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  1. You should listen to some tunes, sort your head out, if there is still a chance for that. Walks like a duck, etc. Jew-Hate requires the least amount of thought, as far as I can see.
  2. Sorry what is that? Maybe post a picture of someone shaking hands with Jimmy Savile next? Just rubbish.
  3. What it is with these people who cannot see beyond their prejudice? They seem to have so many issues with ignorance of history. What do you have in mind by way of a solution? Many something...er....final? Lazy, in the extreme. Hey, you fellas must be glad that Israelis are pumped full to the brim with Pfizer, right? Care to explain what's going on there?
  4. When I can be bothered, I will call out the Jew-Haters, wherever they lurk. Kick over the odd stone, see what lies beneath, that sort of thing. Let me know when you have an original thought. Libraries gave us power. Visit one.
  5. Hey, glad someone's happy, I am pissed off. These Jew-haters must have spent....ooohhhh, many seconds researching their...err....'facts'. Click.Click.Jew.Hate.Website.Click.ReachforKleenex.Click....ahhhhhh. Literally, wankers.
  6. BIG letters, could be important and insightful, shiny and delightful........... no but it's a crock. And you know it. Oh, your life is so shit.....because of the Jews! Well guess what....boo fucking hoo. Yawn, re-hash of a repeat, wake me up with something original. I might come out to play for real, that would liven the place up. Fucking Jew-Haters, fuck 'em. Not an original thought between any of you, is there? Suggest you try harder. Suggest you get off the porno, read a book.
  7. At any given time, one of my favourite all-time tracks...might start a thread. 'You fed me, you bred me, I'll remember your name'
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