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  1. FCA in the UK have banned retail traders from opening any new positions in cryptocurrencies from 4th Jan. I think USA has also taken the same position. This prohibition is done on the pretence that the authorities are saving Joe Public from themselves. Nanny state alive and well! The short term effect of these measures could see a reversal in Crypto prices. But unless you are already in position, then retail will not be able to take advantage in the short term. So, if the authorities want Joe Public out of the arena, it follows that the authorities want control of it, because it must be a good thing!
  2. Ok so based on the vid and taken at face value, I would say that China is a major problem for lots of different reasons. I expect Farage will elaborate on these topics in due course. 1) Interference in the US election, especially if Trump is denied his rightful landslide win due to election fraud. Trumps apparent lack of progress is down to the fact that corrupt officials, judges, politicians are still playing the blocking game and some at least must be on the Chinese payroll inc Biden and son. 2) China's trampling of human rights/ democratic rights/ freedoms and direct interference in other countries democracies. 3) On Brexit. Farage understands what is required for the UK to take advantage of their newfound status. eg, less reliance on China to supply goods which we should be producing in the UK. This applies to many other areas also, like steel production, refining capacity, chemicals production, energy self sufficiency, defense capability, food production and much more. Perhaps we in the 'West' should start taking a look in the mirror, and take a closer look at our own leaders, organisations and institutions. Like the United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, World Bank, Common Purpose, Open Society Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and any other 'charitable foundation' that funds activism that undermines our culture and society. Absolutely agree. This is all part of the Socialist Globalist Corporatist Agenda which needs to be jumped on before we all end up as slaves to the system. Your freedoms will gone in the blink of an eye from which there will be no return. It's serious stuff!
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