/page/2159/&tab=comments#comment-281683
  10. Absolutely blatant, disgusting propaganda : - It's normal to be a genetically altered human - Anyone who disagrees is a racist bigot - Judging by the trailer all the bad guys are white - The kid's protector is of course black, yeah I'm sure if that freak kid went into the ghetto it would turn out well for him !!
  11. Or to improve peoples health, increase life expectancy, create technology that makes life easier Listen, I'm fully aware science is not the full truth and that mainstream science and academia is controlled by the Elite but at the same time if it wasn't for science most of us would be dead by 36 after living a life of terrible health
  12. Difficult to tell if that's real when the fella filming it is using a phone from 2006
  13. If it was solely about putting independent businesses under they'd just end furlough and keep all the restrictions in place. No, it's about running up absolutely catastrophic debts (we're talking trillions) and then permanently crashing the economy. The solution ?? A One World Bank governed by a World Government to "make sure nothing like this happens again."
  14. In the UK the major news networks don't copy each other word for word like in the US but they absolutely do all run the same main and minor stories each day it's obviously all controlled by the same force.
  15. That vid sort of confirms it for me - Either Brand is controlled op or he knows the truth but sticks as close to the official narrative as he can to keep his videos on YT for the advertising revenue. Either way he's a waste of time and any genuine truthseeker should steer clear IMO.
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