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  1. Just going back to No Jab No Job Pimlico dickhead case, I seem to remember someone said they could not do it. Mate of mine is now awake and very worried about the prospect of getting stabbed since he is in the same line of job and other companies may follow. Is there any definitive reason why an existing contract cannot be amended? After all, companies do amend/update contracts sometimes but this change involves health choice and that may be the sticking point. If an employee doesn't agree to get jabbed and he was made redundant, would that result as an unfair dismissile?
  2. Another good idea from Captain Mac! We should utilise their tactics. The problems are there already but we need to point that out to people. We get reaction and we offer the solution...lot more solutions, preferably before the thinktank come up with alternative. We just need to promote the solution heavily.
  3. This is why I posted about creating your country. Basically, as soon as you walk into one of those pubs, you are in different jurisdiction. You can even set up your own police force to arrest the most hated. ( I bet they are laughing reading this) But it's silly to be discussing it in an open forum because as soon as you reveal your plan, they patch up by fact-check, start re-writing the laws and regulations.
  4. Great idea. Just print this and stick it on the windows. High streets would be ideal because there are bound to be many cafe, restraunts, bars along the way rather than one isolate outlet here and there.
  5. Never mind starting a political party. How about starting your own pirate country? Some people are already doing this. Before I can explain property, I need to go and study but it is possible. Like City of London is a country of its own within the UK, embassies in a country is under the juridiction of that foreign country, like a country within the country. Study the trust law and apparently you will own everything even if you have been conned and signed away your kids to the state by receiving a birth certificate, you can get them back so that your child/ren
  6. I even heard that the Corona virus can penetrate through the wall like ghosts. Anything is possible with this one. lol Now you are talking. Do you think the labs/manufacturers are infiltrated by bio mafia akak doctors, biochemists? If so then they might have to halt the vaccination programme. That would be problematic, wouldn't it? I looked at their CGT and it was more than the UK like 30%. My search stopped there. lol
  7. Have you noticed? When you mention about vaccines elsewhere it gets deleted. Minions are everywhere. India has started a massive drive to inject the population. No doubt, you will start to hear cases in the news. We have to wait and see for effect and to protect ourselves. Having said that we probably don't have to wait too long because effect can take place as quickly as 2 days. You know what pro-vaxxers would say? Out of millions, that have been injected, only a handful are damaged or dead in comparison. It is expected and pigs will fly tomorrow. lol
  8. I could live in Peru. Plenty of legal coca leaves and earthy people.
  9. May be it's time you hopped onto online teaching of your choice subject. Your teaching skill is transferrable. That PE teacher is making a million on youtube, OK that may be a tall aim but you might be able to make living in your own term. There is Skillshare and Udemy, Gumroad. Hate to see you come back to the forum to tell us that your body is now like this....or having to cope with cancer just because you needed to enter a building to face one person in a corridor. I think you are selling your life really cheap. Think of what potential you could create. Sorry I don't know a
  10. Thank you everyone. It was this video I wanted to know where it came from but it appears that it was embeded from this website, my bad. Right click allows me to save it.
  11. ...and one of rothschild died... Could it be that something is about to hit which they are not telling us, keeping busy with Corona/vaccine stuff as well as election and the elites have already headed deep in the underground city? We said years ago, when people start disappearing, it could be a sign.
  12. Can someone tell me how to get a bitchute link from a video that's been embeded in a post? With youtube, you just right click on the video title and it goes to that page, but bitchute doesn't have anyway to find the link to the bitcdhute original video page. I don't know if I'm explaining it right but I appreciate if you could help. It's probably something really simple thing that I'm missing. The usual...lol
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