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  1. Just wondering what peoples' thoughts are. What percentage of people in the UK do you reckon are skeptical about what the government are telling us, on any level? On the face of it my experience is about 30% of people I come into contact with, but they are all my friends, or connected to my network in some way. Of the randoms I don't know at all or very well, it seems like 0%. I don't think I've had one conversation with someone not within my friendship network (besides one old man I used to garden for) who questions anything. Is this because people are thinking things and having private conversations at home, but not making their feelings widely known? I don't air my views unless I am sure of the other person's views. Perhaps I should.
  2. That is exactly what my hospital looked like when I went to the minor injurys unit. Feel like I'm going mad.
  3. This may have already been covered, but wanted to share my experience. I havent really gotten much challenge for not wearing a mask by staff (ive got an exemption badge),it's the customers in the shops that approach me agressively! was shocked to see the pics posted here of heavy handedness of policein London, but down here where i am in Kent there seems to be very little visiblepolice presence... however, you don't need it when you've got your sheep to police your laws for you!! Just got approached by a very angry old man in Sainsburys. It was horrible and left me shaken. I just showed him my badge, he didn't know what to say.
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