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  1. They're producing less positives with the PCR test for IMO 2 reasons : 1. Create the illusion that the vaccine is working which will convince those undecided about the jab to go get it 2. A short term relief from lockdown which was becoming unbearable even to those who believe the official story. Things as they were could not have carried on without there being major pushback. Give the masses a brief taste of 'normality' and relief before going back into restrictions and lockdown which will be blamed on either a new variant or on those selfish unvaccinated people who ar
  2. Don't forget to add man made climate change to the list of fake, non existent threats
  3. Would love it if you turn out to be right, I honestly would We all dream of a world without gimp muzzles, social distancing, vaccine passports, lockdowns etc.
  4. Out of likes. They haven't played the 'let's all blame the unvaxxed' card yet but could well be in the pipeline. A massive part of the hoax IMO is to identify and marginalise those with anti establishment views basically anyone not getting the vaccine, a full on assault on the unvaxxed via the media hasn't happened so far thankfully.
  5. Airhead celebrities without a brain cell between them reading their script like parrots. When the truth about all this eventually comes out we'll look back at videos like this the same way we view Nazi propaganda films now.
  6. Machete through the skull would be a reasonable response to scum like that. That video is quite honestly like a scene from a horror film or from a nightmare THIS is why violence might be necessary at some point, when the stormtroopers start arresting anyone who doesn't believe in the covid hoax under the guise of mental health then it's time to start considering all options THIS is why moderate anger and frustration is justified towards the Karen's of the world, it's because of them that things have gotten as bad as they have
  7. When someone points their finger and shouts "RACIST !!" that's when you know they've lost the argument
  8. Agree. I do not want to offend or hurt the feelings of the Karen's and other extremist Covid believers but I think a certain of anger and frustration is justified - If those Karen types behaviour was only affecting them then that would be OK but it isn't, their actions and compliance with the ludicrous rules are giving power and momentum to the Covid hoax agenda which is damaging the lives of EVERYONE including innocent kids and even those who know it's all a scam. Innocent kids are having their childhoods destroyed not because of the system pushing the covid agenda but because idiots li
  9. You know Karen isn't the first time a common name has been used in a similar manner - Billy no mates for example is quite common here in the UK, you think people called Billy take offence to that and run off crying ?? I highly doubt it. Get over yourself and like Robin who presents himself as some sort of sage on here you sure are a patronising individual aren't you ?? Maybe you should go meditate on that and cleanse it from your aura.
  10. Quick story - Young guy in a fancy suit knocked on my door today trying to get me to switch electricity providers He was wearing a visor My god he looked a twat Was tempted to take a photo but thought better of it But it's not all doom and gloom, had a plumber visit the house a few weeks ago and he didn't wear either a face nappy or visor and had no problem chatting with me up close, so there's hope.
  11. Karen is just a term to describe someone who has been taken in by Covid propaganda and gone to utterly ludicrous extremes like the woman in that video clearly has, I don't believe the term Karen is as bad as some of the others. How would you suggest I react to someone like that ?? For someone who believes in acceptance and unconditional love you sure are a patronising sort aren't you ??
  12. It isn't anger at all, I find types like her funny and quite pathetic in all honesty. What would you suggest I do ?? Go and hug her ?? Try and talk some sense to her ??? I'm sure she'd listen. I understand what you're saying about divide and rule and personally I don't agree with terms like sheeple or calling other people zombies/braindead etc. but sometimes you have to just laugh at others behaviour
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