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  1. Yeah I’m realizing this is really bad. I’m gonna go to the sleep lab in town today or tomorrow and see if they offer sleep tests. I’m 99 percent sure I’ve got apnea but i can’t get a cpap without a prescription. I can’t wait till this is all fixed
  2. I’ve been exhausted all day since July. It’s debilitating. I may have sleep apnea but I’ve also been panicked and anxious as a result. I imagine i need to fix both. Is there any breathwork you know of that will send you in to a very deep rest? I also can only stay out for 7 hours max and am a very light sleeper. Any ideas?
  3. From his book “Defending Sacred Grounds.” On one hand this guy isn’t selling anything besides shitty webinars. He does seem to be genuinely autistic about his stuff in fairness, but everything else about him screams quack. Earth Changes from the Andromedan Perspective Figuring in the Expulsion of ET Races by 2003: [10] We are going to have to become more responsible and exercise our free will, because there are going to be earth changes. People that live on coastal areas have a problem. The oceans are going to rise at least 200 feet between 1996 and 2008. The ice cap at the South Pole is going to slip. The ocean will not reach Denver, but will get as far as Lake Mead in the West. Most of the East coast will be all right except for areas in Florida and an area in Georgia. The panhandle of Texas will be under water for two years. [11] Around 2011, our Sun will undergo a 180 degree pole shift. It is literally going to turn on its axis. [12] All of the continents which border the Pacific will be affected by tidal waves because of eruptions of volcanoes in the ocean. The French nuclear test in December created a seven mile long crack in the crust at the bottom of the ocean. These people are crazy, folks, absolutely crazy. We know how to destroy ourselves. We have that down to a science. We don't need to be testing these. We can't use them anyway. [13] Within the next 10 years, the major cities in the United States will be under quarantine because of the spread of tuberculosis. The average life expectancy of men in the inner city will be 43 years of age. For women, it will be 55. You are going to see the end of welfare, free medical, county services, etc., because everybody will be bankrupt. Again, this is all be design. Many people will be moving out to communities outside cities, growing their own food, and having their own private police forces. So, those of us who make these choices are going to be stepping back into the 1800's. Horse and buggies, and hopefully free energy.
  4. Yeah his stuff doesn’t confirm what i know. And pretty much everyone on this forum figured out hes a fraud cause he cites easily google-able shit and stinks of a salesman
  5. Seems to originate from theosophy. At least that’s where Icke got it from.
  6. I’ve been shit talking Mollison cause i think he’s a fraud. But if you’re backing up what he’s saying, then im intrigued. What’s your opinion on Mollison?
  7. You certainly know your numerology. I haven’t read up on it much. But I’m very interested in the astral. Particularly where the souls come from and where we go afterwards. I guess the best way to find out is to explore it myself.
  8. I can chug tonic water. Should i replace regular water with it or just tack it on during the day? I’ll try to cut down on weed consumption, at least a few hours before bed on the days i do it. You’re a very knowledgeable person. Definitely the smartest I’ve seen on this forum. Do you have a research library or a document containing all the information you’ve come across?
  9. I saw some video by a guy called Chris white attempting to debunk David Icke. He seems to come from the Christian aligned crowd like Bill Cooper but the beginning part of the video was very intriguing. It compares David’s first few books to Helena Blavatskys Theosophy. The connections are dead on. Icke claimed to have been in contact with the exact same spirits as Blavatsky. And his idea of a collective spiritual awakening coming out of the black holes from the galactic center is straight theosophy. So there’s two possibilities really. Either Icke plagiarized Blavatsky’s work (I see this as unlikely cause he walked away from a cushy TV job) or these same spirits did communicate with Icke and are decievers. Otherwise, i don’t really understand the small fringe crowd that says Icke is controlled opposition. I wouldn’t know most of what i know about the NWO without him.
  10. How do you access the astral to find this out? Projection? Or did you get this information from insiders? Genuinely curious cause the astral has intrigued me for some time. I would love more information about it. I’ve been trying to lucid dream but i have a hard time even remembering my dreams (probably cause of the pot) but have been improving with it lately.
  11. I’ve never lucid dreamed before. As of the past year, i haven’t been able to dream (weed lol) so I’ve got a long way to go. If dreaming takes place in the astral, id imagine it would be feasible to meet up with people, and to also get actual information from entities. I’ve started watching this dude Rumors Of Instinct 1987 who was posted in another thread. All of the information he talks about has been obtained from lucid dreaming. And it’s pretty detailed. I would like to explore this world myself. Anyone have any experience with lucid dreaming?
  12. Can i get some more info in the 1mil space colony? I’m intrigued.
  13. Dude with all due respect, every time you open your mouth-it’s nothing but Mollison. I don’t buy that this former pharma guy has all the answers. I’ve listened to his shit and seen his site and his ebooks and the entire thing looks like a sales pitch.
  14. I decided to give this guy a shot, despite my incredible skepticism of channeling. Already my sniffer was going off, but after i saw this in his free ebook about questions answered by creator, i immediately called bullshit. This entire thing stinks of a sales pitch.
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