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  1. Trump positioned special forces around world many days ago. He is arresting 190,000 of the elite. There is no chaging of the guard on wednesday. He has all the evidence which he has been collating over months. The vatican pope was killed by trump's troops long ago. They use a hologram. . Bill gates has been served. Italy, Germany, UK, Canada, were involved in the voter fraud. The vatican have satellites that did this. Every elite member worlwide are going down. This has come from high up sources. There are 250,000 chinese troops on border of Canada amd Mexico. Trump let everyone hang themselve
  2. Hi all. Reply to mandatory vaccines. Get your birth certificate under common law courts. Now you are a living man on the land not dead at sea under there maritime law Law of the sea. Your birth certificate enslaved you under gov statutes and acts. This gives you power where your not under any parliament laws. There corrupt. Unlawful, and no one can force you to accept a vaccine that is incredibly harmful. You are in charge what goes into your body, no one else has sovereignty over you.
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