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  1. There are a couple planned, even one for this evening organised by Piers Corbyn. I am trying to help set a date for the big one. It has been deemed prudent that we seek the advice of any astrologers out there that might help us to highlight some key and auspicious dates for a successful march
  2. I have had a response that one should indeed use a burner phone. To late for me I hasten to add, but it appears as if at least some on the group are taking those extra steps
  3. You should be able to just use the link that I have provided. Let me know if there are any issues with that should you decide to join. You can then message people on the group directly and even call them although their number is hidden from view
  4. Hi BC Thanks for your response. So Telegram is a platform not unlike whattsapp, but without the intrusion of Zuckerberg and the like. Its an app that you download and you have to be invited to join the groups. It acts as an information exchange and has become my go to place for news and info. The purpose of this particular group is to get the numbers for an effective march in London in the coming months. Although I am only a participant in the group, the admins there would probably be able to give you a better rundown of the benefits of Telegram as a platform, but my understanding it is very secure. Dan
  5. Hello everyone I just wanted t take the time to advertise a telegram group that is looking to be very active in the months ahead in resistance to the tyranny that we see rapidly approaching. A tyranny that David has been warning us about for many years. I believe the time for action is at hand. I have been to a few of the anti lockdown marches over the proceeding months and have come to realise the importance of numbers if we are to effectively resist. Our rights are not going to be given back to us without a fight. It is a time to come together and stand shoulder to shoulder with your kin. I respectfully ask that you might take the time to join our group on telegram and that you share this link too share link https:t.me/UK_REVOLUTION Thank you for your time and consideration Regards Daniel
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