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  1. I’ve never lucid dreamed before. As of the past year, i haven’t been able to dream (weed lol) so I’ve got a long way to go. If dreaming takes place in the astral, id imagine it would be feasible to meet up with people, and to also get actual information from entities. I’ve started watching this dude Rumors Of Instinct 1987 who was posted in another thread. All of the information he talks about has been obtained from lucid dreaming. And it’s pretty detailed. I would like to explore this world myself. Anyone have any experience with lucid dreaming?
  2. Can i get some more info in the 1mil space colony? I’m intrigued.
  3. Dude with all due respect, every time you open your mouth-it’s nothing but Mollison. I don’t buy that this former pharma guy has all the answers. I’ve listened to his shit and seen his site and his ebooks and the entire thing looks like a sales pitch.
  4. I decided to give this guy a shot, despite my incredible skepticism of channeling. Already my sniffer was going off, but after i saw this in his free ebook about questions answered by creator, i immediately called bullshit. This entire thing stinks of a sales pitch.
  5. The stuff she talks about is pretty dark. She’s into EVP and reverse voices, which i don’t believe all too much but who am i to discount anything. She says channels are speaking to reptilian decievers and the entity that Icke talked to on Ayahuasca was a serpent deceiver, which makes 0 sense cause it was talking about infinite love and all. Again, I’ve learned not to blanketly reject anything but her stuff seems to be very cultish and paranoia driven. Its all very dark. She claims to be in contact with entities in the lower astral, which is similar to our world but very violent (gangs, crime,
  6. And also reptilians being 3D is confusing as well. Im thinking back to that image Icke showed in his talks about the ethereal reptilians locking into the middle chakras. What relation do the hybrids have to the reptilians? This confuses me because I remember in the Arizona Wilder interview her talking about all these famous figures shapeshifting into reptilians, such ad Bush, who are of these hybrid bloodlines.
  7. I’ll check it out. The only thing that confuses me is that these beings that he channels speak in modern language. I saw a bit of the one of queen victoria and she was using words like “download” which really confused me.
  8. I don’t know how to quote individual lines so I’ll go piece by piece. As far as Collier, I’ve only watched one 3 hour talk of his, so im not too familiar with his whole body of work. I’m very skeptical of channeled info, (Ive heard of Mollison but it’s tough for me to put a ton of stock into this stuff), so I’m not too familiar with the aforementioned “disinformation in his work. The stuff I’ve heard about the greys lines up. Most recently i listened to Bob Lazar on JRE and he was talking about how they don’t have sec organs and how they appear to act as robots, and would s
  9. Always been into this. I’m still kinda young finding my footing and haven’t permanently settled down yet so i have nothing but potential. Thinking about going into bumbfuck alaska or something. I’ve probably got a few years before shit really goes down. I would always go on google maps and just autistically explore barely populated areas and get super deep into urbex forums where people would find villages like these that were used for military housing. I think there’s one not too far from me actually. I might just pack up with the boys and make our own little community.
  10. Also please clarify if the Annunaki are the hybrid bloodlines. I’m not sure who created the hybrids. Was it the reptilians? Again, i really should have just put my head down and just blasted through the book but the information is all kind of blending together.
  11. Hi. I’m around 80 pages into children of the matrix. Im a slow reader and to be perfectly honest this is the first book I’ve read in 5 years. But I’m fascinated. However, I’m confused about one thing- the difference between annunaki and reptilians. I don’t think the book has gotten to the distinction yet but from what i read here and from icke, they’re two separate groups. I also hear of the “3 ET Groups” controlling earth, the third being the greys. I’m well aware there’s much more out there, as I’m also listening to Alex Collier’s work, but I’m mostly confused about the distinction between t
  12. It seems like the supposed next step in this is gonna be a bioweapon release. What’s gonna be your plan when there’s an actual deadly infections disease? I’m in a suburban area so i can’t just sit comfy. In addition, I’ve listened to a couple of Dr Kaufman’s videos and am aware of the fraud of most viruses, and the truth of “viruses” in general. What are your thoughts on historic plagues, such as the Bubonic Plague/Black Death? Is there some hidden history behind those? I’m aware that those aren’t what we would call viruses but they certainly are infectious diseases. I’m a little los
  13. Hey how’s it going. I’ve lurked on here on and off for a week. Been on an Icke reading bender for a few months. So far watched all the main talks on the website, an through most of the David Icke archive dot org collection, and am around 100 pages or so into children of the matrix.
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