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  1. I feel miles better already having dumped the Facebook and read through a few threads here, even though the world is a horrifying place sometimes it's given me some peace of mind knowing there's a lot more people than I thought out there who think and question things that everyone else takes as fact. Thank you for the welcome :)
  2. Hi everyone, I am a 53 year old woman from the Midlands, I've always thought there was something off about our society and our government but was conditioned for a long time to accept the story and toe the line. Lately though, particularly during this pandemic which seems so BLATENTLY planned and false I've started to actually question out loud what he hell people are doing believing this sh*ite. My partner is of the same mind in some respects but everyone I know and even most Facebook friends seem to think I've either gone senile, lost the plot, or am just trying to be controversial- it's a very lonely place. This is why I've joined this site, to be able to talk about the real reality without mockery or nastiness. I just finished reading 'The falsification of History' which quotes David several times and that reminded me what a great guy he was, is and always will be. x
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