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  1. So if someone wishes death on people who have done nothing to them we shouldn't comment or call them out on it ??
  2. "Hopefully enough idiots die" I understand there was a wider context to what you were saying but the wording and tone was not good to put it mildly, the kind of thing that will deter someone for example who's unfamiliar with David Icke and decides to take a look at the forum.
  3. So if a member of my family died from the vaccine and someone like Darian said it was a good thing it would be 'judgemental' to call them out on it ??
  4. Uh, yeah he did, here's his exact words : "Just hold out as long as you possibly can not taking the jab. Hopefully in the meantime enough idiots will die from it," It's on page 1285 of this thread. I understand this is a tough time and we're under pressure but wishing death on naive and uninformed members of the public is not helpful.
  5. What am I feeling ?? That the tide is turning on the Covid1984 hoax. No specifics regarding timeframes or outcomes and there's still some way to go yet. If/when the Covid hoax runs it's course the majority of people will still be dismissive of alternative information and will still be getting their news from the mainstream media so will be susceptible to other planned 'crisis's' in the future but they will be even more desperate, poorly planned and easy to see through than Covid1984.
  6. Also sold guns and explosives to the IRA that killed hundred of innocent civillians and prolonged a completely manipulated conflict that resulted in over 3000 deaths the majority of whom were civillians.
  7. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen.
  8. Am I the only one today who feels like there's been or is about to be some kind of major shift among people towards the Covid hoax ?? Might be imagining it and it's still going to a minority but just feels like more and more people are seeing through it and once we get into late spring/summer and it becomes clear that the system are going to continue with lockdowns, face masks etc. while blaming new strains and also us plebs for not following the restrictions as an excuse for even more fascism, will then we start to see some proper pushback ?? I have no evidence for this but somethin
  9. Just out of interest what part of the 2010 Equality Act ?? It's a big document.
  10. Is anyone really surprised at this ?? Hitchens is a bring back National Service and caning kids in school type of guy. He's an intellectual, academic sort who lives in his head, is not intuitive and therefore cannot see the bigger picture, make connections and dismisses spirituality and alternative information as 'mumbo jumbo' etc. People like him are not the answer to anything.
  11. No way has this been planned for decades. It all feels thrown together at the last minute and a bit desperate, in fact it's been so badly carried out that a lot of people have been woken up that normally wouldn't have been. People like Icke and Alex Jones have been saying for a long time now that the New World Order masterplan is behind schedule because of growing resistance to it, if there had been no resistance would something as blatant and obvious as the Covid hoax have happened ??
  12. Should ask the MSM the question if nobody is catching flu anymore because of lockdowns, face masks and social distancing then how are people catching Covid ??
  13. They'll claim all the excess deaths are because the non vaccinated people have been infecting others with variants of Covid1984. Yes, the vaccinated people were safe from REGULAR Covid1984 but not the lethal variants of it and we need tougher restrictions on those who refuse to be vaccinated.
  14. I know what you mean about if the mainstream media hasn't said it then they're not interested. My own personal experience is that the best way is to subtly try and ascertain if there's any possibility that they might be open to alternative information. If not then just leave it and carry on the relationship as normal, it's what I've done with my mother, she's got the vaccine and isn't interested in questioning anything so I just stay clear of that whole subject. We're going through difficult times that are going to get even more difficult, my intuition tells me that it's bette
  15. Once the penny drops that lockdowns, face masks etc. will never end and once the economy and job market has been permanently decimated then we'll see a sizable number start to say no more. It will never be the majority though.
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