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  1. So, I live in Australia and my workplace has issued us all a form that we are required to fill out regarding our vaccine status. It asks for evidence of the fully vaccinated, evidence and follow up appointment dates of the partially vaccinated and an explanation and medical exemption from the unvaccinated. There is no option for personal opinions. I have spoken to the union and they said it is a “reasonable request” and that I’m required to fill it out. not only does this breach my privacy, there are no “legitimate medical exemptions” that I am aware of for these death jabs. I am well aware that this is just a precursor to mandatory vaccination. I work in retail and I guarantee you the company I work for will not enforce mandatory vaccinations for customers. Can anyone help me? Is this legal? What should I write?
  2. The most cringe worthy catch phrase for me is “Covid Safe”. It makes me want to repeatedly smash my head against a brick wall. A close second to this is “Due to Covid”. I get embarrassed on behalf of others for speaking like this.
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