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  1. Hmmmm, 8.00am in Washington, so 1.00pm UK......so a while ago. Unless Agent Orange is in that ambulance, I am back to watching the snooker.
  2. The only deranged people are those that for reasons that I find unfathomable, view this Orange oaf as some sort of saviour. I can see nothing to inspire such devotion. 'Drain the swamp'.....what did that even mean? Anyway, rats/sinking ship....Kellyanne Conway the latest; "Instead of celebrating the accomplishments of the first term, we all watched in horror while the Capitol was run over." The Post piece depicts Trump as "increasingly isolated, sullen and vengeful," and upset "that virtually nobody is defending him — including press sec
  3. This is the real story, always has been, and sadly very likely always will be; Koch Brothers; “Lawmakers’ actions leading up to and during last week’s insurrection will weigh heavy in our evaluation of future support. And we will continue to look for ways to support those policymakers who reject the politics of division and work together to move our country forward,” said Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity and senior adviser to AFP Action, the group's super PAC. So that is the people that funded the 'Tea P
  4. The punctuation king has arrived, welcome! Bring you news from the good colonel? How frequently is Pompeo twittering just now? Taxi.For.Trump.
  5. Yes, the courts are politicized, to the extent that Agent Orange appointed judges across the country, mainly in his own image. Hangers and floggers you might call them. Potentially sympathetic to him. Yet, none would entertain this, none of them. When in front of the judges, time after time, when asked, the Orange big suit lawyers all withdrew any contention of fraud, they withdrew it, they said, 'these cases do not allege fraud........'. This is a matter of public record. No, I am more than happy that Orange sent a army of the best lawyers he could buy,
  6. The trouble with your argument is, as per my previous dozens of posts - the best lawyers that money can buy, and Rudy as well, have tried to find anything, of any consequence, and to get it in front of judges, some of which were APPOINTED BY TRUMP......and nothing, nothing has been found. I am very happy to admit, in this election, and in every UK election, and elections around the world, fraud takes place. Only a fool would deny that. But....in the Orange Fantasy Land, he won 'by a lot', but in fact, as his ally, and enabler, Mitch McConnell has stated the other day, the reverse i
  7. I talk only about facts......and I have more Twitter followers than Agent Orange.
  8. Nah, she is the mad Q-lovin' one. Madder than Mad Jock McMad. Plus of course let's not forget, Agent Orange legacy....Democrats control House and Senate, so she can introduce as many articles as she likes, gets her nowhere. Hey, I see even Rudy is feeling the heat now.......but he needs money for his hair dye! Seriously, he should have told his Orange mate on day one, this drivel was never gonna fly, and to bow out gracefully. But no, he could not see past the dollar signs......$20,000 a day? This guy is not even an election lawyer, he has taken his 'mate' for a ride.
  9. By the way, do we know who was to blame, for Agent Orange using the White House as the 19th hole for the last four years? Yeah thanks a bunch Barack. Take a look;
  10. I am all for consumer boycotts - Trump International in Las Vegas, I shall not be darkening your door! Anyway, Agent Orange makes history..... A decisive 232-197 margin impeached the outgoing president, among them 10 Republicans. https://lawandcrime.com/impeachment/trump-officially-the-first-president-in-u-s-history-to-be-impeached-twice-this-time-for-inciting-an-insurrection/ Any power cuts yet by the way.....no?? How about any news from Colonel Perez? Has Trump declared foreign interference, or triggered the...er......Insurrection Act??
  11. Very likely Orange will step down in favour of Pence......to allow Pence to pardon him. Agent Orange cannot pardon himself, seems to be the consensus.
  12. A message to you Rudy.... The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is looking into whether Rudy Giuliani “should be removed from the membership rolls” over his support for the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol in an extraordinary fit of deadly violence last week. https://lawandcrime.com/awkward/new-york-state-bar-association-looks-to-kick-rudy-giuliani-out-for-advocating-overthrow-of-the-government/?utm_source=mostpopular What a fall from grace, the man who cleaned up New York, almost single-handed on his hands and knees with a toothbrush. Now, a
  13. It can take a while.....just the bragging rights for a couple of days will do me!
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