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  1. The precise point, of my original post. My work here is done. The responses were all too predictable. This is an extreme right-wing echo chamber now. Most contributors are as sharp as a marble. Weather forecast here? Dull, with a chance of drivel. ¡No pasarán!
  2. They will be dancing on the streets of Toronto, Bucharest, Shenyang and ..er...Bromley tonight. Well done Emma, fair play to you. Immigrants.......I say sink their boats. Goodbye.
  3. I am going to ignore again any replies from the chuckle brothers for now at least, no time! Hey, no-one told I was having to crack some jokes, but I am happy to oblige! Here is one that I am certain that you, of all people, will like. It's not mine, it is from David Baddiel (I can hear Golden Roastie sighing already, stick with it!) It goes like this; An Auschwitz inmate who survived the camp, dies later of old age. He goes up to meet his God. God says to him, 'Tell me a funny story about Auschwitz'...and the chap proceeds to recount a humorous tale, no doubt involving swimming pools and the like. Once he has finished his story, God looks at him and say......'That is not funny'. The chap turns to God and says, 'Well, I guess that you just had to be there'. Amusing on so many levels, especially in these surroundings. I'm here all week.
  4. Ah, 'Forum Jew', do you feel better now? I nearly spat by decaff coffee out when I read that, fucking funny, thanks. You Jew-Haters make me laugh, you really do.
  5. Got a new word? Nooooo, really, shall we look just a little beyond the title? For you to try to claim Morrissey as some idol for the far-Right is......an oversimplification, I am sure that you will go away and recognise that I am right. (But not far-Right).
  6. Golden Roastie has a new favourite picture! Is it a Banksy? No, just a visual representation of that old poem, 'a little learning is a dangerous thing'. Try looking beyond the end of your nose, of maybe beyond the Jew-Hate websites once in a while? I have been reading this thread, and I can tell you I like the cut of RobSS's jib, a flash of colour against the dismal grey of many. Good work fella.
  7. Sorry, not having that. Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance with Morrissey will know that the very last thing this song is, is some sort of a rallying cry on behalf of the NF. Quite the reverse in fact.
  8. Yep, on the Mail website that's factual then. The fucking Mail.........give me a break! Make yourself scarce, before I set Bazooka Joe on you, he/she/they love the 'MSM'.
  9. Yeah that's the mural that got Corbyn into trouble.....it's about as funny as a burning orphanage.
  10. Is this person for real? That is the SNP, a separatist, nationalist party. I bet the Kimpton Edinburgh is taking room service orders already.......'this is luxury living'.....what a mug.
  11. It's Debbie I know...but Clem fucking Burke.... ,
  12. Well played Charlie....your were in one of the top 5 bands ever.
  13. I do not wish to put words in mouths. Do you believe that the Catholic church should still hold in their doctrine, that ALL Jews are responsible for the death of Christ?
  14. Yeah, you need to be dedicated to that. I remember years ago, I need to find the interview, where Nick Cave said something like 'I can either be a junkie, or a serious musician, but I cannot be both.'
  15. I always thought the Libertines were a group that I ought to like, but apart from two or three songs.....I dunno. I have heard Doherty talking about his love of old music-hall stuff and Chas & Dave and all things Cockernee, seems like a regular guy in fact. As a group, they always look like they are strangers to soap and water, and not in a Levellers crusty-chic way, more of a smelly bastard way.
  16. I beg to differ a little here. Of course you must judge right from wrong and say so, not to do so is moral cowardice. Hey, you say evil, I agree, on both counts. It is my business though to say that Sharia is a discriminatory backward doctrine, that deserves no place in any century, let alone this one. It is that simple. It is my duty to point out if a particular creed (man-made at that) holds half the human race to be worth less that the other half, that is abhorrent and wrong, and should be opposed. I think I can stop there. By the way, I do not view Islam - show me any religion that does not view women as somehow second class?
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