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  1. 'Guys' like you are just there to discredit 'us'. Discrediting real investigators work and studies. 'Everything is fake, everybody is a shill blablabla) Feels like 2000/2005's again here! When being woke ment being open minded and seeing the world/goverments etc. for the shithole they are due to people's own experiences and believes. Now being woke means you follow every moronic trend or thing somebody else say without experience, science or encounters. Or dudes like you with the standard 'my ChaNnEl Haz 200763652729475757 FoolLOwUrs On THe InterNetz, MorE ThEN YoU' (bots and paid followers much?) Thats why i dont post here or anywhere anymore, everything is infiltrated and 'false-flagged' by devils like you. 'You dont agree, your a shill, your a jew blablabla YAAAWN, been there done that. Have fun trolling and spamming your shit video's! Cheers
  2. Dont worry arguing with these fools. "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." I just logged in after leaving this shit forum also, just to thank you for your post. Now look at these fake shills posting 'funny' pictures and mocking 'their own people' for not being able to understand a different view/thruth from another person. You are spot on and not alone in this shit! Stay safe and God bless.
  3. Can somebody please tell me how i mute/ignore certain 'users'? Some people really are hijacking the threads for their own benefit... COMMUNISM! fucking lol.
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