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  1. He is not the son of God, he is not Nostradamus. He is a guy who has theories. I am a former conspir er er... I am a survelance tech expert. I dont need to tell you nothing about my abilities to hack or pirate the billionaires. I can get any film any series any sport. I am the Robin Hood of Piracy.

    I hack big tech because they use covid to rob the poor. My name is moosman and I am the guy who chips the poor peoples tv boxes.


    I am part of AXXO... the name lives on... Moose

  2. My advice for anyone who wants to be remained anonymous who wants to be free from big tech.

    Buy a sim card from Asda and goto a cash checkout and pay cash for it.

    Buy a phone Cash for 12 quid from a vendor in a market.

    Even though you are on the CCTV. It can be tracked back on card.

    Activate the phone on a 3g phone that cant track 4g signals via wifi.

    Download Tor and signal to a new phone. then insert the sim cards in them.

    Activate the sim cards in another city. Even if you have to goto manchester.

    It scrambles the system, Mac address, open an internet account in the internet shop via these sim cards.

    When you get back to your home city. Keep your phone in airplane mode.

    IF you want messages on that phone. Keep it on airplane mode and goto an indiscreet place to receive the message.

    Where you are not on camera.


  3. A Burmese beach vendor heard two gunshots...

    The real story was they got killed with garden hoes.

    The biggest cover up Ive ever seen.

    NSA tracked the location data of the phone to two migrants in the area.


    Ive got to Thai beach vendors witnessed the murder at gunshot..

    But I need amnesty a witness protection order. I arnt surrendering them if their lives are at stake.

    The rumour youve been told 4 million dollar conspiracy. NSA cover up.

    When I have the truth...


  4. I knew last year there was a virus coming from this very agenda. The importance of Space...

    It was either to do with NASA or some sort social experiment on people to teach them about the importance of space. Example stand away from each other.

    I then realized why, why would you stand away from somebody. They are gonna pull another SARS COVID trick here. 

    It clicked with me last October, that super saturday meeting of parliment. and them DUP members walking out of Downing street with a cheeky smile. Some deal has gone down here over the Irish backstop.

    A super saturday sitting is in the official secrets act, its the Winston churchill war tunnels. An agreement is signed in the war tunnels, lets say an historical agreement.

    Its incase there is any catastophe or war the tunnels are protected from ruin. The books are kept in secret in the Winston Churchill tunnels underground.

    I heard about Covid in December on the boat, and knew that was gonna be the economic impact event. I was right.

    I read some brexit contigency plans that government was getting money in the transition to help and bail out businesses through grants and furlough schemes but the documents got taken off the gov website. It was a 251 page document. 80% 65% of furloughed wages. I realized Covid is just a smokescreen for the central banks to start baling the worlds economy out.

    The importance of space, hands face space... 


  5. 50 minutes ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Bilderberg is "invitation only" - the attendees are a few dozen highly elite people invited to the conference.


    Only the attendee list is public - what topics are discussed and who said what is kept secret.


    And there may be people attending whose very presence is secret.


    At best you'll be able to stand 1 mile away from the hotel or venue and shout some protest slogans.


    You cannot get into the event venue at all.

    The topics are kept secret?

    The topics are easy to work out.

    The importance of space...

    Thats to do with Social Distancing, Hands face Space, keep your distance, stay 2 meters apart.

    China, Wuhan virus start of pandemic.

    A stable strategic order, that means a stable strategic order of events, Super Saturday, election, vietnam lorry incident, london bridge bombing. VIrus, Lockdowns.

    The weaponisation of social media. Donald trumps tweets, section 230 law on free speech.

    Russian, Navalny poisoning and the election tampering.

    Brexit, thats the transition period, the blocking of the ports in Dover, to do with lorry drivers. Deal Brexit.

    The future of capitlism.. They are going to trial a socialistic universal wage.

    The future of Europe, thats turkey being indicted this year into Europe. Wild guess but the rest have happened in 2020.

    Not rocket science

  6. I had heard David Icke as a football commentator years. I had read that he was declared a nutball over being the Son of God?

    Everyone says David Icke is a conspiracy theorist and secret cabals dress up as lizards.

    After this Covid 19 scamdemic, I had probably thought where is this guy David Icke. I google him, but cos a lot of his stuff is censored I only found him and Alex Jones through word of mouth.

    I thought there are some nutballs out there as a realist. But after this 2020, I can sincerely believe there are people out there who run secret societies and probably do dress up as lizards.

    I can safely say after the past few weeks whistleblowers coming to David Icke.. The mans voice need to be heard by people. 

    He has got a lot of things in common with my theories on 2020. I actually think he does not talk nonsense is a lot of things, but some things he claims are still unproven.

    I have gone from people calling him a nutball to someone who makes sense to people who have a brain. 

    So has this Piers Corbyn.... I am open ears to them now, and Alex Jones... 

    He is not a nutball to me now... He is actually quite interesting is the way the world works.

    This guy is very clever... 

  7. 22 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Bill Gates has done MASSIVE DAMAGE to computing/IT as a businessmen and is a MONOPOLIST whose company was NEARLY BROKEN UP in the 1990s - BUT SOMEHOW MICROSOFT SURVIVED THIS.



    LInux MInt is better


    IBM tried many years ago with the superior OS/2, BUT WAS ELBOWED OUT OF THE MARKET BY BILL GATES.


    He's the creator of the Microsoft (horrible OS) - INTEL (overpriced CPUs with little innovation) - NVIDIA (sells 50 Dollar GPUs to teenagers for 500 Dollars) DEVIL'S TRIANGLE.







  8. I want to ask anyone if they have actually been to this Bildaberg conference in the past.

    I dont really know when they announce it. But is there any information given in advance as to where it is held and dates. As I may goto it out of interest. 

    I am surprised no one runs a trip to it with hotels and flights as on many youtube videos there seems to be plenty people there.


  9. Woodman, these exemption cards can be used by anyone. You dont have to tell anyone why you have a card. It is between you and a GP why you havent got one.

    I dont wear one because I have had nosebleeds in the past, and I used to be a scuba diver and have a lot of problem with my sinuses on a morning and get ear popping altitude sickness style symptoms when wearing one. I have had problems with masks in and out of jobs over 20 years its not because of covid I dont wear one.

    I use the card because I am not wearing a mask because some fake influenza is going about. I dont wear one because they make me feel sick. If the law doesnt like it or other people they can lump it. My health, my body, my choice. Anyone forces me to wear one they are going to get a sore head fella.

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  10. This virus is purely and economic crash tactic.

    It would make no sense for Central banks to bail out the governments and bring in a totalarism order as they say on here. These banks will be wanting their money back by austerity or post brexit prosperity. All this lockdown would have been a different scenario of their was no financial support behind it, there would have been a civil war and looting by now. I think everything will be booming in April. The central banks tend to have some 9 10 year plan behind them. But they are plotting crashed at Bildaberg meetings in advance. THe families that own the central banks seem to be running the worlds finances and living on the interest. Then crashing it every 9 years then lending it all out again.. There is a trend since Iraq war, 9/11 and te sars 2008 and covid...

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